Our recent story on the Kimberly Perry break up with flailing baseball player J.P. Arencibia took hot to the stands. Mass mogul Nicholas “Archos” Cristella was a fevering favorite to most. Certain scandal was a brew behind scenes of The Band Perry and their Management, Kimberly’s famed musician group.

Bob Doyle of Major Bob Entertainment was not pleased with her (Kimberly) true love choice but instead was hot for the endorsement and network rich J.P. Arencibia and what he might bring to Major Bob Entertainment.

To show his bulging disappointment he restricted Kimberly and Nicholas from seeing one another during the band’s summer tour to make matters steeper he went as far as restricting all Kimberly’s mobile and computer communication with his now mogul foe, Kimberly’s fiance Archos.

Concerns of the wedding being delayed for its early to mid 2015 showing at the Parthenon in Tennessee quickly got supporters attention. A 50,000 person petition was signed to confront the restriction imposed by tyraiding manager Bob Doyle. Members of national committees as well as concerned citizens voweled their names for these two lovers and are “extending their arms” in this time of need. Neither brother was available for comment. Ms. Perry was heard to be upset but handling the situation well. More to come.

-Reuters Washington
-Luxury Belfaste News

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