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This is all so impressive (Iphone 4). There is something that still doesn’t pull me into Apple Products. Maybe I don’t make enough money yet to fully enjoy their products. Their computer I am never going to trust until they show some conformity to a Microsoft standard such as window orientation (opening and closing). Their software is so nice yet I cannot get over how basic it is. I truly can not determine if we are getting swindled into something bad in the long run and part of me still strongly believes we are. Apple maybe one of the most advanced topics when we discuss product architecture.

This may be one of the reasons I have never mentioned or commented about Apple.  This divulging, is something people may pay for some day. I don’t know, I just call it normal. The Architecture of platform itself is simple, the coding seems advance and the sense of the system itself works with appeal. Though the most human scientific method of accrual based on behavior through the company and trend-set methods produced by the company are often held true from the core of the organization.

The designs and product development are  constituted from the output at their most simplistic outputs. Meaning the lack of customization of a desktop often means lack of customization within the internals of overall development. What we see with Apple is an architectural base that is over simplified and at time fully attention specific against the natural instinct of long past human tradition. I mentioned the window orientation for opening and closing a window. People know when they start to read they start on the left and end on the right. Most people presume up as away as well, therefore Microsoft has done a normal approach to placing the closing in the top-right of the screen. The concern is Apple has contributed within a society within the societal rules as their own then after adoption has negated the most simplistic natures. This should worry all as a whole.  This is not all I see, though it is of concern. We see one of the only platforms that makes public sales that does not contribute to any other platforms, products, and their nature from their own profit generating product.  More explicitly, the non-licensing of Itunes indicates a possible true generative actuation that can intern hurt the nature of those consume by its core in the long-term of society. No capitalist company has every denied others use of its products or copyrights within a capitalist approach of instituting its re-occurring fundamental operations within other platforms.

The typical cycle has been to allow for use, create middle competition then accelerated to new levels as a whole. Apple has not done so. Continuous privatization even after an adopted standard without true nationalization. This is one of the scariest companies I have ever seen and they do not know it. Other indications from basic gimmick-like animations show fun and child like attributes, but have not developed through the platform and create a mixed mindset of otherwise counter productive measures within people that would be written as higher levels. Another words Apple has never created a person though has placed limit on them to their otherwise capable attributes as nothing more then a marketing scheme.  The following will integrate with the previous to show resolve, They show weight while the rest of the platform shows air and lightness. It is rather cartoon-ish and doesn’t define itself in any direction and with its companies decisions truly shows that if it stood for monetary progression it has failed by forgetting. As I speak I put a simple image together of a diversified platform. The responsibility of such a technology to symbolize such a thing would take the hands of a king. It would truly have to be programmed at the highest level to create kingdom of thought and pure balance.

I can only say if those who set forth to take  Apples reigns read these words first and know if you haven’t envisioned the cities and world that I have you are not up to the task. On a less heavy note, the platform itself shows fun within productivity though creates no true character. One would nearly have to be truly famous within all his character to own and Iphone or live an Apple lifestyle just to be underwhelmed by the over simplification of what it inevitably produces. Within a nation or world of none complete wealth, variations and shortages, Many of us are capable of achieving better lifestyles through what our phones and our things produce.  Though with Apple I simply see White and Blank, that no matter what side above or below is good for anyone. I for one do not let my products define, I as a person know their cause , their meaning and their tradition and therefore when I select a product it does define me.

“I for one do not let my products define, I as a person know their cause, their meaning and their tradition and therefore when I select a product it does define me. ”

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I just wrote an article on the Iphone and I’m sure I will post it again eventually, I can’t quite narrow Apple down yet, but I am almost there. Apple makes outstanding products. There is just that much distrust in me for them and our future. I mean the software is well designed, Then I look at specifics on th iMac, and the icons and tools buttons are .25 inches large on a 27 inch screen. How does that make any sense?

I get the feeling with Mac I will become this bloated fat blonde secretary that will have ditsy bimbo mistakes. That even my auto correction for spellings might be off and I might end up with a word that means piss-off in French. What I am really afraid of is I’m going to open documents and their going to be limited and formats are going to be on the left rather then the right pretty

Quite possibly how Apple Inc. actually exist at this point

soon we will all be wearing our pants backwards and not know which way is up and down. I can say we that I have to feel an expression of anger. As there is only so much consumer directed money and technology is developed on one end and not the other. This amount of distrust is almost unforgivable and I see it as some one cursing my 20’s. Our only compromise is you conform just a little bit to our standards and we double your market share.

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