Where Camera Photography may be headed. (the future in stronger processor cameras)

Numerical Reflex Digital Camera

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This seems like a very simple question. As we move forward in technology, specifically cameras we begin to believe we are toping out as when 3.2 mega pixels seems adequate  and 10-12 becomes excellent and soon natural progression will take us toward 20 and 30 megapixels. So where is the future in high definition photography?

When we look at the reassembly of technology it typically leads us to more intricate ways that are well demonstrate from our paste time such litho-chron photography. What is really interesting is while processors are mentioned for the speed of digital camera shots they typically are mentioned for the quality of the shot. Some of the best cameras are current at a 600 mhz processor that produces excellent images and high speed capabilities they are descent for anything short of bullet fire.

What we expect to see as dual core processor are eventually introduced is 3d litho-chron like imagery. With high processing capability the differentiation in contrast and color can be produce and lightly exaggerate not as topical but as independent coding/programming, Something we lightly see on the Palm/HP WebOS devices. This will create something most people would see as slight but is likely the move into the future and is  the likely scenario for progression of photography at a higher quality.

While this has been produce as a claim we are yet to see this directly from the camera rather this is often created afterwards in a studio in an entertaining exaggerated way.

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