The Di-sectional Organization of America : Infiltrated networks (learning from Afghanistan)

This article I hope will explain action to show reasons why some representation is not accepted such as derivatives of sole produced organizations, these organizations have lost sight of whom they were intended to represent and organized amongst one another to form wealthy organizations of little consequence to the public.

These contractions have been continuously reoccurring for the past 100 years at great sacrifice.  In the end, there will be no military to defend these organizations.

The next target becomes whom has given the idea to these people to act in such a manor.  Whom ever has created it must be opposed as well.  Whom would move the people without the rights of the people nor with the people and without meaning? This is of concern.

The organizations amongst the United States become obvious through business networking transaction and interaction. The diversification process has allowed us to organize and apply actuality to sub-structure The question has always been who has enabled minute structure to place large transparency across the board.  

We have been successful as people at this point to create exteriors against the low end public who maintain procession of wealth in large amounts of currency asset.  These contractions come in the form of government though government itself at times has forgotten its reason and has allowed for infiltration of representation.  This includes the allowance of non -regulated business tactics to evolve whom were considered passive aggressive to create sub-structure mind-sets.

This tactic typically includes a simple starting platform to place expected transgression of sophisticate normalcy as this becomes progressive the expected outward ability and capability will likely catch on and new economic ability and power are created. While one may believe this is foreign it is typically within the country itself amongst over-birth population of general value. While a general population is needed and is acceptable. The use of cultured and sophisticate thresholds have been continuously used by well positioned people of the general population.

These people are typically seen as aggressive by their own kind as well in a more eradicate sense. This tactic is often overused amongst the non-generic population as they often do not allow their people to rise high enough to achieve power and it is a possible the general population has been used to blanket the structure of these people as well. Afghanistan has been nothing more then cultured understanding for America to Dissect in to population regionalized realms.

This will ultimately lead us to a slaughter of people either mentally or physically. As we always believe this is incorrect as these people are branded at birth. As we have allowed  for the “over-population” to assume control of government we have yielded to a structure that continues to allow them to spread generically. When birth-control is created the allowance of illegal immigration has been increased. We continue to insist for the temporary dis-allowance of generic offspring of non-significance and strong illegal immigration action at our boarders.

As it continually hurts not only ones child but also separates the population which continually becomes more aggressive as correct platforms for education, life opportunities, and even government are continually maneuvered to allow for sub-cultured and sub-systems to be produced against its own people from people who technically have no capability in a leadership role.

The issue is ultimately forgiveness and punishment and ultimately whom is responsible? Who has abandoned their own people, why, how, and for what reason? Obviously ones must push forth even when obstacles are created against them as society has agreed to educational standards and social understandings.  

Though I believe we have agreed how far one must go at this time, in this era. Diversification within this private method of life is our ultimate goal. Though from my young understanding we must move slowly through this phase and aware as always. As I am yet to produce effective result with what is expert knowledge and structure amongst a people who advocate such terms with praise.

While American structure is undoubtedly something we all wish to produce at a high sophisticate levels that we soon call normalcy. Though one must go back a bit at times to understand. The bottom portion must also advocate these plans of mass scale as these are the plans that produce for correction in the future. It has been my goal to introduce the world to an understanding that 10 nor 100 is best and specific numbers such as 84.4849393 are what matter. Those of 100 know no higher and those of a fold(such as 84.45437) continue to produce higher results and increase the population toward higher progression. It seems of King’s words before me that it will be our goal to produce and recognize these individuals as they see fit to benefit for society.

I will now reside to produce the ultimate answer of allowable matter for this planet.

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2 responses to “The Di-sectional Organization of America : Infiltrated networks (learning from Afghanistan)

  • nomadicgreg

    After Reading your “body of work heRe and on TED, I first wanted to vomit, then I felt a deep sadness for you. Soulless you are, empty of passion, unable to see beauty where it exists and a sad people destined for a life of loneliness and artificiality. You are a social retard with little to offer other then your self-inflated ego.
    Wow, I truly am amazed at how confused you are.
    Kindest regards,
    PS social petrovement? And you wonder why women Run away from you like the plague.

    • Decisive Decisions Marketing

      First, I suggest you read just more then this article. Second, your post is highly contradicting against what you accuse me of. Simply you show that you mean to use your artificial beliefs and place them on others, fortunately the typical current people in America are much beneath any form of nominal status. I suppose you are also the kind of person that when someone mentions Americans they believe it must be foreign input and most commonly the current belief of the Middle East. Mostly I am surprised at how you mention I have a superficial belief and then follow with the belief that any of this has the association to meet woman. If you are a TED supporter and of any intellect I hope one day you can appreciate the fact that it is not tainted by trends or for what most would only belief are self serving to America’s current policies. I do admit sometimes I myself become nauseous by the actuality of the truth. These are the answers and within them are the solutions. Here’s a fact that may make you want to vomit as well. Currently all suggestions provided by current foreign policy based on the current status produced to this point by our history implicates directly that all actions pursued, including genocide, ethnic cleansing, and most military actions are directly the current solutions to actual sovereignty which then directly suggest that all forms of economic dilution are to blame and therefor most commonly christian belief that promotes a birth-rate not sustainable. This all stems from paste monarch houses of sovereignty and their compounds in which are dissolved to the public. My life will become lonely, I am sure of this, but know I have been with some of the most beautiful woman to date that fall within my reach and am certain I have keen eye on what is actual and meaningful beauty rather then what simply shown on cover spread. I do hope one day we find find a mutual ground that will let us understand one another in such away you do not have to attack from such a low ground. The only blame at this point is the omission by current forms of government and monarch that do not acknowledge my sovereignty and ultimately halt my progression to promote and demonstrate my vision of beauty and life. Lastly, I do not wish you to be amazed at how confused I am, as I am rarely confused. It may be possible that one day I will come to hate you and I am sorry for this. It may be necessary as what you believe from the created forms and channels of dilution are small and always will be as true law is absolute. The laws are not of my own doing but that which you would more likely associate with God, or an anointment so to speak. You can tunnel in a channeled form of laws and social belief beneath it but it will never approach the truth and therefor never approach me. It seems those you likely associate with have come to believe that the strength of Kingdom and its people fall to humanized forms and while you maybe correct that in which we do have flaws, be it, drugs, money, and sex, they will always be kept within limit and separate from our ability to provide decisions. I encourage you to trust in our way, believe , and possibly one day know that my decisions and provided truths to you are rarely with exception. My company is available for public investment if you find yourself with more will from my answers.

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