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How Gold Investment Help You (the investor) and I (the company)

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With the consistent increase in the price of gold incrementally we should expect new business to emerge. This is a simple concept but often over looked. With the consistent expected rise in gold prices there is an allowance for premiums and bond purchases along side of Gold.

Currently the prices of Gold continue to rise. If the expected value of gold is 2000 dollars per ounce an investor can back 50 dollars or more above the amount of the current price towards presumed shareholder Equity. Currently my company is offering bonds for this kind of premium. Gold will be exhanged with potential and a likely increase in value. The investor pay a small premium which he will likely retrieve quickly from the market. The premium goes towards the equity of my companies capital needs. For example we are currently offering 100 oz of platinum at a total take home price of $192,600.

This will give our company about 12,500 dollars after some fees assuming we haven’t owned the metal previously. This will go directly towards our capital fund.  You will obtain 1 share hold of my company (not to exceed  one percent).  The obvious benefit of precious metal over direct cash investment is that within a month the risk is  likely covered and you still retain equity in a new emerging company as your asset continues to grow.  Now there are some details about our bonds one would need to read about through our website.  For instance,  our bonds to the public will never exceed 30% of our company and we will not go operational until we reach $368,000.00. This protects the investor in several ways. Our total Equity is dispersed throughout the spectrum  of assets to investors, even and proportional to your investment. Our ROI is large as one of our products’ root from a fundamental standpoint back to agricultural directly.  It will become very important in the long-term as we move into new industries.

Explained on our site and here again, your percentage of equity may decrease but only when the total worth is increased from other investments and ROI (rather, the total is larger in cash therefore seen as less towards the total worth of the company in percentage, intangible assets as well as the total amount from initial investors). Meaning 30% is the maximum percentage for our company allowed to public/private investment whether its $350,000 or $10 million. The reason for this is within our opportunity at the fundamental stage the investment merely determines the pace of growth. Our multiples are so large any larger amount is unnecessary and any larger ownership would not allow for correct movement in to new industries as well as  research and development.
I suggest a visit to our website at www.DecisiveDecisionsMarketing.com and taking a look at our Bonds section.

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Concerns of Cosolidations as means of Control.

It has become obvious that consolidation has become the key control for American industries. Extreme measures have been taken in technology, the automotive industry , as well as the the entire stock and commodity market to move funding and resources into a consolidated market. These measures are of great concern (elaborated later).

The simplest example is the seen in the NYSE, America’s most prominent open market. As price falls we see a significant rise in the price of gold. This is a move of the aristocratic nature. Explicitly, those whom have lost ties with current business ethics, values, standards and have refused to ethically relinquish control of their once honorable funds. Warren Buffet is one whom comes to mind.

This measure is of a simple model of a fearful new realm investing and current systematic funding to emerging businesses. Creation of Derivatives is another measure to concentrate resources against ounces another to create a wall in to this money. Gold is being used as such a tool. When these measures occur at an overwhelming level. They create a congruent model throughout, as we see in the automotive industry, Ford being the example, and technology, Google being the example.
While we have always believe in consolidated concentrated goods and services , the vulnerability and weakness of a large market share without solid fundamental support is apparent. We will see a monopoly affect of adequate goods sliced into small weak corporations without means to a common goal.

These kind of companies create jug handle technology and produce a stale-mate.in technology. Is is the people goal to stay current and up to date, to not accept new as something they didn’t have before but technology that represents the greatness of who they are, to take bare essentials and see the products that are merely adequate as an insult. To take lack of progression and use of this progression as a direct insult to themselves, their country, and the generation of the world they live in.

Economic Stress and Causes

As we see mild stability within the stock market we find ourselves wondering which direction each market will take us. Simple Truths have been spotted and while most Americans are pushed and pulled to look in one direction I will discuss the actually causes.

As I have formed my company I am ultimately force to arrive at specific conclusion of our company’s placement and our initial goals. Currently we notice quick transitions throughout the market; these have a poor impact throughout economy. Another issue is poor trade agreements through semi-legitimate foreign operations, channeled funds typically through Canada. Our major concerns are our transitions and group logic and commradory . As a company we are still intellectually investigating the source of recessive pull throughout America. Our current belief is incompetency and a possible lack of loyalty to national sovereignty, also concerns lead us to believe lack of propriety through high officials and acting Owners/CEO’s. Our last concern places us to lack of structure from birth and internal growth within companies.

We currently see America’s social/financial classes grouping closer together. This is not necessarily a bad thing as this is one of few moments we positive reform without obstruction is in order.

Constant recessive pull throughout the economy more than likely is a combination run-off from quick transitions through the middle-middle-upper down to the middle-lower-middle populations. These transitions are occurring from consolidated companies such as Google, IT service companies,  other software developers(3rd party), and always the obvious low-end good from American trade from personnel within the country.

Briefly, The Transitions are occurring quickly and repetitive. While IT Services will be fundamental to American industry. Currently, as we consistent see, like bad behaved children, business personnel have over used products to create a quick handle within the economy. This loop ties funds quickly back to an middle-upper-middle-to the upper-middle-lower population. Incomes are found within a loop with no asset or new creation for a sovereign release from the Federal Exchange.

Knowledge for the market; It is my analysis with investments tied to one foundation there will be no rise but rather an allocation. A pressure of a seemingly good 3-5 year outcome with another 10-15 of recessive stall.

My analysis and word to investors is to invest in fundamentally sound conglomerate. Organization with future plans in their young roots.  I am here within this market because it is all that is needed at this time. Technology investments and consumer product investments for the typical investor are only good to the second hand trader and like a child no one likes second hand goods.