Housing Issue in America; if there is a depression here are your excuses.

A major issue in America is that housing prices are included in our natural incomes , even the majority of un-paid basic peasants had housing (that was reasonable during their time) in America, we put you in the equivalent house for a more modern time, give you an Ipod and make you struggle for food just the same. The raising of housing prices off of mortgages that end up  foreclosing and were nearly expected to do so.  Basic standard incomes allow for easy price manipulation as will be demonstrated later on.  When we look at the average medium income levels simple price increases in housing can negate any increase quickly. Whats worse in democracy businesses decision makers are often rotated. The people in position will implement something off a mention by someone hoping for an easy push of income levels that ultimately root back to a state or company, this could explain the slow growth in the economy and why so many who are wealthy own so many housing assets they rarely use. This control of quality ends up allowing new implementation of  living standards to allow perceived appreciation of an older houses that adds temporary value. From a personal perspective this would seem to add money into the economy but the asset is falsely over valued. Not to mention this typically is on top of a value that has already been paid.
While this is negligible to most, it re-enforces the need to understand that we appreciate new houses of significant worth and we depreciate used products in almost all instances including housing. 

Each person keeps wanting their own property values to increase as they have to spend the income increase on one another’s house. Your houses are worth no more then when you bought them for , (please get it through your head). Appreciating something by 50k in 4 years for no more reason then someone else saying its now worth more is ridiculous and cripple economic value. The only way the structure can work is if when the asset is amortized in value and no longer worth purchasing we sell it for what its worth,eventually  bulldoze and rebuild. Your building houses on top of one another and saying their worth more for it. Their likely building Cities and attractions around us just to enforce overpricing. There are houses in the state of New Jersey priced at 4 million dollars more with half the amenities then that of Colorado on better land. We refer to these higher prices as they often create the offset downwards.  How can you justify anything of this nature? They should be lucky to have a reoccurring sale and tax of older asset(used product) of this nature. When we get down to it, in almost all instances no one feels good about selling anything used for a higher price. In some instances we acknowledge the fact that houses are worth more in reoccurring value based on rare quality, Again these are typically larger American homes.  We certainly do not want to see increases in the price nearly ever. Here the point has been made to likely set a government standard for amortized depreciation with value based approvals at the end of 15 or 30 years.

The big issue becomes how to tell 50 million Americans their houses are worth 50% of what they  have paid for them and some 80% while most of them believe their going to break-even or make money by the time their ready to sell? People simply don’t want to believe it. The Great Depression only becomes true because of your ridiculous expectation of making money based on a rumor some Asshole made down the street and spread rampantly. You are all truly thinking more cash in hand now and hoping you don’t get caught during the inflation(which most of you do) and likely hope for another wal-mart decrease in cost of living to make up for it. What is worse is the government and the low-end abiding people are nearly the same and see no propriety in having their own nation.  Again, like most always, it benefits one person or small group of people that make a quick cash in and likely have to go blind to the rubble they leave in their path. I still say in this democratic world those who do so are nearly elected to push forth incorrect moves and basically have no input or thought on the subject, so which group of people isolate those who create rubble?

It still comes back to an over-birth population with little expectation or relation and understanding of society. If someone is overweight or unsightly, unaccepted, unrecognized, or incapable, they simply live for this life and allow for anything to occur if given the position to do so. Our judgement can never be too harsh, though we must eradicate the problems when they exist.

What’s bothersome is the very people who some how found form of comradory in these actions that somewhat inadvertently unite higher positions with the people watch their own kind fall, and try to demonizing them as something different then themselves. No better then calling Joe Smith a witch and stoning him.

If it is true that your using what other nations have blessed you with (election officials and people alike) to create uniform white trash the most American of us will feel so sympathy when the bombs fall. After all you are killing our children, our families, our live as well. Let us hope you are not trying to divide Britain’s and European Wealth into your own nation as you have been accused.  Your only hope is that isn’t a holy war, rather based on attributes or we are all dead.    The more involvement we have in Afghanistan the more Holy it gets, We are simply fighting our own correction and fighting someone else for hating us for not allowing correctness.  Now we know why some are considered incredibly mentally ill in America.

Who doesn’t allow themselves to be corrected? The answer is those amongst you who seek more purpose then necessary by not allowing themselves to be corrected and ultimately dropping to a foreign level that not been seen before and likely does not exist in any nation at times.  It is still my conclusion of an over -growth population that is intended to exist to distort the vision of accepted births and the people it surrounds.

“This entire situation all reminds me of a dirty(filth) blonde from another nation pretending to be very southern.”   To this point it has been a shared responsibility to make sure you pop your heads up when America lives and in most cases duck when it is down and ultimately become self deprecating to bury your heads in your holes in the end.

The last measure will be to depreciate asset while maintaining significant income and producing high quality against Britain asset, which are arguably a common share of wealth. If they continue to appreciate their currency without significant reason it will be the final war as the amount of hardship this has caused is deserving of conquer. Though it is any nation for this matter that becomes involved including our own. If it is us and continued greed it will be a revolution of our own or a holy war that we just won’t win by conscience of a greater evil often not explained in law at this time.

“We will correct this, and here is where we start.”

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