The Number One Statistic that you Should be Asking your Congress, whether you are Rich or Poor.

While Senators and congress, as well as the President consistently push for tax breaks; this is almost always the excuse for lack of ability to produce quality jobs.

While tax breaks are nice for the middles class they will never out weigh quality $100,000 plus salaried positions. While they claim to continually deflate  the price of good again these are small amounts that add up but will never out weigh the amount of good completed from quality positioning. Often times we see these positions as higher education positions though they exist  they aren’t necessarily dictated by structure at this time. Another words, there is no definite certainty to ones income level based on the education. One who graduates Harvard may be in the upper range though someone with the same degree may make 10 times as much, though of course the bottom is much more stable and likely no less than $140,000 in their mid life.

This statistic is a strong measure of how America is doing overall. No one pays this kind of money for doing nothing and therefore America is working and trying to achieve. This is also a threshold area where quality asset development is produced as well.

From a lower end aspect, why would you care? Here is why.  From a moderate structured standpoint those deserving can take hold of these positions and hostile nature in America tones down. Likely those  sdeserving and not achieving  their goals by external elements preventing them will likely be holding others back from any descent career and nearly rightfully so. When these positions are created, the less deserving people can now become deserving and move forward to possible advancement towards these careers through development. Not to mention, the overall development of quality of life, including crime rates, as well as merchant store quality grows in your area. No criminals like to parade in front of quality restaurants and clothing stores. Less simple crime typically means far less of all other crimes as well.

It is important whether it relates to you directly at this time or not, that you know this relates to all of you in someway more relevant than one would believe, including your children’s future.

The issue right now, as I have mentioned several times, is the over populations prior to seeing this quality development. In the mid 20th century, toy-makers literally built their own toys and ran their own stores with little help. Now toys are made elsewhere and stores have 20 plus employees doing 1/20th the tasks. There are no commitments to the store and no commitments from the store as well. As these are simple franchises anyone can own, people see them no more than what they are, non-appreciative convenient stores. What needs to happen is regionalized production and job consolidation or what most would could simply proper opertaion.

The franchising needs to be regionalized with customization made within these regions and light franchising will occur successfully. I use toy stores as an example but these companies need to happen in all industries. Just like the automobile industry, games, cars, furnitures, and food can be customized to the region producing quality variation unique to its market. Simple stores will produce high quality careers and position seemingly small today will easily be worth over a $100,000.

Currently what we see is over incorrect approaches. Wal-mart does this from one headquarters utilizing a fraction of the amount of people that would otherwise be used within a store. Likely, the positions are revolved and not held meaning someone may make 500k in 5 years and be in some 3rd tier position at the head of a company no ones heard of for the next 10 years. They believe their being productive but their obviously not. Their simply being productive since their incharge of so many but as for any attention to continuous personal / individual development there is none as they are under qualified to do so. These stores often go outdated quickly, and most consumers do not want these store in their area as they provide low appealing aspect to the communities. Why the vendor had to become the supplier makes little sense. This all leads back to not enough high quality positions.

Their squeezing the general populations and even above so tightly their making pitching pennies seem acceptable, therefore it seems acceptable for them to over consolidate the market to save an extra 100 dollars on every 5,000 dollar project. This will be difficult to come out of this situation that has been created as the mindset narrows to prevent costs and forgetting about the market lead (the amount of money placed into the market that reoccurs to new transactions)

A quality market provider will undoubtedly start with even higher prices then before and eventually come down if they take control of the entire market.

Too often we see 9 variations of budget toilets at a company such as Lowes and 1 or 2 high end products on the end of the isle this runs across the board for most large companies. If I consider a high-end product I see at Lowes, I’m undoubtedly online the next day (for some it would be the telephone book) looking for niche market, local or national designer brands as the belief that Lowes would carry the actual high end goods in comparison to other companies is unlikely and we rightfully should do so as these designer businesses deserve the attention for their craftsmanship.

Some may say these larger consolidatosr are there to create ideas and I have used this method on occasion. Though with national brands mass producing the smallest products will a custom tool maker ever exist that within your region? I doubt it for most. I would simply say it is hard to believe one would have the courage to produce against such brands as “craftsman” who has turned the term in a generic brand name. We must find balance between the two kinds to produce more.

Could they have not at least added someones name, no , because they are not deserving of such. A scary issue is as one stops making tools from the other end we become reliant on a few companies practically have to give them ideas for free. At this point I must have given over half a billion dollars worth of credible, feasible ideas with backed business methods involved to companies such as Palm, Inc as well as  toy-makers, construction, congress, and any selection of companies in any given market at this point, as I am sure many of you also do simply out of pure frustration with the products on the market, whether its malfunctioning, it is not as expected, etc. It is strange as you would believe a quality idea would continuously pull new people into each market and give them positioning.
America itself has been traded off and by all natures other then military we have been defeated is most instances. Even most high-end American CEO’s are considered typical consumers, uncultured, under-educated and willing to purchase common brands with little interest in economic responsibility. It is quite possibly  be said the lack of royal family acknowledgement could be the problem.

These families start to find little reason to place their money that produces risk over reward which is rightfully so but whom is creating this risk?
Is a possible rotating democratic royal family in the spectrum of possibility? This would create excitement as well as give reason to continually produce and contribute to the lives of the people and the land we live on.

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