Plan for Afghanistan Infrastructure and re-affiliation with Barter and Culture Control.

It has become apparent that the Afghanistan grounds are and treasure of mineral resources including lithium and semi precious metals. Infrastructure would be an obvious measure to mining and civility creation. Until our own infrastructure succeeds saying we will create infrastructure is more of an empty commitment then it is a reality.

We must get back to a time of barter and culture approval. Just as in ancient and Babylonian times culture was given to their conquered country to show an alignment of trust through the new susceptible people. This creation allows of the prior loyalist to see offerings of American nature. Statues and goods must be given to the people. Cars and roads will create a good showing. It may be in our best interest to allow the Chinese to initialize the hard digging as their economy allows what would be called bargain labor from international eyes.

Although most of this seems obvious it would be of a good nature to mine their grounds. It will be the first step towards government. No country has established a good government before the financial rise of a country, although I do believe at a medium government becomes the only means to bring the created human bounds of finance higher.

This idea has been the simplest to say, to barter and create culture, but the hardest for America. What is American culture. From a most objective point of view it struggle, hardship and war, with prosperity from an ill nature. We have strong , loyal , treasures that know better than to be song heroes for they are sure to fall victims of a society that profits off of good intentions. The only manor in which to speak of them would be in folk tale and native American tone, sure not to play them up much or they could be associated with Hugh Heffners or Donald Trumps. I’m not calling them evil but more so, not of a rooted nature to carry on any means of starting a new society.

We must become great for the first time and lead through Rome’s way

I am able to demonstrate infrastructure down to its finest detail.

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