Universal Health Care and the Ultimate Competitive Cnvergence, Compression and Burst Method

As universal health care for American citizens becomes more relevant and inevitable in our outcome I am obligated to share the necessary measures to overcome the obstacle and boundaries that stand in our way. Profitable margins are apparently the concern, or grimly the excuse at this point.,competitive formation or rather lack of is another. I will explain the formation of such competition through the Competitive Convergence , Compression, and Burst method.

This method is simple as it sounds but only productive through complexity of price competition and progressive innovation. This method is one of the few that full condones of the essence of the Trickle Down Effect . The obvious example is seen in Automobile manufacturing of luxury innovations through the mid level. This is where we see the largest effect and a full reallocation of resources through a broad range.

The convergence occurs amongst the mid level and low end vehicle compressing the higher-end products against these levels. The range of high end automobile manufacturers resist based on profit margin and there for starve for new technology and innovation eventually creating a divergence between quality and pricing. The need for such a market becomes apparent to high level consumers, class differation, and to those with technological motivation bound only by finances. This creates a burst of new innovative technologies by method of concept manufacturing and forced future technologies.

The major factors of competition are apparent through the convergence, most notable through the price / quality de-convergence. Forming the underlying convergence of competition amongst prior and new companies to minimize the amount of time the de-convergence is aloft.

This will inevitably happen on a larger scale through the immense amount of variable in the medical field. Expect low stable profits for all new companies and long term mass profit on new investment companies on new future technologies once Universal Health Care in full effect.

Make sure your presidential choice is one with a plan to keep those careers in America.

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