Declaration of the coming war, request for withdraw of foreign sub-system and the understanding of natural terms.

 The following scripting made is based upon the lack of urgency upon retrieval of Genuine American Artifacts and occurrences. 
The basis for war is only based on the continuous lack of action among us. Known from native king's law in agreeance with American traditional law surviving power Native to its nation must be relinquished to their own people, Declaration of physical war will follow. I hereby demand the retraction of  first generation subservients from our nation as method to dismantle, immediately. Appropriate natural laws of presences and embodiment will ensue by natural understanding;  Request for Appropriate awareness amongst the nation.To be read separately, please take a moment:Prepare for the greatest battle of your lives. The war for real Freedom is among us. It will be amongst Americans, it will be on our soil. The war of ideas. A battle to rid us of the hate in America. A war that will undoubtedly come. Your Canadians will now build as you have intentionally failed. The American man, will be hostage socially until this date. We are lucky to be afforded this information at great cost.

The people of the most northern region call for it and demand it.
 This war will be no easy task as it will divide amongst Britain.
I do not know if this is an entity war or a war amongst the unknowing man.
Without conflict America will be no more that miniature states sharing money in the end.
 States that will not survive on their own. States will become heavily armed with privatization.
 Nations of conflict will begin to seek refuge here as they have and undoubtedly bring the conflicts with them.
The idea of a great nation never accomplished will be the most hurtful tragedy known to man.

Our men and women are quite civilian and without leading development our nations will continue to become unprepared.
 City-States in the Northernmost operations will build forces to protect their cities as they grow.
These City-States among the Ca-Nada will be privatized forces. These forces will likely not be as civil.
The cultivation of Canadian Accents has run rampant amongst the people. Influences are apparent.
These are unacceptable attributes as America-men are a developmental group reliant on American culture.
If we do not become one we become nothing. Ca-Nada is adversely controlled by foreign allegiances.
War may bring severe conflict. Our investment firms have been infiltrated, our ideals have been dismantled from the most central alliances.
Our Presidents for the past 50 years have brought this upon us and have only bought the others time.

it is quite possible America has been used for several centuries now to create strength amongst the foreign nations.
 Some can also see America as a possible way to harvest culture and possibly strengthen their monarchy and populations in other nations.
Undoubtedly we have been used and dismantled, sold and overpowered from within.

America itself has helped other nations rebuild more so then our own.
 We have asked our own people, read their influences and accepted them as our own.
Our people still protrude from other nations,
we have built Germany after conquering yet they have established a more glorious form of government.

Their Auto-manufacturers thrive, our wealthy vacation in foreign nations such as Turkey and Hungaria take the people in-trusted in them else where to be sold as culture.
 Make no mistake you are not free.The European Union grows stronger and they will build forces and alliances that continuously allow them to balance assets and build military alliances in time.  You work for them, you make decisions based off of them, you allowed them to dictate questions and answers when you are certain they are incorrect.
 You allow "the-other" to fail to seek individuality, though you were seen as much better, a team.
You allow for dissembled positions to exist to be paid when every man, short or tall, rich or poor, educated or not, tells you the solution is not to cut responsibility but gain your own.
 This shall not be a Greek or Jewish ruled country. We will not allow for predetermined mass conflict to occur through manipulation and guided by light structure.
Make no doubt about it for centuries every nation conquered has attracted certain foreign type prior to their dismantle. This is upon us.
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