Questions and Insight on World War I.

When looking at history World War I is often the most forgotten War. Thought when I was young I knew something about this forgotten War and the time made it very relevant. Not many like to concentrate on this war too much, there is something protecting it. I believe it is a law settled by the occurrences of the war. This is a time where America has just established its own currency. Looking at the what was to follow in America through the 1920’s and much in to the next war the appearance of America becomes rather relevant to what effects the war had on civilization.

As I look through information I see little explanation for the War. I see Germany’s preemptive action and strategic alliance. I see Franz Ferdinand’s assassination. Was he going to prevail as something for his empire? The mis-happening of history and it future occurrences are often one recluse in society. Its nothing we can control, though while most see structure, a small organization finds loops holes and infiltrates. While most see balance through the world , we can say on several occasion progression to new levels have been stalled by this occurrence. It is not acceptable to allow for balance at any level but only the level we originally agreed to ascertain. This undoubtedly could reasonably cause enough anger in society to wage war, but who is the real culprate? If all wish to ascertain to new levels then it is a World Agenda. The issue is the misinterpretation. The establishments of a nation of Yugoslavia may be condemned by their nature, often times the method is which the social population has risen to gain power. These people are held at a standard, not to say they could not reform, but as they stand they believe those in control are the ones condemning them. They see the destruction of great nations and havoc as a method to accrue credibility from the mishaps of others. Ultimately we concur it is a miscalculation of ignorance of not accounting for populations that exist. As I come to this point this was a calculation to create minute odds of succession of Yugoslavia or possibly a territory of representation by the people. This was a risk taken by the seen leader of Austria and the Yugoslavic, or Representative party acted accordingly). Though this ultimately based on that previous conclusion can be seen as an error of judgment by the Yugoslavia or represented party. As we well know social reform can come through during any seen and unforeseen occurrences. The Austria Central Alliance presumably did not agree with combination of represented population or felt the nation , which has proves trust was too weak to stand on its own. A simple mis-understanding, Most would agree assassinations are during times of weakness. A foreseen occurrence for another nation to gain more relevance, though as we are all well learning the relevance of that which may not be apparent is still very relevant. As I often preach the rule under one is often much stronger then that of several mis-allocations, though this is necessary during times of transitions and rulers who stall technological pursuit as well allowing the contribution of good business and fulfilled lifestyle (tyranny).

I can also see this as Austria’s underestimation of a less sovereign nation at its capability at a basic level. Which is often times mans toughest battle, to realize with all the glory and building one bullet from one gun damages every man the same. The question becomes if this was allowed to occur, were the fellow nations such as Germany and hungry seeking relevance against a weaker measure?,(tempted and seduced) to do so and was this relevance, a push of power, given on behalf of nations such as Britain and America that may feel threatened by a nation such as Austria. Ultimately, these nations all still exist today, most with prevailing outcomes. Though I do not know the principals they meant to settle and while Germany has become a great nation and the rest seem a bit lower key. Were these occurrences of that which happened the Ultimate conclusions of one mans thought to prevail or is even Germany’s and the neighboring countries excellence stifles and the levels otherwise they are measure against may never be seen?

Unfortunately as American’s we can only help but feel like loose change with greatness coming from around the world. Let us hope we are stilling these ideas from the other half as ideas without support are cause foe chaos and I believe we are there. May be it is time to take a lesson from history. I am tired of seeing stalled grounds with empty progress and little acquired experience. At this point in this era, America is nothing more than a foundation that makes our minds run wild. We can only hope if they don’t select one of us to lead, a great nation conquers the walls and rehabilitates the spoils.

Though the ultimately conclusion may have worked for the Austrian -Empire it doesn’t seem great when having to lose the war. I suppose they will fight a third for their independence. America is barely free themselves, Who knows maybe we will have a battle royal to who’s people gain independence. I know this, when they call time-out to clear the bodies we will be writing letters and sipping tea as the Confederates and the Union did in the mean time, then back to battle.

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