“In the midst of life … (sample) The Swaft lecturn

“In the midst of life there are losses of sacrifice
and there are those who survive, we call those men Heroes.”

In the town of Svalsvard a provigil existence is an apparent way of life for
most.  Those who remain for dinner begin
to count as would anyone of château. The like similarities of their greeting
exist in every mention and every quote.  From
their accent to their names, they were (are)  high society.

Our novel starts with little Lucerien Coal. Lucerien was the youngest of twelve,
growing up he found himself apparently privileged. With 12 brothers and sister
combined he was only to learn from his elder siblings;. Lucerien was seemingly
undersized at the age of 13, his hair already to his shoulders and the once
white fuzz on his face was beginning to grow dark. Lucerien was becoming a man.
As with any coordinated town of a commune Lucerien was intended to marry off
and likely lead a run of the mill life. Lucerien was nearly a genius and would
likely be a professor if the Locale of coordination were to persist and accommodate
his future, as this is how they were intended to be: useful to him.

Lucerien may have been born several thousand times, but instead his family
decided to produce a larger family to up the efficiency of the process. When Lucerien
was to come of age he was to be a leader.. as he will in this novel,  at the age of 25 he would have option to becoming
anything from a professor to emperor,
this ultimately would be dependent on the actions of the people among him
within the commune. What is to follow would create his fate, his life and

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