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True Decisions

I don’t neccessarily believe other people exist but the economy does(believe they exist). What does this mean? The world is infested and infestation causes problem. A 7 billion person planet means every dollar spent in the economy is ultimately processed down to neccessitative resources, basic appliances and other things we have made consequential to our society. It doesn’t matter what you purchase…the money is taken and divided down until a medium of equitable life is achieved. An average house, with likely a TV, a radio, clothing, a car, etc….the quality within that household is commonly congenial meaning one must make trade offs of quality.Fpr example 2 premium TV’s in your house instead of an upgraded vehicle (potentially, of course)

This goes without saying the trade offs could be a variety of anything. Ultimately it does not pay not to spend money. This is really a question for the Queen presuming her money is the basis to any further breaking down of sovereignty into the system/planet. Are we hopeless is the question we must ask. Is there an investment of our finances that offer a higher solution or will financial increases ultimately slide the scale to an inflated and unvalued economy? If our finances are hopeless outputs of the Queen our only hope would be that she spends all her money. The selfish presumption is an independent currency, likely the Pound(GBP) or qualtitative resources such as impactful means of engineering for instance a nuclear power plant which could be considered a negative deduction to positive sovereignty, these means are only spent or included when expectation is met. An assumption of life naturally occurrs from the state of this economy: If the basis to the common class of citizen is a hopeless medium (America) A default of society exist(the imposed middle mentioned prior). A default of sovereignty concludes and the basic value of life is produced. Ultimately, wealth can therefore only be granted for higher inclusion or likely terrible balance of soveriengty is concluded by the Queen’s hand. The question to our fate lies in if theres an answer or a solution to a dissolved dollar.

Personally my only answer thus far Is to upset the equation. To be epic but I fear the lines of this planet lie so low it adjust no more then a tad. The answer is true but the world is wrong. My suggestion would be high end investment of joint venture into valuable goods. Though the investments by each individual into the corporation would have to be substantial enough to find consequential benefit among its investors. We can now concluded a strong demand for an agreed upon valuable object(s) and a demanded need an exspendableamount of income to each individual investor. This brings us to a conclusion, assuming the valuable object is the Mossaieff diamond, A 25 million dollar diamond, the conclusion is at what exhibited significance can it bring to the valuation of those who pocess it and those who find interest for it?

My personal conclusion is a division of town and district is required to compound its fame but production must be met within its jurisdiction to resolute other competitive composing societies.

Your question The diamond and donation/fare or the production (the stuff)?

Collaborative Expulsion, Emperor Nicholas Cristella

I, Emperor Nicholas Cristella, hereby set forth into action that no company shall have collaborative income to benefit from in pursuit of higher means. Including but not limited to family and organizations.

This action is final on 8/07/2014

BitCoin Mining True Facts of Profitability

BitCoin has just become apparent in the passed few months. BitCoin Mining is a CPU generating financial currency. If you’ve arrived to this page you are admireably wondering if it is profitable or not. Here are the quick stats I have from my experience thus far. If these change I will re-post the information so feel free to check back. Currently BitCoin generates approximately $1.12s per gigahertz of computing power per month.  If you had a few teraflops of computing power you might just put together a savings account. The numbers are based off of actual results with a bitcoin priced at $500 each.

The economic equation for wealth growth in the financial market is a simple one. A Balance of power with a basis of wealth to build trust. I think you’ll find if the numbers don’t change soon BitCoin is lacking both in this industry. Its a congeneous equation for possibly one or a few people to cash in on. It is a neat idea but America lacks the restraint and gears of ambiguity to establish this economy.

If the numbers do change I will post them on this post so again feel free to check back every couple months.

Violence on Market street in Center City of Philadelphia

Updated: The group of gentleman wearing formidable attire carried with them small weapons, including a mace and flail, two extrema ratio 6mm blades and a nailed baseball bat that was later found on the scene. The gangster-gentlemen staged a riot that would gather about 550 advocators by the end once the premise became clear. They chanted Thomas-Jefferson Daughter several times as they crashed through banks and plazas at will. A small fire fight occurred with only one wounded and zero arrest. The riot leaders are believed to have been Robert Traynor of Pitman, Nicholas Cristella of Pitman, and Andrew
Degeorge of Pitman (New Heresy). Walnut street was blocked for the remainder of the night where most of the clash took place. Police said “We kind of expected some activity once a Mr. Cristella shouted in a court room earlier this week and I quote. “Give me my f*cking wife. Thomas Jefferson Daughter.” Damages have been estimated in excess of
$100,000. Including 4 flipped cars were burned with extensive structural damage to several building fronts. The named Thomas Jefferson Daughter is believed to be a famed singer Kimberly Perry or the daughter of C-line tycoon Thomas Crawford, Kimberly Crawford. Their current relationship is unknown.

“The rights of our Republican entitlements are not being upheld”

Dear Sir Richard Brunson (Zeus)

Dear Zeus,
     It has come to my attention that I’m likely your son Athen. Your daughter resides to the South, Athena. I am looking to court her as the latest joke goes brother and sister married in the South, it has become quite amusing by such comedians as Jamie Foxworthy. I may possibly be among several as Athens maybe common but I am always up for competition as Athletes are. The issue is she is rather rich towards an American standard and ahead of me. At this point I own a company at 26, it is small with massive potential, I do not go light on anything . The public does not seem to adhere to me as I believe they should. I have started my campaign for the 2024 election and have opened up to the public a bit, something I am not fond of. I have courted her with the Title: Victorium Athena Perilous Cristella by written script. ( Lady Perry ) as high as any American name can go. I also call her Thomas Jefferson Daughter as she reminds me of one of his estates in the city near where I grew up, Philadelphia. As you know Religion can be tricky. At times I am doubtful of certain existances, but in this life we must agree there are traditions we can benefit from. It may become obvious I am the intricate standard of Pennsylvania and New Heresy and I may have to apologize. My dollar is soveriegn, atleast to a mans standard, and I look to grow soon as I am 1 year passed dues (25 for those who are reading)  and she leans toward her mothering years at 29 and already rich as I am falling behind. I am quite profficient in technology as well, I have recently grown aware of your proprietary status in the industry. I enjoy the sales and substance part more so then the technicallities. My company ventures in a pet medical supply. If you are interested in the capital markets in the States or a run through at the Presidency the company name is Decisive Decisions Marketing. I do appreciate your time as we can agree to the narrows of this circumstance.

                                               Sincere Regard,
                                    Possibly your distant son,
                                         Nicholaus Athen Cristella

The Red Shield, The Heart of Alexandra

The Red shield is a claim on the Germanic Roman Province of Alexandra. Its very existence is based on this time and this time alone. It is within the rightful Sovereignty of the Cristellanic Era. It is believed the Diamond was stripped from the heart of Alexandra when the remaining Republic of Rome was dismantled and forced into Christian democratic belief. The Diamond is in current litigation to be retrieved and return to the intangible female Alexandra, Currently Roman assets are continuously disbursed and held under Jewish-Sacrilege. In the rightful hands the diamond can be presumably worth near one-hundred million dollars placed in a bangle platinum setting around the neck of the heiress. Holding the diamond without its released revocation is considered treason as by the order of several doctrines including the universal sovereignty act of Sweden. All acts against the sovereignty of this state are acts of war and punishable on site. (informational)

Nicholas A. Cristella (Emperor, Supreme Governor, Cristellanic Era)

Alexandra Mecouch-Cristella (City of Mecca, Pain and Tolerance)

The Diamond was found approximately 1 year after the reincarnation birth of Queen Alexandra.

Decisive Decisions LLC is looking for investors

Decisive Decisions LLC is looking for investors. The company’s products and ideas are one of the strongest on the market to date and I’m confident we have the highest profit returns available. Unfortunately, with the lack of timeliness of investment we become diluted and amongst a population of unstable character. This is undoubtedly more dangerous if we continue to carry forward as we will be sending fundamental stability within a +/- .5 threshold into a realm of un-socialized and non-centric formation that will undoubtedly place fundamental foundation through a systematic variance to depletion.

This would directly go against our fundamental principals of halting birthrates, stopping cash bubbles through the system that currently seem to be the only free formation in the system and lastly it would continue to allow for a minuscule population to control productivity and our direct capability to proceed in a viable and lucrative market. It simply comes down to personal risk and future viability. We must stop hallow words from spreading as it continues to do so through our nation. Our current estimated profit margins through 5 years are over 1 billion dollars from an investment between 1.5 million and 10 million dollars. A smaller strategy has been produced with an investment of less then 500k dollars; still placing us over 1 billion dollars in 5 years with a smaller margin in the first two. Please contact myself for more information through either LinkedIn or Facebook or call directly.

New theory of oxygen compound (our breathing air and alternative fuel use)

As we all know, the air we breath is often shown and re-mentioned as 77% Nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 3% of another mix (trace). The issue we face is when igniting air with a lighter or matches we notice the entire room is not on fire. Why is this? Some would say the mix of Nitrogen and Oxygen produce a compound mixture leaving only small amounts of free oxygen particles to burn through the air as they repeated and loosely break apart and rebind to one another. We can see these as two separate elements and a very specific compound that most can say is rather not compounded.

From this we can look at several aspects of issues from breathing problems, IQ levels, to industrial manufacturing. It is obvious we do not inhalate nitrogen  through out body in any productive matter by itself. It takes both materials to produce against one another to provide benefit to the human nature. It is my belief while Oxygen content may decrease with altitude due to the poor amount of freely available oxygen particles at a lower altitude it may prove to be more effective for the body and brain at higher altitudes.

Further more at an industrial level, I believe to progress in fuel efficiency we must continue by creating and developing internal compression with purification of Oxygen and Nitrogen as the combustion will increase fuel efficiency and power in a cost effective manor, including resources of durability and gasoline consumption.

To do so simple industrial compressor can be manufactured at the automobile level and refined to create direct air to gas injection as we see in Nitrous systems. We must begin to use oxygen and nitrogen more so as well as hydrogen in conjunction with gasoline as it is abundant and accessible to produce large amounts of power.

Again this would explain, the controllable but less amount of burst one expects during a fuel/gasoline reaction. Mostly only the gasoline aerated spray that catches free oxygen amongst it will ignite to produce a large burst. If and when we fill these chambers will 100% oxygen the amount of the explosion increase and the need for fuel decreases. We can be running off a few drops of gasoline per mile with the nearly the same engine configurations we currently use today.

Quick Post: Technology{The future of the tablet (Pico Projectors)}

As we have seen the release of several tablets, the Ipad 2 is one of the latest additions to the market. A nice refinement and performance upgrade that produces a much higher quality product. The Touchpad from HP is the first to break the 1 ghz barrier at 1.2 ghz. The slow pressure upward will eventually place the products at 4000 performance level or 4 ghz equivalent. As the performance reaches mid -range notebook performance demand for further innovation and inclusion will continue to be in demand.

Lazar keyboards as well as Pico projectors (micro projectors) are available but are yet to be introduced at a new level. I expect one of these companies preferably Apple, will introduce is technology capability to this market. Really what we would like to see is a combination of both, overlay on overlay with improved responsiveness with some esthetic’s touches. This will allow for tablet use as a more primary functioning utility.  It should be interesting over the next 10 -20 years as complete new operating systems need to exist at completely higher levels. Though we should really start to be seeing major hardware improvements and innovation in the next couple years.  As I have mentioned before, to this point we have seen many inclusions of new abilities pre-existing, but have not really seen real innovation that hasn’t been expected for some time.

The concern becomes  the mid addition market again. We continue to just see higher processing and light introductions, and expected multi-tasking but nothing in terms of high power out put short of gaming, really were looking for gaming graphic interface to meet education and business productivity applications to a greater extent.

Where Camera Photography may be headed. (the future in stronger processor cameras)

Numerical Reflex Digital Camera

Image via Wikipedia

This seems like a very simple question. As we move forward in technology, specifically cameras we begin to believe we are toping out as when 3.2 mega pixels seems adequate  and 10-12 becomes excellent and soon natural progression will take us toward 20 and 30 megapixels. So where is the future in high definition photography?

When we look at the reassembly of technology it typically leads us to more intricate ways that are well demonstrate from our paste time such litho-chron photography. What is really interesting is while processors are mentioned for the speed of digital camera shots they typically are mentioned for the quality of the shot. Some of the best cameras are current at a 600 mhz processor that produces excellent images and high speed capabilities they are descent for anything short of bullet fire.

What we expect to see as dual core processor are eventually introduced is 3d litho-chron like imagery. With high processing capability the differentiation in contrast and color can be produce and lightly exaggerate not as topical but as independent coding/programming, Something we lightly see on the Palm/HP WebOS devices. This will create something most people would see as slight but is likely the move into the future and is  the likely scenario for progression of photography at a higher quality.

While this has been produce as a claim we are yet to see this directly from the camera rather this is often created afterwards in a studio in an entertaining exaggerated way.

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