Concerns of Cosolidations as means of Control.

It has become obvious that consolidation has become the key control for American industries. Extreme measures have been taken in technology, the automotive industry , as well as the the entire stock and commodity market to move funding and resources into a consolidated market. These measures are of great concern (elaborated later).

The simplest example is the seen in the NYSE, America’s most prominent open market. As price falls we see a significant rise in the price of gold. This is a move of the aristocratic nature. Explicitly, those whom have lost ties with current business ethics, values, standards and have refused to ethically relinquish control of their once honorable funds. Warren Buffet is one whom comes to mind.

This measure is of a simple model of a fearful new realm investing and current systematic funding to emerging businesses. Creation of Derivatives is another measure to concentrate resources against ounces another to create a wall in to this money. Gold is being used as such a tool. When these measures occur at an overwhelming level. They create a congruent model throughout, as we see in the automotive industry, Ford being the example, and technology, Google being the example.
While we have always believe in consolidated concentrated goods and services , the vulnerability and weakness of a large market share without solid fundamental support is apparent. We will see a monopoly affect of adequate goods sliced into small weak corporations without means to a common goal.

These kind of companies create jug handle technology and produce a technology. Is is the people goal to stay current and up to date, to not accept new as something they didn’t have before but technology that represents the greatness of who they are, to take bare essentials and see the products that are merely adequate as an insult. To take lack of progression and use of this progression as a direct insult to themselves, their country, and the generation of the world they live in.

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