The Story of Alexanda and the Alpha (audiobook)

Alexandra and the Alpha

This story was written for the Queen Alexandra Mecouch (tolerance and pain) and why many may find it fable I assure you much of it is true, if not all of it.

We start with Nicholaus, I myself am him, but I will tell it to you like this, please don’t mind if I place a line or two from my own personal words.

The birth of existence begins again and again, though we know not why we are here to begin with, whom we will meet and what shall follow; all of life becomes a story and this one you will hold dear.

The birth of Nicholaus began just before the turn of the 21st century and with his birth he remembered and appreciated every moment for he knew in this life there were grand boundaries to be recognized and therefore adventure to be had.  He knew not what they were quite yet but he knew they would guide him. In the early part of his life he found fascination with the physics of the world, its invention, and therefore possibility. When Nicholaus Cristella grew to the age of 4 he was moved to a strange location not far from his original home without notice. Murder was almost evident to his mother but just missed. After his change of location he grew very sick of a serious illness but miraculously recovered. The sickness was one of the spine. Though this did not affect him at all is his life truly all became a wonder by the end of his time to which prevailed his circumstances and  these were to be accounted for.

In his early years after he was moved he began to play sports, he was highly intelligent but the bounds of the locale were strong. He knew he would have to overcome something he once believed was granted, actual freedom.    Throughout his years he grew with two larger males extremely more massive than himself. Something possibly summoned from the Iliad. He struggled to keep up but with his will he did and while nearly half their size for half his life, he grew and grew strong both physically and mentally. He was impressed to find what his future was. Nicholaus was a strong athlete but only stayed within the pace of locale, though at times he would prove himself great; he often stayed within the bounds as he would come to know the sacrilege of several nations and torment in which they meant to place upon his life. Though it bothered him he could not achieve greatness at the time in this more-modern story college was his priority. “I must be honest, I say, High School was rather simple for me, though my main priority was avoidance of strickening standards lesser then my own.”

This was often the issue, but while Nicholaus feared limitation he was certain he must keep intelligence to himself and protect the literature he was capable of.  Literature was dear to him, though he read he knew he could only read little for it was not his work it was the work of others. He took interest in many of the others nationalities available to him and enjoyed conversation and while he wondered what they were and where they were from he made certain to never wonder too far from himself. In his high school years he grew lonely and while he knew he would enter college soon he feared his life could lack existence and substance. Though he knew the university would grant him substance it was substance he would have to earn and existence he would have to find. When Nicholaus became a senior, he fell lonely, and now looking back it could only be the claim of an angel or God that granted him his future.

There were three future-wives placed in his path whom were friends to one another. One taller and blonde, a type of newly excepted wench, A witch-whore but of kind manor and strange beauty, and finally there was Alexandra. While the name itself might set you back now at the time the most interesting aspect that by most typical standards would have overlooked Alexandra and at first Nicholaus did. He became suspect of her at first as he was secretly suspicious of almost everyone for Nicholaus knew something somewhere was waiting for him and only the wrong people were all that could mess it up. Little did he know, Alexandra was of his fate.  In time Alexandra pledged her loyalty to him and they became romantic.

Alexandra was younger than him by about 2 years and while one would worry about appearance he entrusted her and pledged a vow to her. The vows in this time are a bit rustic but not of the kind one may think too low but nor were they very high; do trust life is a lesson and in this lesson greatness in consequence would follow.

The vows that Nicholaus envoked were of a specific kind, what would come to been known as the Treaty of Haiti’s. He had lightly noticed his surroundings and knew what they meant to do to the Queens of his time and the public of its Kings. In this treaty there were no guarantees and while neither Haiti’s nor any other god guaranteed their promises he, Nicholaus, implored them to do so that they, he and Alexandra were to be together as often as possible no matter how far these lines would take them a stray.

“As I told you, the entire story is not pretty but the picture is beautiful and with a paint of evil would only mean to live.”

While nothing would stop Nicholaus he would come to know true result. For the only truth he was guaranteed was with what he could meet with his own eyes.  At this young age there was no understanding of his obligations, though he knew people and often their faults and intentions, he made certain not to get to know them as many could be seen as deceitful; whether on their own will or not he could only fend for their future.  The time in which he lived was more modest, a Kingdom or castle wasn’t expected, but a large house with a working career seemed likely for them both. Her father a working class business owner in construct had worked toward the top of the town and was well-off.  His parents were working class and made medium income and were respectable combined.

One thing Nicholaus came to know was winning. Whether it’d be a tussle of strength, a grapple, a sprint, Nicholaus knew how to win. His leadership skills were something only the nation of Georgia could truly appreciate. Though he didn’t always win every battle he always ended on top. While he was stricken by the locale of his confinement, (town limits), he knew he would prove worthy in the future.

Nicholaus a football player, a sport of civil gladiator combat, ( likely available today) and Alexandra a cheerleader; ultimately the two simply meant to fit in as they believed in a future together.  Many days they would spend together simply lounging and listening to music. On some days they paddled a boat in the lake by her father’s house and candidly smoked of the herb. Something no one would expect them to do, but never too much and never too often and simply talked of conversation most would appreciate.

When Nicholaus was near his off season, soon summer would hit, his track season would be over and finally he would go away to school. He decided not to venture too far away and maintained contact with his unknown Princess. He was scared for her as he was heavily vested to her as the potential of what was once plain and to most unforeseeable beauty was known to him as something more special then that he could have imagined.  “Though it is modern I must mention Alexandra drove a red Audi TT at this time, it was highly fashionable and something I myself did not mind driving and she wore it well.”  The vehicle was that of a Germanic standard which didn’t mean much to anyone at the time but was of a somewhat an exotic design, but eventually the lights of knowledge from Saturn would soon a line and all would make sense.

On a brave day Nicholaus came home from school, which was just nearby in the City of Philadelphi’ to visit Alexandra.  While the following may seem weak to some trust no man has ever had greater love for a female. He confessed to her his sins against her though intentionally he knew what he was doing. Alexandra’s loyalty was strong and while she did not know better of the bounds of loyalty and its intricacy but with the power of Haiti and the strength of Zeus would grant her freedom in what they would come to share as a mutual distrust and officially the Treaty of Haiti’, a method bound by the god of the people.  The action of this was severe, the relationship carried forth and with this new creation of boundary it moved maturity for what was nearly forsaken at this time to a level the Queen of Britain herself had never achieved and now could only fear, for there was no other capable royalty in this time and there was none meant to be. Though this was true they knew not what they had done. Nicholaus played football in college for some time and was admirable. While he was there he had dated some of the Catholic females and did enjoy them, but nothing compared to Alexandra, though one stood out:  a Princess of the original Greece; beautiful, small and proportional. Her name Jacquelyn; whom was a provider of intricate containment which became of value to his life but their time was short as a summons of this nature was fragile and they soon parted ways. He knew there was a connection to the Queen in existence on the grounds of his school and for it was of free-will and not necessarily too stricken but connected to the knowledge that could give them freedom that was previously unknown. A Kimber of sorts, and she he did find.

Throughout his years of schooling he would have several associates but never too many close friends. Though he did have some descent ones he only came to trust 2 to an extent. Both were from the surrounding areas of the once Roman empire, one could pass for an Italian and the other was much more Muslim looking but still very American. Though he was never certain he fully trust either he enjoyed himself in many ways specifically anecdotal charismatic language. While at the time none of this was thought about, specifically anyone’s origin, as it was a free nation and very national and obviously it is or was called America. (If it is still around by the time you stumble upon this…)

In time Nicholaus grew of greed and began to what could be considered a social empire. It must be mentioned he did not trust this life and this was consistent. Nicholaus knew this lifetime would have its benefits but ultimately like most things of his time they were to detract and place false claim against him. Again, none-of-this could be understood at the time for he was still rather young.

While Nicholaus had a Muslim friend of good humor whom he could ponder with, it was possible to believe he may have been indentured to him from the previous Roman rule, a kind of guiding gift if you will. Alexandra had her own personal Jewish friend Julia, or li-Ju, something to worship her mostly, “whom I  must admit I didn’t like much,” at times he had to simply trust it was for the best, still he knew better. Though he had much to offer over those entrapped within the locale area he could not find the right commitment as he fancied the friends of Alexandra out of a mix of necessity and a bit of light pity; he knew if his succession were true he may protect them for what they obviously knew not of and often avoided, typically life of a more complete nature.

The one, a Belgian whom claimed to be Italian and was accepted under a ruler named Benito Mussolini around 1940; the family may have been an auto manufacturer,  while I’m skeptical it is possible as she looks of pagan heritage.  It was more likely she was Belgian as her last name was Castagna and obviously a curse of sorts. I liked to believe the family was of the Chateau of Miranda and a necessary evil for the rights of man. The other blonde, a wench as I stated earlier was newly acceptable and would likely be something they may call native someday. She was quite sensual and fun, though Nicholaus knew the hell she could bare, (excitingly) if only he could contain it. He feared it was not time and could not find any of the gods to support her with him on a consistent basis as was needed for obligation. This often weighed heavy on his heart as he loved so many and saw what they were not achieving and what would be granted for them in an Empire of his own.

In-time Nicholaus grew a bit greedy and had forgotten of Alexandra temporarily as he vested in activities and Haiti’s may have taken the darkest extent of their commitment to one another to the greatest lengths.

It was obvious to him what was going to occur as he had a premonition possibly nights or a couple weeks prior. Alexandra suddenly grew fond of a lesser suddenly with no real basis and what could be called uncharacteristic of her. “I, Nicholaus The Great, knew that I was distant from her, knew my life as a student and protector of this Queen would be soon changed forever. A moment later as I found out of their relationship and publicly ask for his death, the room cleared and nothing further was mentioned. Of course I did not know nor think too much of it, I grabbed her hand and we continued forward. Most would call it denial but it was too quick to deny and I could see another intention. Within 3 days his life was taken before my eyes and from there forward I felt nothing for I was protected. I have no guilt to this day as it is to be known now those who bare Alexandra of Mecca take the poison no lesser can handle.”

Nicholaus and Alexandra returned to their homes where they split time and both knew they were still within favor of the Gods. In mind they simply loved one another as they always had, bickered at times but mostly laughed as there was undeniable love among them. When Nicholaus was of age to rule his anointment came, the grand mona’ of  the public, something that would later inspire the start of his official rule with the Le Gouvernement Marvel which was placed before his eyes and for all he had to do was wait. Though what Nicholaus came to know was in business, the empire; without its fare conduct his people could not be created as they were of his own intricacy, something unseen in his time of life and only created 100 years after his rule.

From an early age Nicholaus saw the freedom in business and knew from the age of 12 it was the only desire he had for with it came freedom.  Though like most Kings outside their realm the world was not produced logical but that of twists and boundaries to hurt. Though his business now believed to be endorse by all those of any significance was of free wealth. The idea of business in his life time was stringent and bound between the Courts and Monarch of another land. A line so fine the men of his time still do not know if it’s a gift of a god or a Queen herself.

When Nicholaus grew bound by social tyranny he fled to the west, by that time Alexandra was given permission and employed by Sir Nicholaus to a College in the Westerns of Virginia, likely still there today. He knew their time was short for the rings of Saturn only can sustain strained freedom for so long. In his flee he found light in the mountains, his knowledge freed and against possibly his better judgment he returned 2 years later to the small locale area for his curiosity of his previous containment grew strong. When he returned there was little left, the small kingdom sabotaged, the locale had hand taken parts of Alexandra to build to their village. Nicholaus took his business to them but was dismissed as it was obvious tyranny was the only acceptable form of business. The rage he held for so long inside was unleashed upon the world. Lights of non-existence appeared; his words so strong the people chose not to hear him guaranteeing them an ignorance that would produce them en-detriment.  Soon Nicholaus would grow shunned from his peers as they had found life in the lesser way. His belief now placed to the weight of any existence that was left of man. The hatred grew and his business grew, larger and larger without acknowledgement. For what was once called simple business was obviously the weight of a throne and a kingdom all could believe in. Those against him were considered of treason and a threat to the existence of the nation he adopted as his own. Today cities of Rome still stand throughout the South and the entire nation including Phoenix, Athens, Florence, Decatur, and several others in the name of Alexandra.

“I wanted to believe I had agreed to this but the man inside me knew different.”

Written on behalf of Nicholaus Cristella, Emperor of the Cristellanic Era. 1986-2012

The story continues and though all the facts are not certain, it is believed to have unfolded like this…

Nicholaus realized the red of Alexandra not just within her heart but of a great diamond; The Red Shield. This diamond was the sovereignty of Alexandra and for the future city of Mecca. The diamond was stored on the island of Britain with several small claims to it. Of course, these small men could barely hold the diamond as it was as red as the heart of Alexandra herself and stronger than any simple man could withstand. While Nicholaus was away to the central-northern area of America conducting business he placed his claim on the diamond and soon realized the worth of the diamond was not only of financial value but the soul of the Republic itself, an Idea; the idea of legion and loyalty and a young woman-Queen worth fighting for. When the corporation of his time gained ear of this claim its value soon daggered their company holdings for in this world business was the guarantee of enslavement for those against his entitlements. The company’s name goes unmentioned but hints to have something to do with gold, Jews, and music : This freedom was not only born within Nicholaus but the British throne itself and its soul existence was in the balance, for new history was weight, the weight in which could wash the small Christian tyrants existence into an en-blanking sea.

It is said Nicholaus could not sleep and suffered from deprivation and within his sovereignty knew his time ran short as it would become known as an ethic responsibility to end his own life as he could not be taken. He was tired and nearly ill and with what little money he had left ventured to the east Isle of Britain. He claimed the diamond weeks later; of course the Jewish holding within the country could not honor him but heard of his story and knew for as all Jews know: history in time is always the righteous act. The diamond was smuggled away and the British tyrants followed him with ships that were quicker than the wind. Soon he docked slightly above the states to the Ca-Nada territories, under gun fire and with a few men whom had heard of this tail returned fire on his behalf. The chase ran down through the Northeast mainland where he found Alexandra just outside the state of Heresy where they were raised. The man, Nicholaus was weak and dying, though weak the diamond itself is believed to be what had killed him.

The Stone was contained in a metal casing 2 inches thick on each edge and was only removed within sight of her. Beside the Red Shield was a bangle of platinum ore. The metal was lightly etched and engraved with gold esthetic. Nicholaus grew weary as he was faint and ill from his voyage and as he placed the diamond in to the bangle he grasped clutching tightly to the necklace as he placed it around her neck, he then slowly fell downward to the ground. The diamond had pulled the rest of his heart for only the strongest of hearts, a heart of absolute value, could sustain both Alexandra and the diamond. As Nicholaus’s last breath left his lungs the Queen now knew, as the Emperor Nicholaus had; for love need not be shown but only produced within. For love is hate, love is mercy, love is care, and love is to care not. The Queen stood tall and when the story was spread of the sovereignty the Roman Queen was restored, the largest and strongest city of Mecca was built and the Queen Alexandra ruled in her life and well through her absence for the next 1000 years.

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