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True Decisions

I don’t neccessarily believe other people exist but the economy does(believe they exist). What does this mean? The world is infested and infestation causes problem. A 7 billion person planet means every dollar spent in the economy is ultimately processed down to neccessitative resources, basic appliances and other things we have made consequential to our society. It doesn’t matter what you purchase…the money is taken and divided down until a medium of equitable life is achieved. An average house, with likely a TV, a radio, clothing, a car, etc….the quality within that household is commonly congenial meaning one must make trade offs of quality.Fpr example 2 premium TV’s in your house instead of an upgraded vehicle (potentially, of course)

This goes without saying the trade offs could be a variety of anything. Ultimately it does not pay not to spend money. This is really a question for the Queen presuming her money is the basis to any further breaking down of sovereignty into the system/planet. Are we hopeless is the question we must ask. Is there an investment of our finances that offer a higher solution or will financial increases ultimately slide the scale to an inflated and unvalued economy? If our finances are hopeless outputs of the Queen our only hope would be that she spends all her money. The selfish presumption is an independent currency, likely the Pound(GBP) or qualtitative resources such as impactful means of engineering for instance a nuclear power plant which could be considered a negative deduction to positive sovereignty, these means are only spent or included when expectation is met. An assumption of life naturally occurrs from the state of this economy: If the basis to the common class of citizen is a hopeless medium (America) A default of society exist(the imposed middle mentioned prior). A default of sovereignty concludes and the basic value of life is produced. Ultimately, wealth can therefore only be granted for higher inclusion or likely terrible balance of soveriengty is concluded by the Queen’s hand. The question to our fate lies in if theres an answer or a solution to a dissolved dollar.

Personally my only answer thus far Is to upset the equation. To be epic but I fear the lines of this planet lie so low it adjust no more then a tad. The answer is true but the world is wrong. My suggestion would be high end investment of joint venture into valuable goods. Though the investments by each individual into the corporation would have to be substantial enough to find consequential benefit among its investors. We can now concluded a strong demand for an agreed upon valuable object(s) and a demanded need an exspendableamount of income to each individual investor. This brings us to a conclusion, assuming the valuable object is the Mossaieff diamond, A 25 million dollar diamond, the conclusion is at what exhibited significance can it bring to the valuation of those who pocess it and those who find interest for it?

My personal conclusion is a division of town and district is required to compound its fame but production must be met within its jurisdiction to resolute other competitive composing societies.

Your question The diamond and donation/fare or the production (the stuff)?

Dear Sir Richard Brunson (Zeus)

Dear Zeus,
     It has come to my attention that I’m likely your son Athen. Your daughter resides to the South, Athena. I am looking to court her as the latest joke goes brother and sister married in the South, it has become quite amusing by such comedians as Jamie Foxworthy. I may possibly be among several as Athens maybe common but I am always up for competition as Athletes are. The issue is she is rather rich towards an American standard and ahead of me. At this point I own a company at 26, it is small with massive potential, I do not go light on anything . The public does not seem to adhere to me as I believe they should. I have started my campaign for the 2024 election and have opened up to the public a bit, something I am not fond of. I have courted her with the Title: Victorium Athena Perilous Cristella by written script. ( Lady Perry ) as high as any American name can go. I also call her Thomas Jefferson Daughter as she reminds me of one of his estates in the city near where I grew up, Philadelphia. As you know Religion can be tricky. At times I am doubtful of certain existances, but in this life we must agree there are traditions we can benefit from. It may become obvious I am the intricate standard of Pennsylvania and New Heresy and I may have to apologize. My dollar is soveriegn, atleast to a mans standard, and I look to grow soon as I am 1 year passed dues (25 for those who are reading)  and she leans toward her mothering years at 29 and already rich as I am falling behind. I am quite profficient in technology as well, I have recently grown aware of your proprietary status in the industry. I enjoy the sales and substance part more so then the technicallities. My company ventures in a pet medical supply. If you are interested in the capital markets in the States or a run through at the Presidency the company name is Decisive Decisions Marketing. I do appreciate your time as we can agree to the narrows of this circumstance.

                                               Sincere Regard,
                                    Possibly your distant son,
                                         Nicholaus Athen Cristella

The Red Shield, The Heart of Alexandra

The Red shield is a claim on the Germanic Roman Province of Alexandra. Its very existence is based on this time and this time alone. It is within the rightful Sovereignty of the Cristellanic Era. It is believed the Diamond was stripped from the heart of Alexandra when the remaining Republic of Rome was dismantled and forced into Christian democratic belief. The Diamond is in current litigation to be retrieved and return to the intangible female Alexandra, Currently Roman assets are continuously disbursed and held under Jewish-Sacrilege. In the rightful hands the diamond can be presumably worth near one-hundred million dollars placed in a bangle platinum setting around the neck of the heiress. Holding the diamond without its released revocation is considered treason as by the order of several doctrines including the universal sovereignty act of Sweden. All acts against the sovereignty of this state are acts of war and punishable on site. (informational)

Nicholas A. Cristella (Emperor, Supreme Governor, Cristellanic Era)

Alexandra Mecouch-Cristella (City of Mecca, Pain and Tolerance)

The Diamond was found approximately 1 year after the reincarnation birth of Queen Alexandra.

Decisive Decisions LLC is looking for investors

Decisive Decisions LLC is looking for investors. The company’s products and ideas are one of the strongest on the market to date and I’m confident we have the highest profit returns available. Unfortunately, with the lack of timeliness of investment we become diluted and amongst a population of unstable character. This is undoubtedly more dangerous if we continue to carry forward as we will be sending fundamental stability within a +/- .5 threshold into a realm of un-socialized and non-centric formation that will undoubtedly place fundamental foundation through a systematic variance to depletion.

This would directly go against our fundamental principals of halting birthrates, stopping cash bubbles through the system that currently seem to be the only free formation in the system and lastly it would continue to allow for a minuscule population to control productivity and our direct capability to proceed in a viable and lucrative market. It simply comes down to personal risk and future viability. We must stop hallow words from spreading as it continues to do so through our nation. Our current estimated profit margins through 5 years are over 1 billion dollars from an investment between 1.5 million and 10 million dollars. A smaller strategy has been produced with an investment of less then 500k dollars; still placing us over 1 billion dollars in 5 years with a smaller margin in the first two. Please contact myself for more information through either LinkedIn or Facebook or call directly.

New theory of oxygen compound (our breathing air and alternative fuel use)

As we all know, the air we breath is often shown and re-mentioned as 77% Nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 3% of another mix (trace). The issue we face is when igniting air with a lighter or matches we notice the entire room is not on fire. Why is this? Some would say the mix of Nitrogen and Oxygen produce a compound mixture leaving only small amounts of free oxygen particles to burn through the air as they repeated and loosely break apart and rebind to one another. We can see these as two separate elements and a very specific compound that most can say is rather not compounded.

From this we can look at several aspects of issues from breathing problems, IQ levels, to industrial manufacturing. It is obvious we do not inhalate nitrogen  through out body in any productive matter by itself. It takes both materials to produce against one another to provide benefit to the human nature. It is my belief while Oxygen content may decrease with altitude due to the poor amount of freely available oxygen particles at a lower altitude it may prove to be more effective for the body and brain at higher altitudes.

Further more at an industrial level, I believe to progress in fuel efficiency we must continue by creating and developing internal compression with purification of Oxygen and Nitrogen as the combustion will increase fuel efficiency and power in a cost effective manor, including resources of durability and gasoline consumption.

To do so simple industrial compressor can be manufactured at the automobile level and refined to create direct air to gas injection as we see in Nitrous systems. We must begin to use oxygen and nitrogen more so as well as hydrogen in conjunction with gasoline as it is abundant and accessible to produce large amounts of power.

Again this would explain, the controllable but less amount of burst one expects during a fuel/gasoline reaction. Mostly only the gasoline aerated spray that catches free oxygen amongst it will ignite to produce a large burst. If and when we fill these chambers will 100% oxygen the amount of the explosion increase and the need for fuel decreases. We can be running off a few drops of gasoline per mile with the nearly the same engine configurations we currently use today.

Our Current Structure; Squeezing the Middle and Cutting Off the Dynamic

At my age of 24 we as young adults obviously notice many things as we look for careers and move forward in our lives. The most obvious issue I believe are the platforms in which our structure creates and how they are contorted against creating the middle class. We often see quick moves towards extreme competition to move away from the center where reoccurring profits exist. The mobile design application markets have added some stability to this centrifugal core in America. Though I can nearly prove that markets are created from platform design including software/application development, to even the housing and mortgage market are to do no more then to take someone with good ideas that meet comprehensive requirement of research and development, something I believe is a big deal in America and for any nation, within the capable person, and create them in such a specific manor that one has to sacrifice their human intellect to create them through the structure that others have created.

We see this through out the nation , people and businesses that fall down to their bare residuals creating an IBM effect everywhere. Companies of this nature are integrated structures of support, not sole providers. Used alone you would have nothing more then a machine of numbers and zero dynamic in culture. These are applications used only amongst other existing natures.

One can only wonder how easy it has become for certain groups to push education to creating a new middle class and have the others waiting structurally to loop people back through and around and quite possibly grind them to nothing as these are the very people they wish to help ( the new middle trying to help the deviated structured creators). This can only make one think that those not helping are of a smaller nature then anyone can fathom. Whats worse is they have the ability to create structured offset to produce their condemnation from a normal society on to others through nothing more then self denial and neglect.

Whats more important from my personal perspective , and just while I have survived to this point as to being who I am, is the notion that I can’t help but feel that certain people both in the middle or higher and beneath the middle are doing nothing more then to create a deceptions and are continually turning from the small positions they hold, though continue to be enacted as they know their current lives are inadequate to the new demeanor/standard. Acceptance without question should be their only conceivable answer. At times we must question the simple intent of oversight as the equation has become ridiculous at times. Is it nothing more then to find the breaking point of  the portions of Harvard or Oxford that can be called wealth. To see when they have inadequate the society they bare responsibility for becomes drastic enough to say their money counts for nothing.
On another note , as I have mentioned it comes from beneathe the middle as well. This is a slight form of inverted bigotry. More directly these people have been bigoted to believe this is their only means and are protecting the denial that they have no connection t0 the company they work for and can not complete the tasks that are necessary within the position, another words, crudely, “they just got the job”. A common issue often too unspoken in the states. They produce demeanor and attitude that allows for a relentless onslaught through daily life to inadequate others to protect this fact as they want to feel as if they would specifically, accomplished. One’s who have research and developed comprehensively while having to protect and grip and grind through the turmoil of others daily lives that are to do no more then pierce our pride.
This allows them to protect the fact that they have no power in the positions they hold. What’s worse is, it is not only conceivable but likely that within this democracy that no one holds any real power and by the end of any term even those who do, do not know they have this power or find reason to neglect what they have. They must be reminded and even then likely the only action they remember to do is incarcerate and make it seem worse then what is it, possibly J walking…(simple mindedness set as a centrifugal to offset many) This is likely supported by very little and to help most people neglect that the macro is ridiculously tormented beyond comprehension.

I now mention the structures of technology, when we look at application development we either see over simplification that creates an un-dynamic product or a more complex product that is overtly advanced to create a form of nerdism- Something overly complicated that makes someone dig unnecessarily for something that is to most would be a simple task typically in comparison to normal standards or the function from elsewhere that is known to exist and is available. The issue is who allows this as it halts overall progression and stop a major markets from existing? Rather who is allowing for mass and authoritative ignorance. The excuse is democracy and this mention has now become cliche’. This not only hurts the developer microly as he/she can not move forward but hurts the company and the national congregation for new products as a whole. The effects are of the butterfly effect. When implementation goes incorrect through Apple and/or Microsoft, support for other capitalist products hurt as well as consumer sediment by correlation goes unsupported. This is relationship and now one can only think about how this effects the relationships amongst people, but do we live in a society where we should think Microsoft determines whether or not your married, divorced, or single.; altered or unaltered.

What’s worse is if the platform can be implement through the medium, the middle could be created, which we know can happen and exist as the idea has for over 100 years, it would overall not take very much money to simplify and create  a true middle. More specifically a 1 million dollar investment into a Developer module could create a mass enablement to the allowance of ideas and the inaction to be implemented. While this seemingly exist on many platforms and starts on the right ground it is quickly dissected and made much more complex than it need be to hold off new creation and stagger development that I assure you today are structured to be deviated.

What is troublesome is the fact those in obligation to these mentions only believe they can do this to halt productivity and in the end make certain you have no funds or ability to organize in an appropriate manor in which protects their structure of degradation and offset.

Take WordPress (online article publication website) for example. Html coding and additions have been learned by many through school and Myspace, possibly Facebook. Though the most dynamic and recognized work on WordPress takes what they would call “advanced development” and while I can see fees coming into play at their request they have made certain that more complicated forms that go outside normal function have been implemented while hoarding the necessary means of recognition and acknowledgement.

In many cases it can be a simple advance button configuration, a dynamic title, or feature. This has been implemented harshly on the Palm WebOS platform. As anyone in real business will tell you while it may have more buttons, more features, more task, it should pretty much evolve around PowerPoint and paint or what we see on flash and html website design sites such as wix or homestead. If you go much further outside of this you can nearly be certain that development is predicate based on the ability to not function as human-beings while maintaining the ability to be perceived as one when need be.

HP/Palms WebOS platform is so deviated from tasks that even the manuals of information they have created hold no more information then a kindergarten of the inadequate public funding standard of a HUD community. This is not an exaggeration, how can it be acceptable to anyone that the money they put forth in education and the jobs their children are pointed towards amongst their release are ones that negate the entirety of all of it. 

These people hold no wealth that design such platforms and are nearly elected to do so in such a manor. If these people continue to be allowed to create this structure we will have no more culture en-betterment amongst us and the world will continually fall back to 80’s blocked architecture that is no more useful nor exciting or inspirational unless it is imploded or impaled by a human guided missile(plane).

They have continuously squeezed the middle in America, and I say it today as most people hate to admit. When those with social ability and capability are presented such institutional natures exist such as Hollywood and the lottery become the excuse to remove the powered person to something easily conceivable within a society that ducks their heads at their site. Ultimately it is the fact that all parties are to blame in democracy based on their lack of recognition of one another that there must be more respect rather then conversion by comparison and likely truncation of one another.

This has created the endorsing of a dependent society that must literally produce meaningless small business to continue its push through society unaffected. This is why everyone in business sounds of a mobster origination though little or no business is produced from this but the degraded sediment of its society exist. If their method is truncation there must be several winners and we must remember to include them in the spoils of our victory by allowing them to fall back into place in the order they have been dismissed and include them as part of our company thus forming the American Enterprise, as I continue to press forth in this manor with little response and only the notion they all want another 5th grade school teacher, rather than real business-men,; It is not their choice to choose for others that effect such grand outcomes.

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The Di-sectional Organization of America : Infiltrated networks (learning from Afghanistan)

This article I hope will explain action to show reasons why some representation is not accepted such as derivatives of sole produced organizations, these organizations have lost sight of whom they were intended to represent and organized amongst one another to form wealthy organizations of little consequence to the public.

These contractions have been continuously reoccurring for the past 100 years at great sacrifice.  In the end, there will be no military to defend these organizations.

The next target becomes whom has given the idea to these people to act in such a manor.  Whom ever has created it must be opposed as well.  Whom would move the people without the rights of the people nor with the people and without meaning? This is of concern.

The organizations amongst the United States become obvious through business networking transaction and interaction. The diversification process has allowed us to organize and apply actuality to sub-structure The question has always been who has enabled minute structure to place large transparency across the board.  

We have been successful as people at this point to create exteriors against the low end public who maintain procession of wealth in large amounts of currency asset.  These contractions come in the form of government though government itself at times has forgotten its reason and has allowed for infiltration of representation.  This includes the allowance of non -regulated business tactics to evolve whom were considered passive aggressive to create sub-structure mind-sets.

This tactic typically includes a simple starting platform to place expected transgression of sophisticate normalcy as this becomes progressive the expected outward ability and capability will likely catch on and new economic ability and power are created. While one may believe this is foreign it is typically within the country itself amongst over-birth population of general value. While a general population is needed and is acceptable. The use of cultured and sophisticate thresholds have been continuously used by well positioned people of the general population.

These people are typically seen as aggressive by their own kind as well in a more eradicate sense. This tactic is often overused amongst the non-generic population as they often do not allow their people to rise high enough to achieve power and it is a possible the general population has been used to blanket the structure of these people as well. Afghanistan has been nothing more then cultured understanding for America to Dissect in to population regionalized realms.

This will ultimately lead us to a slaughter of people either mentally or physically. As we always believe this is incorrect as these people are branded at birth. As we have allowed  for the “over-population” to assume control of government we have yielded to a structure that continues to allow them to spread generically. When birth-control is created the allowance of illegal immigration has been increased. We continue to insist for the temporary dis-allowance of generic offspring of non-significance and strong illegal immigration action at our boarders.

As it continually hurts not only ones child but also separates the population which continually becomes more aggressive as correct platforms for education, life opportunities, and even government are continually maneuvered to allow for sub-cultured and sub-systems to be produced against its own people from people who technically have no capability in a leadership role.

The issue is ultimately forgiveness and punishment and ultimately whom is responsible? Who has abandoned their own people, why, how, and for what reason? Obviously ones must push forth even when obstacles are created against them as society has agreed to educational standards and social understandings.  

Though I believe we have agreed how far one must go at this time, in this era. Diversification within this private method of life is our ultimate goal. Though from my young understanding we must move slowly through this phase and aware as always. As I am yet to produce effective result with what is expert knowledge and structure amongst a people who advocate such terms with praise.

While American structure is undoubtedly something we all wish to produce at a high sophisticate levels that we soon call normalcy. Though one must go back a bit at times to understand. The bottom portion must also advocate these plans of mass scale as these are the plans that produce for correction in the future. It has been my goal to introduce the world to an understanding that 10 nor 100 is best and specific numbers such as 84.4849393 are what matter. Those of 100 know no higher and those of a fold(such as 84.45437) continue to produce higher results and increase the population toward higher progression. It seems of King’s words before me that it will be our goal to produce and recognize these individuals as they see fit to benefit for society.

I will now reside to produce the ultimate answer of allowable matter for this planet.

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