Sovereignty Issue in the States.

The very cliche’ and basic issue of exported manufacturing of sovereign goods to foreign nation is here as the topic again. This time I want to state some real concern. As we have heard since the time we are young about the issues of shipping labor and technology over seas and issues involved as the causes of bad economic status, we still live with the issues today. The issues are much deeper then most would see at first sight. This may seem a bit childish and cliche’ at first but stick with me.

Genetic Buildings and asset Plague the United States of Diminishing future value

To start, the very basic exporting of goods to foreign nation creates a non sovereign network. Jumping right to it, No matter how much is produced by another nation, even in relation to a weighed measure of productivity to the cost of production, the overall conclusion is a decrease is sovereignty. There is less degradation from sovereign states. The purchasing of foreign materials from small developing countries alone hurt overall industry, obviously. Here’s is how deep it goes. Foreign goods are purchased in America, take Nike as an example. A seen American/European Brand produced in small developing countries. These are sold in stores for say $50 at NikeTown Stores, and other sporting goods stores, these go purchased by people who need and can afford one with a profit margin of $40 per ball. Now if these were produced in America they would cost $80 per ball with wages of $12-$15 per hour. Though if this trend held true across all manufacturing industries we would likely see an increase in overall purchases of Nike Apparel. The demand of higher quality goods would be wanted and accessible. There would be more direct channels between the stores and manufacturing for more stores, come with better brand recognition as well as continuous better developed stores, contemporary updated designs, as we well know this creates perspective for areas and increases the overall need for renovation.

Instead, what is happening is this. The purchase of American good through foreign organization dilutes our currencies regardless of how much is produced. It creates an untied loop to these small nations while continually decreasing need for updated facilities throughout America. I am certain this hurts the standard of American goods as well and even Agriculture. Another words even if the price of goods temporarily increased in America they would inevitably decrease as we continue to purchase from ourselves. If we only produced within our nation from our nation with balanced trade only amongst the major sovereign countries Goods that were once $80 will become $50. This brings me to our government needing to find real barriers. Too often times companies maintain their price levels with minor upgrades simply because the product is as high quality as it can be. While raising price barriers and costing less to produce, further venture typically ends up in possible dilution away from the core of the company. In the mean time, between innovation and maximum product achievement price levels often rise with little return to society. This is a major concern. This money is the kind of money that creates savings that carry over to other industries for consumer spending as well as help keep money deflated and sovereignty high. This money should be strategically placed within the mid markets for new companies to create a more sovereign network.

As these measures are not met struggle for free business and strong government regulations begin to converge as we continuously see little no benefit within a plan that would work with minor changes. There is no doubt about it, Strong ties to national responsibility is a must for any large corporation. It can not exist much longer any other way. Taking profit in the short creates small lead in to the future. Though I actually have a bit of compassion for some companies as some who have achieved great business have gotten there on supply and demand and once they reach such a large level it must be hard for some to comprehend their businesses decreasing profit in the short to continue a strong future. Again, this is why we continuously see large variables in stock market/ shareholder prices.

There is only so much money to go around and if your not keeping it in America their not going to continually provide currency. Some believe it is American currency in foreign nations that makes our currency’s strong internationally, this is an excuse and untrue. Whether it is our currency or Britain’s or France’s currency they inevitably exchange at a level they would otherwise amongst each other. There is little to no added benefits of supporting these nations other than for the true native resources they pocess. If you truly want to help them allow them to create their own national products and begin as America had started and progressed in the early 1900’s.

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