New theory of oxygen compound (our breathing air and alternative fuel use)

As we all know, the air we breath is often shown and re-mentioned as 77% Nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 3% of another mix (trace). The issue we face is when igniting air with a lighter or matches we notice the entire room is not on fire. Why is this? Some would say the mix of Nitrogen and Oxygen produce a compound mixture leaving only small amounts of free oxygen particles to burn through the air as they repeated and loosely break apart and rebind to one another. We can see these as two separate elements and a very specific compound that most can say is rather not compounded.

From this we can look at several aspects of issues from breathing problems, IQ levels, to industrial manufacturing. It is obvious we do not inhalate nitrogen  through out body in any productive matter by itself. It takes both materials to produce against one another to provide benefit to the human nature. It is my belief while Oxygen content may decrease with altitude due to the poor amount of freely available oxygen particles at a lower altitude it may prove to be more effective for the body and brain at higher altitudes.

Further more at an industrial level, I believe to progress in fuel efficiency we must continue by creating and developing internal compression with purification of Oxygen and Nitrogen as the combustion will increase fuel efficiency and power in a cost effective manor, including resources of durability and gasoline consumption.

To do so simple industrial compressor can be manufactured at the automobile level and refined to create direct air to gas injection as we see in Nitrous systems. We must begin to use oxygen and nitrogen more so as well as hydrogen in conjunction with gasoline as it is abundant and accessible to produce large amounts of power.

Again this would explain, the controllable but less amount of burst one expects during a fuel/gasoline reaction. Mostly only the gasoline aerated spray that catches free oxygen amongst it will ignite to produce a large burst. If and when we fill these chambers will 100% oxygen the amount of the explosion increase and the need for fuel decreases. We can be running off a few drops of gasoline per mile with the nearly the same engine configurations we currently use today.

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