Market Segmentation, Fundamental Values.

With severe political segmentation as both a republican and democrats main objective on fundamental values, it is important as a party I relate what has happen.

This past month I walked in to computer electronic store the other day knowing what I wanted. I walked in and looked at each computer for a few minutes, some computers were what I wanted but the price was too high. Some had some of the specification I wanted and the price was too low. I looked for something slightly higher in price but the essential specification I was looking for wasn’t there. Before I knew it I had looked at every computer twice over and finally realized for the average person that went in there looking for what they wanted they were either going to pay an immense amount for a consolidated product or sacrifice heavily on their needs. Every product there was split by market segmentation on all major characteristics that define a PCs value.

If I weren’t strong enough to walk out I may had ask for someone elses opinion, but I had already knew what I wanted which is the cause of all and any ones’ confusion. There is no swing on our values; no push, no back. No conservative liberals, no liberal conservatives.

First, It is our belief that most basic fundamentals on human rights have been established and are behind us. These must be our stepping ground for the future. You may have heard this before, I have not, nor have I seen it put in to action. Second, Those laws and fundamentals that which have not been established yet are not included in these statements. It is our belief to help every indvidual in any way possible without overtaking the group, a group being defined by any collaboration of people supporting anothers’ (plural) interests. The only time one shall have interests are those appointed by an official of the people. An official of the people is defined as the person whom indoctrinates the original statements agreed upon by the people. This core can not and will not be changed under any article and will only be changed in true act of submission by the party through physical warfare.

Warfare guidelines are established only by the governing body will to engage and be protected under such an Agreement and are mostly to define civil warfare battles amongs their own citizens. National conflict guidelines are to be defined strictly prior to engagement. National Fiscal structure will be structured agressively at all times against all engaging nations. No nation should aligned themselves with another nation unless an act of World Warfare is ensued.

An act of World Warfare is only when a nation does not strictly abide by the prior grounds for engagment and attacks another based without proof that the nation attacked is not operating outside the infrastructures fiscal and resource allocation agreements. These agreements are defines specifically with out question or confusion of how one will operate business to weak, the winning, the poor and the losing. How the winning and losing must operate and conduct business through a producing country from food to arms( there put all trading and fincancial exchange )

It is fundamental currency is allocated a tight range and can not move for an allocated period of time . It is no longer American Policy to overpower man for man but rather train all soldiers our and theirs to highest level and disperse throughout broad spectrum of capabilities. One nation can not dominate another on acts of pure power (hatred and fear) and ruin the infrastructure that meets future progess beyond your imagination. This agreement protects each and every one of your rights and give new birth to those who feel have had their rights . Some of you will act on their behalf. Others of you already know who you are. It is our policy to educate those of their new rights.

New rights of a person, globally those that have been inevitably opressed, those that now feel taken, those whom have lost their insight and beliefs by new opposing forces from influences outside our nation have the right to claim an act of personal warfare against that offending nation or persons within the nation. An act upon us by another nation is an act for mandatory warfare and military act of aggression submitted in the guidelines of civil warfare .

The mere act of throwing trash on the ground, cursing in public, if one does anything that negatively reflects them self and or our nation is an act of warfare and trespassing and will be treated as such. Again we can trace back such their native nation down to the individual. War Shall and will persist until such matters are dealt with. Acts of an ignorant nature are a kind of forced mind reduction , a warfare one can only deal with structure and force where nesseccary.

Luckily we have a head start on the matter.

These influences can be seen by professionals through examinations of infrastructure, finances , realitors who have not taking necessary measures to allocate and educate those imposed to do so. Those whom offends will face fines and imprisonment without question and also reap the reward of significant income for their risks.

If your property value decreases due to new residents actions an infrastructured investgation should occurr and damages will take place.

For instance if hygene were the reason. A realtor is obligated to tell the buyer and guidelines will meet scientific government regulated criteria.

Government official and positions of all kind, be based upon cababilities and performance that is reguated by government with high driven standards.

It reminds me of the hard social worker who comes in and fires the good looking doctor immediately. Your blessing is your tall,dark , and handsome that doesn’t mean slow down. His rebutle I don’t want to make the others look bad. She says no ones ever been fired for making someone look bad.


States will have strict OPEN(available) guidelines of their purpose to the uniion provided by law and will only act under such guidelines to provide national liquidity for a true trickle down method. Trickle down methodology works under tight control on a national level with only pennies per dollar that will provide fully efficient means to provide through the spectrum that can only be divided equally amongst all pay scales.

It has been my agenda to break down all forms of government, Pushing down into socialism is where we are and where we need to be. Wasteful spending will swept away and those spenders with their skirts up. I have to commended my predecessors on a job well done. Advertently or not.

Nicholas A. Cristella For President 2020

I Can Take U.S. There

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