Today’s Question: Did the maker of the candy-bar threaten the politician? (and modern business-man)

It is obviously not just politicians that were threatened when these ideas came about, but those on the cutting edge of technology. The real issue for new business is when do we grow? When are we not dissecting what we have. The stigma or pre-conceptions are the real issue. You presume your Ford will cost $25,000 or a Cadillac $50,000 but what if new business changed that? What if your cars, your candy, your home, your groceries, etc cost half of that of todays’ market? What if you could make just as much as you do do currently and this were to happen? How would you react?

It would be the most unbelievable and unsettling occurrence in history, A type of exhilaration. Think about it and really think about it. You would have just as much money as you do today with less expense, would you presume products would be undercut? Would you move up to higher luxury or just purchase more of a good quality standard? I suppose it would be a mix.

Now where did this all come from? The idea of the candy-bar. A product that meets the needs of people on a frequent basis at a low cost and available to all. We often times get caught up in technology but the real market push are this kind of product. Even Edison obviously knew this, the light bulb became one of these products out of true necessary need.

When do we decide to grow? What if it’s an agriculture product, say chicken? Does our economy grow by the worth of a chicken and what good is it if its dead and consumed. Our only measure is the quality of life. Though with commercial and even social pressure at times, your expected to enjoy products on a micro level which helps often too little , sovereignty is only met when continuous lifestyles are created. This is what America does for very few and I honestly believe even those with wealth have issue. Look at the recklessness in Hollywood. Many in America disregard and ignore so much on a daily basis to believe their lives are meeting standards and they simply are not.

Too often America is compared to this country and that country, but we must leave this behind and keep that measure away from us. We must measure ourselves to what can be. Some would call it an ideal and many times people believe ideals can not be met. We can all believe that great buildings can and therefore great businesses can be apart of them. Great cars can be made and all can drive them. To not believe your houses shouldn’t be 5 ft apart from one another or undersized (this goes for any house (250k to 750k or possibly millions). Something in the people contaminate themselves. Narrowing standard blueprints to Levit-towns, Making palaces within 10 ft of neighboring one another. When we look at what occurs we can only say it is the working of one man insulting Americans. It doesn’t have to be in this way we work forward. This way so far has not succeeded. Trust that almost all technology that has been created if it wasn’t in America it would have been else-where. America has stuck to consumers as its leverage and promotion and we are being seen nothing more than a kind of purchasing frenzy for foreign markets. Almost all of America’s new businesses are funded through foreign banks. 

They want us to believe Business is the mom & pop shop down the street. Again, narrowing people capable of so much more to make average incomes in our own country and condemn us to being “dependent on what they’ve created.” We then see cultures of spite and partisan to become fully independent, this is not expectable. It is not meant to be this way. To prove this one may kill your own pheasant but please do not make soap of pig-lard. This is an example as well as a metaphor. Though I can see why one would venture to do this. We are not dependent if they see themselves as viable and responsible companies with consumers as practitioners; they must see it no better than a privilege. We often use the saying no one “needs” a Coca-Cola. What happened , child-hood obesity (diabetes as well) rates go through the roof as we here stories of mass consumption, as if it were a challenge in society to prove its worth. Where is the leverage of these people are they going to boycott life if we don’t keep Coca-Cola on the market, obviously it is not just Coca-Cola, but they are a prime example.

We must realize every-time good companies come around and are induced to the tortures of past generations the idea of Freedom and Capitalism becomes something that once existed. Freedom and Capitalism to me is the non-condemn nature. The idea that an idea can be held on to through any nature of life. It can not be broken.

Capitalism is that idea activated to help ones self by helping society, by creating the society he wants to be a part of. I have been throughout America and at this point, I can not say it’s treasures out weigh the vast amount of lacking, disposable, inconsiderate, non-cultured mess that surrounds us. I took a drive the other day, for the first time I looked around. I never realized how embarrassing the area was overall. Houses lined the street 5 ft from one another, roads unsymmetrical, businesses 15 ft from the road on a consistent basis. It is rampant through out America.” I couldn’t help but look at someone in a Jaguar as I believe I know what warehouse building they came out of, a prevalent business as to say really, this is what your believe the rest of America should live in and what they lack has nothing to do with you? ”

From my point of view, I don’t care if you hate the person. Your house and your cars are going to be nice because I have to see you and them whether I like it or not. So where does it comes from. Is the public worrying too much about what an evil version of Little Ms. Muffin thinks in her country get away? Why would anyone or anything create such havoc. My only answer concludes to bad self-esteem at high levels. Even this makes little sense but since our economy doesn’t have any sound judgement at this time. We can only say when people feel uncomfortable their quick reaction is enslave and banish them. Who knows maybe it is just me. Maybe most people are bad and this is good for them , and all the good ones are held by the bad ones to make communities feel better than what they are. I believe we need to stay progressive even if progression is moving back towards our roots with new technology. It isn’t living in the house our grandparent built during the prior to, present of and directly post Great Depression.

Right now I’m 24 and a bit of a contradiction and this is why I don’t venture out too often. Makes me kind of miss High School and College with my girlfriends Audi TT. I’m not bias toward foreign brands though they have their great car brands, deservingly. I am tired of seeing Americans have to drive plastic or generic metal pressed Fords or worse Toyotas. We always knew Ford would come out on top. Now we just have to remind them their competing with the wrong group of companies. Makes me wonder if we would win a real war against their real military, but then again they still haven’t met our real military. I must mention my company has real initiatives for real American products , pure luxury at a reasonable price. Something along the British or German standard, something that feels less manufactured. Of course our fundamentals have to take off first from gain investor interest, kind of like the candy-bar only a lot more intelligent. You can read more about this on the company website in the news section.
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