Funny thought today, break the tension of all this heat.

Originally a Facebook post to my friends.

(This is Funny I promise) Read This!

Today it 95 degrees out, a hot day, and it got me to thinking and my thought are long so I’m going to shorten this. What if the temperature spiked to 150 degrees, what would we do? Well then I thought HARP and DARPA government programs probably have this under control, high altitude research and scientific implementations to guide the weather. Now then I thought how do we determine control Earth’s symptom, and I concluded like a person this has to range and when there are extremes we must re-leave them. Then I thought it would be better suited to look at specific indigenous animals that fit in with their habitat rather well as these would be good measures for research. I then thought well what if the best inhabitant could be changed for a new good inhabitant, would the dynamics of the world change? Kind of like a presidency, and my conclusion was I suppose it would be too risky. If it was bird or a dog that would be fine, but since its probably the Lion and if they were going to place it in Mexico I might be worried. Then I thought Why? When I think Lions in Africa I kind of think I could go through the safari with a tour guide and come close enough to their life with out any real danger. My final conclusion was Wow how scary and pissed off are people and animals when there nothing to do?

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