Local Council Meeting insight.

I attended an in town council meeting tonight. The council member were about as contributing and retreating as any lawyer or impostor version would be. Though our Mayor is lightly inspiring as he has reminiscence of a German Chancellor. His side overall accommodates him well, though there can be some tweaks and as for business their the American epitome of poor schemes, quite typical. I can only presume that past time and lack of accountability in 80’s has shown on their method as well as 100,000 other council members. Wasteful on their budget of over 100 million for 2.3 square miles. Simple infrastructure would accommodate this budget and create great living standard. The total housing assets in Pitman are only 125 million. Though unless there are high Federal Taxes they obviously can’t be taking our money as they have little etiquette and bland dress styles.

Though I suppose one is only allowed to dress in greatness as well as they accommodate their people. For most this reason is enough to always to be correct, respect and prestige is another are other reasons. Though if I am Mayor one day I can guarantee your pipes will all be stainless steel your house more modern then any one can handle, in the tradition sense of course.

Though I really have no political aspiration at this level I can say Pitman is capable of being the economic uprise starting point. Either I have allot of unsightly wealthy people in my town or their stock piling and living modestly. I can only say I left a bit bitter. Hands to left and right of Mayor spoke nothing more than placed spurs of another town, something Federally subsidized and a bit city-like, though nothing anyone of my nature or native to its origins would call to recognize. I didn’t even have the chance to remove my hat the meeting was so quick. The public nearly had no rights to speak and as America does they point to an ordinance or new bill with no explanation. I suppose I could place a request for proposal. Though affiliating my plan with them may dilute the sovereignty of the wealth. I suppose I can wait for my own Republic. The Queen came once to my call. I may wait until the power of America is in her hands again.

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