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New Theory of Allowable Matter for the Planet(Earth){informal}

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This posting is informal due to the nature of the subject. The conclusive answers are not direct enough to form true theory.

In my previous writing I stated I would conclude the needed matter for the planet.  The presumption of the theory is that other planets have and will exist and all matter holds a material weight to this world.  In part some can say in theory that an allotted amount of matter is given to the planet at any one time. This would likely be based on Child births welcomed and supported in to a quality existence, typically of some importance. The conclusion becomes difficult as the overall ability would not only be based on this but if and when a plan exist the ability to coordinate and move the people in a proper direction.

If plans exist amongst several of us at different levels, one may conclude certain degrees and levels of education and sophistication must exist. I must say loyalty and trust come in to significance as well. One must constantly index the world, which I believe many of us do. How can one overcome  another intentional negative actions likely due to ones acknowledgement to their lack of portion to their role?

The issue is truly their understanding of their role and in almost all instances not a lack of role at all. Again we must insist on no un-wanted or non-needed childbirths as this becomes highly difficult to manage and can have a crippling effect as resentment builds towards families as the number overall increases. Specifically it is no one family but the accruing of the mass.

This inevitably cost much energy as it not only deviates the person but others towards this issue.  Obviously as law becomes more sophisticate the issue will be eradicated or become highly un-lucrative from a financial perspective.

Continuing, when I see my personal matter feel the effects we can be certain there have been severe deviations from World Order and our plans for America as well as the international allies. I have been fortunate enough to apprehend institutionalize financial matter.  It is rather strange how small people can make any one institution as there are hundreds with in America acting within one.  Though when they are small they are doing nothing more then self deprecating the entirety of the issue. I do believe these are unknowing tools of merely always the same complexity and an order the queen herself must place as their weight is always slightly obese.  

Though when matter becomes less many of our males tend to act as women and place order into their own hands.  Much more, the confusion can be demonstrated by the many other planets in our solar system. If one presume Mars or Saturn is used matter that has been wasted many can simply take the existence of any new planet lightly. The complexity of royalty can be baffling at times and it is in part my light conclusion they believe of their existence on previous planets. (not as science fiction as one may presume)

Though if this is their complexity one must ultimately challenge it when one comes across such information and therefore we can expect fireworks from the Royal Family.

Further more, as we enter this age of Kings and Queens better order will come about as propriety for population will be a major focus as well as responsibility which is often the issue with democracy as it removes any person to being held accountable for any length of time. Slight mishaps go unpunished and unfixed as any weakness occurs. Again, democracy is needed though proper corrections are needed for it to operate correctly.

The belief that one must kill all must end as well as low standards of absolutes and deviated absolutes as they have personified flaws and improper actions as personality traits. We assure you making a mess every single time you do something or cursing repetitively as you know it is harmful is not a personality trait.

Though language can have personality and visa versa, repetitive reoccurring actions are not part of your personality. Again we will take the responsibility as improper  and inadequate functions for significant structured development to the mass including entertainment, education, and physical activity have been hoarded through resources of media and the lack of funding for actual proper businesses.

I hope this information has helped and please read all of the articles I have written, even if they seem irrelevant as that will give understanding to other topics.

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