The Need for the Gold Standard and How it works.

As we look at the on going issues with the American economy we can find significant issues with the economy and the people amongst it within businesses.

As I have stated several times through out my writings about the issues with service for service businesses as well as the need for better regulation through out the transitions of cash flow. Mentioned several times recently, the Gold Standard has become a heavy topic for American currency. While the idea of the American Dollar’s weight does work it has been proven it only works in an established economy that knows better.  Being a young nation several kinds of people and organizations manipulate society and any regulations to favor themselves for arbitrary reasons. We often hear of this and we often see this.

With this means potential blatant disregard for national responsibility. This is why we need the Gold Standard. The implementation of the gold standard, specifically places Gold and possibly silver as well as platinum along side of every dollar, meaning direct collateral worth per measure. More directly the dollar will need to be placed against these metals is allocated amounts. (Ex. 1 dollar is .01 ounces of gold) under no circumstance shall this change.

What will occur? This allows for easy regulation and an overall measure of performance outcomes. More directly, businesses and people who do not act with their wealth, typically businesses and people with 100 million plus in liquid availability whom do not act responsibly to provide nation worth, will feel the effects of this. Another words, companies purchasing from one another at inflated prices can be directly down regulated simply by moving the price of gold down.

Obviously this is part of the measures our government currently takes try and regulate the economy as we know it goes much deeper than this. The Gold Standard will make regulation much easier and potentially allow for penalty on foreign advocates much easier as well. Though this would need be an international stance and we will need near total unification.

When will it be used? The use of the Gold Standard may very well be implemented in index terms with much stricter policy and accountably. Currently we have no direct way of regulating the dollars worth. Price of goods is not an option in a free market, as there are many quality alternatives and it does not direct the negative assessment towards the problem.

With this implementation, Groups, Families, and organizations will have to continuously take part in a national plan. Their visions of construction will be implemented though again, with strong guidelines for modernization and infrastructure. This will mean wealth will no longer stand still in anyone place and responsibility of failure will be taken to move towards success. Today, it is no longer acceptable to be-seat another in to foul, as I have always believed it was unacceptable. Each persons failure stamps America and American society with degraded circumstances of opportunity and success.
More directly the communities you work near or far, people you know or not are still part of  your responsibility.  Restrictions may be implemented, laws may be made in local areas as guidelines, though when you profit it is your duty to organize and implement these plans failure to do so will be attributed by interstate trade sanction and down regulation of currency. As I go further the need for possible state currency with interstate acceptability may be needed as I believe this will place true responsibility on the people within them.

With lack of progress 5 million dollars worth of purchasing power can become 2 million in a matter of a week. My suggestion would be to push for gold to placed amongst the 200-500 dollar range. Allowing for quick implementation and stability. This information must be outwardly and inplicitly implemented as non-explicit(unspoken and otherwise) implementation will allow for further manipulation amongst wealthy areas amongst the people of less financial wealth and state borders. The worth of finance and investment in successful entrepreneurship and new opportunities will be the result of this regulation. I believe that no descent Idea in a nation of Capitalism should go wasted, no matter how big or small. Those ideas not tied and bound are the natures that set our economy apart from others. That is Freedom; That is the American way.

Lincoln didn’t only set the Blacks free he set whites free as well. America will protects its union once again if necessary from any and all evils’ that exist, passive aggressive or blatant, where ever they exist.

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