A Major Issue Amongst American’s when it Pertains to Business.

When we speak of people and social impact we often almost refer to the sub-real. Though it takes major oversight to overcome in time all real answers have legitimate and reasonable explanations.

As I continue to progress my company to reach investment I have found obstacles I knew existed, though I thought these have been made so cliche’ in business they would be resolved by the time I came of age.  America itself creates potential limits on existing markets. I know when I was growing up expected a cash cow market to exist, that would be easily accessible to young Americans to retrieve income while producing major company objectives, primarily. Primarily, older American (our parents) and newly established families. This has not happened and while good business begins to exist, most markets available end up becoming schemes and overused markets that create false derivatives from the original idea.

Even on WordPress as well as Adobe Flash. We see improvements only made accessible to those willing to dedicate a major portion of their lives to something that otherwise should be integrated into the system. WordPress isn’t the worst of it my far.

Instead young Americans are turned continuously generation after generation to strong, as there is a legitimate distorted belief created by the natural sub-culture who finds placement in niche-markets, typically software creation today.  This continued belief in the type of work one can lay on another prior to their induction, if you will, into American society. From my experience from have several generations of sibling the belief is held even when it eventually becomes false, thus creating a truly uncomfortable place for America.

This isn’t actually my main focus today, though it is completely relevant. The issue of concern is the double bind personification in American culture. This is a bit complex but you can follow this, as I do need you to. Americans have produced a simple way of life and a dynamic mindset on future occurrences. We all do this. Though the issue is when it becomes too narrow.  New Jersey is Infamous for this.  People may also see it as taking advantage of privatization.

Take investments for example, A national plan that creates wealth and unites a nation that is proven and successful. The double bind theory, nearly proven at this point, is likely the culprit. The complexity one gains overtime is changed when offered an available options, a positive occurrence. People in the meantime have created a blank sort of complex with possible dedication towards work or the future. This ultimately what they want, it even meets their immediate needs. Though they have become what they are for so long that when given the opportunity to succeed on a mass and large level, they fail to comprehend and start at a new level of confidence. Likely they have conitate the occurrence to be too great for themselves. Too honest, Too strong, too wealthy, too grand.  My strong to lead my company is overcoming the hurt one places on themselves. How do I let them know all along their struggles or patients, their scrutiny and skeptism, has all been for what has lead up to this. How can a company starting so small and basic, hold the key to an entire nation.

The balance of talking about it becomes difficult as well. How can a nation that seems ravaged by necessary media, on people who baer the weight of what has already been done and  pull out of themselves and act appropriately? This isn’t do this for a better tomorrow, this is wall by wall , part by part intricacy with the amount of oversight of 1000 nations past and present.

This is what I overcome 20 hours a day non-stop, to what feels like has gone on from the day I was born.  Our major concern at this point is to not place a small occurrence in a major place of our business. It feels that the most commonly used tool is creating a finance worry that crushes the entire business.

I have to balance even how many times I repeat this information. Yet I can’t accept money from certain locations, I can’t apply much of my own money, and I can only ask for it certain ways; all while overcoming the complexities of a starving nation that continues to grow without cause or reason, both mentally and physically. ( conitating cause and reason with splice that is growing emptily amongst(inside of) the people)

This is all to make certain that I do not contaminate what I am accomplishing. True national sovereignty for all Americans, in order, with immense freedoms and option to live in wealth.

One can understand why I would expect finances to be easily accessible to me. I do hope these exist for me as well as for you. As I have continuously met the structures within the laws of business with investment acceptability that meets the needs and standards of even the most skeptical person. (that isn’t sitting on wealth)

This must be stated as I would not be who I am today. A line that may be heard as cliche’ but undeniably true as this plan may be pointless coming from anywhere else in America. It is directly a contradiction of popular belief that plagues society and one form of society must help the other or neither will exist as the people they are meant to be.

The plan I have created  adds a magnitude of propriety, sovereignty and will likely grow our economy to levels never reached by any national per capita has ever seen.

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