Kimberly Perry & Nicholas “Archos” Cristella to Wed in beginning of 2015

Kimberly Perry famed singer has broken off her engagement with slumping baseball player J.P. Arencibia of the Texas Rangers after allegedly he was found with a brothel of strippers at a night club on the Vegas strip. The two were said to have been on shaky terms to start. The new comer is Nicholas Cristella who proposed immediately after the reprievel of wedding rings. The new ring weighs in at just over 3 karats in an all platinum setting. The two say they are happy and really sensed “this would be their heading” as they have been long time friends. Archos joked “practically centuries.” Kimberly said she simply couldn’t handle the embarrassment anymore. Ms. Perry mentioned “It was as if I didn’t matter” Her brother Neil chimed in “No sense of urgency.” Third brother guitarist, Ri


ed Perry confirmed, “He was no good for my sister” referring to J.P.’s poor play on the field and at home. Batting just a .094, the worst in the league. The sibling trio seem to all be enjoy with their new man. The wedding is to take place at the Parthenon in Tennessee some time in 2015.

– Luxury Belfaste News
-Reuters Washingtons

New York wants him back, Philadelphia can’t hold him down. Who is this mass mogul that goes by name Archos? Stay tuned…

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