John Nash’s Law proven, compounded, and revised

While John Nash's law on governing dynamics was a
break-through for us.
It has been proven to be incomplete.
The sophistication of law and order becomes apparent.
While we all learned at an early age going for
 the most attractive female would undoubtedly be our demise as the
intrusion of one on the other and the amount of
confusion becomes apparent.

Though my original statement may now be incorrect and
needs further elaboration.

The ultimate conclusion of thought is recessive
on to itself to continue progression
(a quick top-fold back to a stronger level.)
Most believe as we often see by means of natural instance
still believe the sophisticate order of the
original method agreed by John Nash and ourselves is incorrect.

This original method create individual isolation
and a thin line of non-progression toward
future progression as we currently see in our economy.
My original theory to the compounding on this theory
 was that one must take order of control and there for the two most
dominate forces must ultimately create order meaning
one must go for the most attractive female
 in order to ultimately delegate new order properly.

Though the only way to maintain a true law is to create
proper order and delegation while creating a recessive
top fold to a stronger standard compound.

Though I still believe there is relevance here for a King and Queen in the future.

As King one must have a stronger standard and a connection of
information much like his own and therefore would allow 
for the transgression of action to occur to create the stronger
more sophisticated standard without seeking power.
Individual attributes are ultimately the creation of intricate
order including internal and external elements.
The ultimate power of King is the stringent line of delegation
 that while the these Standards are all new Kings they are always
to act in accordance to one another and the laws and principles
agreed upon to be enacted individually but equal
among their sovereign States.
Note: presumption of attraction is the basis of more principles and
 known structure and almost always not the supermodel
rather well distinct with personal role of ones self in society.

Ultimately the Law is low expectation while assuming probable causes: The Order is civility :

One can see as the presumptions are quite off as the social order of the 1940’s was for one sophisticate to be amongst 4 standards most commonly. In today and more practically we have combination attributes making competition more acceptable as most can see one another attributes as arbitrary and preference.
Which undoubtedly means we have reached a common ground of sophistication in society as we seek to attract one another in other ways. Though I believe this comes from a non recessive fold that I stated earlier is necessary for the continued progression in society. I suppose we  will trust in time this will occur, though it seems unhealthy for one order to take place and  the other to move back into place to create progression. This will undoubtedly take more time.

Final mention, the order itself is undoubtedly intricate. Make no mistake about John Nash’s order is correct. The ultimate amount of strength from the individual aspect of non-competitive group congregation and collaboration has allowed for a basis into the future of understanding. {His theory is more appropriately depicted in business. (The Billion Dollar Question) The actions to allow others to press toward the center of leadership while maintaining a standard ultimately create the leader by placing the protagonist in the leadership role thus creating a leader }
While this topic is endless and undoubtedly can run through several different cycles, the future is clear; Intricate sophistication as strong as the strength in a standard.

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