United States Postal Service and the Incorporation of Email and Notary

One of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin knew that a great service such as the United State Postal Service could comraderate an entire nation. This company, new government, and acting chief has plans to incorporate E- mail services and quality products to accompany these services. As electronic mail becomes, or rather is, the number one choice of communication we believe that incorporating electronic mail will prove beneficial to business and personal affairs.  

Our current plan is to hire a legal notary and editing staff per US Post Office, accompanied by quality manufactured products including wax heat sealed envelopes , emballages , fine paper choices for legal documents and personal mail, and legalized notary and seals for business and personal matter.

The idea is to allow users to choose their default paper choice for common mail and customized personal mail that is purchased through these services. A  Database will hold preferred common mail choices of the receiver as well as their preference for sent mail. Common letters will always be mailed under the same guidelines. In other words, my common mail will be sent through the electronic system and be printed on my preferences that are found within the common-mail category. Accordingly, legal documents to birthday wishes and several other forms; these products can be customized, completed by the local postal service and sent through the mail. The simple steps taken will be an electronic letter written on an electronic depiction of the choice of paper, font, and impressions.  After, choices will include legal notary of legalize and confidential documents and sealing methods as well as envelopes. Small charges will be applied to each customization.  

“I believe this service can bring great pride to American Government as well as the people who use such a service. This can be a great start for accessibility to the common public to legalized documentation in a simple measure.”

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