The Question: National Social Responsibility, what is it?

What is National Responsibility? To start I will say it is the understanding that the lack of accountability and responsibility of another effects your liberty and right to move forward.  What questions should be running through your mind? What should you be thinking? Where should your focus be?  It is conquering the fear by knowing you know more.

Mankind is great, Humanity is great. You are all born pure and perfect your reactions to the world are almost always just and explainable. Though not question each occurrence outside of your natural way of life will leave you on a path like them. Great leaders in the past have always condemn a nature of a social kind and likely for seemingly good reason at the time.  Rome had the Christians, , Germany had the Jew, and America has the Gay. Gay: the form of Gaia. An actuating public with little principal other than to serve unknowingly. Often the Gay is degraded into believing nothing at all. Forgetting what the human ascertains to be. Forgetting what it is to be a male or female of development to serve its nation and find glory in comraditive state. To know that all leads to straight ends without condemning the future by acting above its leaders.  To Lead: The act of knowing responsibility and support for the public, To provide all operational structural support in great demand.

Often Gay is referred to a sexual context. I assure you while these classifications may overlap they do not define one another. Our greatest threat is not in just the unknowing of the public of the mechanism and social classifications of people but in these people whom gain control through them. Marketing schemes are attributable to the public. These people are all of the same kind. Often tax subsidize families made to look and feel better while a degradation is implemented as a universal penalty as the holding of true social class can not reach far enough. These families are rarely impoverished though implemented through structured support from the economy.

It is possible to conclude those earning income in an honest way are being placed amongst a higher social classification. Though this is lightly true the degradation of lifestyle ultimately out weighs the social classification. An institutional mindset is placed through out televisions as well as radio.  Often words and fades are created to corrupt our society in a timely manor. These creators know no glory and believe in no continued comraditory after their lives. These are the mothers who will one day say they got to be council officials. While the councilman waits on the sideline as the mockery is made.

The Roman were fearful of a lack of Glory and this has come true. The German condemned a measly public in the understanding that people without belief of future success in this life and the next as their center core; A compound of greatness day in and day out will lead to their demise.

America could float and say it will be something not done before and resort on this fact and later tumble over at the blow of a breeze with wonder of what it could have been or it can say it will be great. We will not slow down, we will let the other nation admire what we have done and never indulge but know that indulgence is nothing more than an excuse to sit at the bottom.

To never provoke indulgence as it is a contagious attribute and will set back on itself.  If you do not taste the Cake, know it is good because you have produce it.

To provoke anything other than the structure in which you seek for his stability is yours. His position is your foundation.

To know it is never a measure of what is there but a measure of congruent and equal measure to what can be and what has been done.

To repel and rebel all that stands against Liberty. To know social security is a common trait shared by all and can never be amongst any one group for an time of consequence.

This is true Nation Responsibility. A people that knew greatness was amongst all of them.

The gay is all that is anything that is contagious to a means of complacency when development is needed. Those who spread such influence are tyrants and should find themselves executed under law. They are condemned as we speak and hide under occupation. They will meet their end under new social regime.  Let the complacent gay never condemn us through friendship and dependence.

Know you seek to be men and woman acting as the role of society.

The torment and joke in your mind can hold.

I seek heaven, all that is glory and perfect in its imperfect way,  in your understanding like my own.

I know no other way then to give, I only fulfill progress by my understanding. My understanding that my heaven is comprised of this world and people comprise this world.

Do not trust those of torment, Typically unsightly and small.

The answer to fulfillment is seeing beauty in ordinary ways. If you see it in this way then you are of a Glorious way to life; if you are opposed then presume your nation and people are occupied by a lesser existence.

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