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Relevance of Assisted Suicide (Live Chat)

This was a posting from a live chat forum. The elaboration and relevance of assisted suicide is demonstrated below. The importance of what is written below is a push in society to move.  We never want it to come to this but must accept what may be necessary to provide outcomes of positive nature. Sometimes the outcomes end up benefiting those whom betray us.  It is important to know these beneficial outcomes for others whom are classified as betrayer  typically should not prove positive within our life time and we can find forgiveness for them in time as we all will be benefitted. These are classifications of people. I have never met nor heard of an individual who seeks ill outcome for others. That being said let us remember Government is only to be held by individuals as well as spoils.  How they are comprised is unique and maybe some individuals are different, but know they always aim ahead and towards a common goal on behalf of everyone.

Assisted Suicide and Its’ Relevance
(live chat, combined and shortened with slight addition)
The need for assisted suicide is prevalent. Often we see change comes at the presibus. An action must occur with strength to create social reform. Reform will not come as infrastructure has been pentrated and undermind within in a fine line that is protected under the constitution. Derivatives and complexes of individuals have been formed and correlated and placed on impoverished and unsightly people. The ammense engergy involved for true succession, A Succession to freedom to create glory as a common goal for one another is also the root of the problem.  Freedom is seen as the ability to migrate and since our fundamental foundation was based on such can no longer be removed or seemingly to some creating consistent variable within the American Institution. Again, the need for population control is in order.

The weight for descent people create a struggle as they seek this path shared by some as it is unbearable. This struggle is necessary whether rich or poor to understand what has become of this nation. The natural segmentation of those who share such freedom creates natural reliance and dependence on one another. As they raise to the top they look down. As they look down they see nothing more than  a way to protect themselves as people of a lesser nature are demonized and use simplistic methods to get ahead. Nearly handicaps who move forward unknowingly oppressing good people.

The complex one shares: the feeling of dependence and reliance, comradory as a micro can only been seen as a weakness and deception at this point. Though comradory as a whole. The act of doing what is truly-right for the whole is seen by most as acceptable. Therefore the act of taking ones life in mass numbers may be the only way to bring us towards freedom and giving access to this freedom to others to compound on by giving access to assisted suicided to those who live forsaken and opposed; often by their attributes and lack of awareness to the lack of that they are not aware. This can also be seen as deception by a helpless society. This allows for even people of desire to often be taken under. It will be our effort to stop this occurrence as I believe the method in which this occurrs halts progression through the entire world.