Where America’s Economy is Headed. The Do and Do Not.

Based on current technology and conditions of the market I will supply the direction the market is headed as well as the basic needs for the market to stabilize towards a sovereign outcome.

The industries that have been important will stay important.  Within my company I provide perspective on each industry and initiative in to each.

The American market has been gutted from the inside and new acquisition of companies in the current state of the American economy through the month of August could be seen as meaningless.

The current direction of the economy is highly fragile and intentionally fragmented throughout. Mentions of future glide path and real estate numbers are all nonsense and again of no importance. The under education of people moving into industries is the issue, most commonly hype-advertising to lead people into a market gaining short- term profits while acting irresponsible and detrimental to the economy, on their own behalf.

Real Estate and manufacturing, as well as several other industries are ultimately priced as the conclusion to the economy. A person may choose to purchase more of something but this is no more than an alternative out of disposable income and mind as well be seen as a soft loss. Though looking at alternative when product quality and product follow through are not sustainable(gaming consoles come to mind), products alternatives rise such as clothing and more personally contributive goods including phones and music players that give option to the consumer of the value and durability of the good through practical use and care.

I have state my grief recently about this method of appreciating the value of good this way as part of me believes people are taking human worth away from to contribute to materialistic worth with agenda.
All must believe high quality products deserve care, though we should not drain our souls for them. The ideals on this matter have been back tested and proven in my favor during advanced social research.

It is the creation of life through these products that give them value. It is the sovereign lifestyles of a collaboration of these goods that allow them bring value to a part of life. No person should feel a less than inspired by the ownership of such goods.

Continuing, how does this pertain to the economy and the value of goods? This proves that high quality goods actually devalue through human perspective during hard times through fragmentation of life. The purpose of an economy is to allow for the manufacturing of new lives. Whether this economy is from a foreign accommodating nation or solely domestic, I do not know what went wrong though I can only believe someone did not understand until now.

My company Decisive Decisions Marketing, LLC is a multi-market conglomerate looking to do just that.  Protect our nation through push forward of good understanding.  I believe the most growth in our economy will come from collaborative branding and modeling.  An example comes to mind a lightly branded HP, (Sony’s Playstation) an Acura made/branded (Sony’s Playstation) and more, with easy accessible and distribution methods.  Advancements of simplicity ideas place amongst advance technology in beautiful practical exterior casing. The new growth is in mid-markets, not to be confused with middle-men discount merchants. Direct purchasing still stands. Can you believe the men from 1900 didn’t have it wrong?  Our Auto-manufacturing plan is another growth market. With 100’s of options and new ideas that have been stagnant for some time. While I encourage my own company, I encourage yours as well.  A Bugatti cost 1.1 million dollars. If we place them in a mid-market and start manufacturing I’m sure we can sell them for fewer than 100,000 with minimal sacrifice in quality and revolutionize the car industry. Jaguar is another, nothing more than a blank slate needing correct manufacturing and management, with new ideas and defining looks. Ashton Martin has played this role until this point. I believe we can place them in a Mid-Market and manufacturer them at levels new consumers can afford. I believe Jaguar is one of the few companies that are prepared for the insertion of metal crafting and design and can be regionalized effectively.

Our plan and again to others, New growth comes to the economy through sole leadership while controlling the regulation of the economy through management.  Managing regionalizing facilities, franchising towns, creation of new assets, and the list goes on. This is simple regulation.

Occurrences including Bernie Madoff, as well Enron and several others cannot be seen as smart scandals, simple incompetence. We all know pushing demand on electricity drives up the price, though when your pulling your own money in a government and society that can simply remove your life as well as retract circulation, stalling technology, and growth it simply lets us know owners have run out of ideas. For too long companies act on their own so much in what we call get-along-gangs, people whom identify with one another and typically lack business skill, are killing all of us.

Negative occurrence even occurs at the highest levels of wealth, whether it is hardship, or struggling ethics that take toll on life. It ultimately can only be seen as poor judgment including Goldman Sachs.  The only knowledgeable companies have given us at this point is proven old laws correct. That being 5th amongst a larger market share is often better than being 1st amongst a shrinking one.  This also pertains to finances, not accommodating your own economy by mentioning pricing demand actually take toll.  Capitalism support new invention, new growth, new ideas, and the worth of any of these is accommodated by the economy.  It cannot support pulling more finances out of the economy simply because people need it.

What everyone needs to understand is that there is always a lead into every market; an amount that can be drained by squeezing too hard on your position. That 100,000,000 you don’t charge is the 10 billion in future creation. This is highly applicable to utilities and commodities.

In business this sounds advanced yet basic.  It has been awhile since any one in business has done anything business like.  Though we can assume our next press forward will be our greatest.

Often, companies are looking for commodities to implicate a market move. I have researched and proven that this is nearly impossible to measure off of any group of commodities looking as an specific trending groups to implicate an entire market is no more useful than look at the color of a good luck charm to tell you to bid or not. Consumer support comes from supporting your consumer. Are your products placing them a step closer to achieving wealth and meaning to life. It can be in any sort of market but these rules apply. I will name what people could possibly want from specific markets, meet these criteria’s and have no issue with your company.

  • Reoccurring disposable products (Ex. Kraft goods, Johnson & Johnson) – practical use  and infrastructure( lowering the cost of utility goods) (inclusion into higher pay (higher now due to a non-sustainable economy ridiculed by inadequate goods))
  • Automobile – Manufacturing at high quality standards with the understanding of infrastructure ( knowing that wasting entire resources because of faulty parts  currently 8-13 out of 100 (that’s considered good to Americans) What kind of person is comprised of something that allows that number to stand for over 20 years possible since the inception of the car.
  • Utility goods – Infrastructure knowledge that this allows business start-up and life to occur
  • Product Creation – The appreciation of the product. Again too often technologies are not be compounded upon. The product is not being celebrated and the exteriors as well as internal components go sacrificed to accommodate a starving economy. It is much proven that that lower quality and price rarely satisfy a market and prove detrimental to the economy as whole as well as fragmenting lifestyle and relationship.
  • Services as Products – Performance first, No one is to trust anyone who places purchase before performance.  When looking to accrue funding this is a no! Currently State charges applications fees, I am highly against this. Based on the number of applications and the approval rate assuming 1 in any 100 get approved a fee deduction seems reasonable from the funding. There are few reasonable cases where commitment fees are expectable and they typically have to do with the law.

I must apologize that I feel highly disturbed that I have to explain some of the statements I have made. To not understand these reasonable actions, specifically the service as product is painful. Again this seems to protect an economy, an economy that is incomplete and non-satisfactory during most times.

Ultimately, it comes back to the cliché’ saying, there is never a bad time for new growth. All implications of the market, as small as this market is, are made to allow allocation control by larger forces, specific business and government.

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