Letter on Negative Competition from Child Birth.

I have looked over our American resources and circumstances that create family and quality of life. The practice of breeding, having children too early and in some cases can be considered a cruel joke and devious plan by weak men and woman in positions to create such. I plead with you to not have children until your family reaches a combined salary of 150k and minimal children at that. Enjoy your lives together but do not have children unless you can provide a true higher standard for them.

It will be our job as a people to provide adequate living standards without the reliance and support of having children.

The only reason negative competition exists today is immense, uncertain, and unstable child birth. These unwanted child births continually place stress on lives and create distortion of the circumstances that accrue through life. It will be one of my strongest agendas in the future to provide true salary growth bonuses, benefits and perk who abstain from premature child birth.

This should be a picture of an unplanned child and another persons' pockets and opportunities shrinking.

The concern then becomes how can we create a fair life for those whom seek to have children. As making a salary marker creates birth as a privilege and also a yo-yo device that can allocate who can have children. This is why we need stronger regulation from government of outside business. Not businesses they (owners) own or invest-in but all businesses in America.
We will make it a free society and when we catch up to the population we rest upon, almost all people will be able to have children.

Part of me wants to say 1 child per person per amongst the two makers and unless we can create better science to produce these out comes of gender this is not an acceptable order at this time.    

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