Small Global Mobile format for mobile desktop

An Idea just struck me and I might not remember since I have so many, How about a live world desktop the lives? Connects all of your friends their location and images in a 3d platform. 
That kind of theme has been seen since the 90's and we haven't really seen it on a phone. 
(Someone calls or emails and a pop up from the person scrolls the earth and leaves a mark and symbol from its location.
 Live current events, even Television broadcasts can show from lines directed to the location with the time, some headline, the channel and show. 
Possibly movie shoots, sporting events, all individualized and categorized to show on your earth with a choice of a button. 
Click the category, click the game, open choice of ESPN, NBCsports, or another channel/custom. Imagine all the events of the day through the world, 
city hall meetings, rallies, history museum exhibits and gatherings, concerts, specials, all without leaving your mobile home screen.
 Scroll calenders for future events, etc. How much processing power/ battery life, coordination and prioritizing would this take? 
I'm saying about 2 ghz of phone and a a few hundred people, any volunteers?


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