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The Tenisian and The Emperor

Screenshot_2012-12-09-06-11-58There are several analytic basis that can be concurring to this story. Events that have taken place in history that coincide with this article and it is my hope journalist and researchers for sometime will provide such information. The American controversy has always been a great one. It starts with Athens, Greece and most of Eastern Europe and end in the States. Every so often an Emperor of Rome must make a decision. Reoccurringly the Tenisian wife comes into play. A hybrid of the Pennsylvania Dutch, Athens and the rest of Europe, some believe she is the key to the Roman  Emperors power. When she is in Athens she creates the work force of wealth, when she is in Tennessee the powers and controls of time and when in Rome a superior Sun/Son all to hold forth. What is an America? Is it the channels in which we create our future lives? Is it remote slavery or punishment? It is possible that all apply here. A time to construct the once seemingly impossible. A way to negotiate opportunity. With loose tie and civil line political play ultimately becomes of course. Does a bad republic create the democratic ties to overthrow or undermine to not accept victory but produce defeat? An Emperor’s true battle when marrying a new republic are these fine lines of negotiation. For instance we take Kim Perry (search Athena’s adolescence) with America as the congressional tie one can presume the issues within her congressional control. Again to undermine or overthrow but potentially the conviction of commitment. The major issues with Athenian policy is the proof of existence. Athena may produce a congregation toward the consolidation of her existence but is the existence of congregation worth producing. Most commonly one can assert the highest function is in play and only the common investment, typically beautification and attribution but possibly time are all that play. Unfortunately the premise is almost always proven to be of lower existence then the full potential of the outcome without negotiation. (see American policy) It will continuously produce democratic value and poor attribution with only means of controlled contribution to be extorted for attributing circumstances. This form is known as Quantitative poverty. Severe cases exist in America. What can one construct from such existences presented? Ultimately and unfortunately we can presume that if quantitative poverty exist in one’s presence the further seeming attributions of existence are likely non-beneficial. As the future Emperor of this planet my decisions become confined to only notions towards time, subjectively. It is possible to reside toward such belief that this was simply a system of demonstration. I believe it is necessary to conclude the channels of negotiation have been created. Though from what I’ve seen ticket stubs for dimes are no better a conclusion then a raffle on a cereal box. One must realize there are very few times an Emperor can accommodate new society, and true white beauty is hard to find. I can only assert very few notions about America. The platform too large, the construct too small and the people in too much need. It is small and at best accommodates a Tenisian wife and an Emperor. Still though channels may be created one must ask themselves if it has a physical purpose greater then it’s pre-configured platform. From a citizen’s point of view mass skyscrapers are continuously modernized and produced with nearly a 90% unemployment rate. The buildings are empty and most beliefs in Banks are no greater then a grocery store. A mass white class of impoverished judgement is perceived between the barriers of non-existence and Georgia. Most would agree it is simply to demean and prevent the culturalization of civilization. Strangely, the population can find little to no higher existence rather then promote it has active stake in a world that is certain on their behalf have the slightest clue toward that which they participate in. profile pic

Dear Sir Richard Brunson (Zeus)

Dear Zeus,
     It has come to my attention that I’m likely your son Athen. Your daughter resides to the South, Athena. I am looking to court her as the latest joke goes brother and sister married in the South, it has become quite amusing by such comedians as Jamie Foxworthy. I may possibly be among several as Athens maybe common but I am always up for competition as Athletes are. The issue is she is rather rich towards an American standard and ahead of me. At this point I own a company at 26, it is small with massive potential, I do not go light on anything . The public does not seem to adhere to me as I believe they should. I have started my campaign for the 2024 election and have opened up to the public a bit, something I am not fond of. I have courted her with the Title: Victorium Athena Perilous Cristella by written script. ( Lady Perry ) as high as any American name can go. I also call her Thomas Jefferson Daughter as she reminds me of one of his estates in the city near where I grew up, Philadelphia. As you know Religion can be tricky. At times I am doubtful of certain existances, but in this life we must agree there are traditions we can benefit from. It may become obvious I am the intricate standard of Pennsylvania and New Heresy and I may have to apologize. My dollar is soveriegn, atleast to a mans standard, and I look to grow soon as I am 1 year passed dues (25 for those who are reading)  and she leans toward her mothering years at 29 and already rich as I am falling behind. I am quite profficient in technology as well, I have recently grown aware of your proprietary status in the industry. I enjoy the sales and substance part more so then the technicallities. My company ventures in a pet medical supply. If you are interested in the capital markets in the States or a run through at the Presidency the company name is Decisive Decisions Marketing. I do appreciate your time as we can agree to the narrows of this circumstance.

                                               Sincere Regard,
                                    Possibly your distant son,
                                         Nicholaus Athen Cristella

Decisive Decisions LLC is looking for investors

Decisive Decisions LLC is looking for investors. The company’s products and ideas are one of the strongest on the market to date and I’m confident we have the highest profit returns available. Unfortunately, with the lack of timeliness of investment we become diluted and amongst a population of unstable character. This is undoubtedly more dangerous if we continue to carry forward as we will be sending fundamental stability within a +/- .5 threshold into a realm of un-socialized and non-centric formation that will undoubtedly place fundamental foundation through a systematic variance to depletion.

This would directly go against our fundamental principals of halting birthrates, stopping cash bubbles through the system that currently seem to be the only free formation in the system and lastly it would continue to allow for a minuscule population to control productivity and our direct capability to proceed in a viable and lucrative market. It simply comes down to personal risk and future viability. We must stop hallow words from spreading as it continues to do so through our nation. Our current estimated profit margins through 5 years are over 1 billion dollars from an investment between 1.5 million and 10 million dollars. A smaller strategy has been produced with an investment of less then 500k dollars; still placing us over 1 billion dollars in 5 years with a smaller margin in the first two. Please contact myself for more information through either LinkedIn or Facebook or call directly.

How Gold Investment Help You (the investor) and I (the company)

1oz 1984 Krugerrand Transferred from en.wikipedia

With the consistent increase in the price of gold incrementally we should expect new business to emerge. This is a simple concept but often over looked. With the consistent expected rise in gold prices there is an allowance for premiums and bond purchases along side of Gold.

Currently the prices of Gold continue to rise. If the expected value of gold is 2000 dollars per ounce an investor can back 50 dollars or more above the amount of the current price towards presumed shareholder Equity. Currently my company is offering bonds for this kind of premium. Gold will be exhanged with potential and a likely increase in value. The investor pay a small premium which he will likely retrieve quickly from the market. The premium goes towards the equity of my companies capital needs. For example we are currently offering 100 oz of platinum at a total take home price of $192,600.

This will give our company about 12,500 dollars after some fees assuming we haven’t owned the metal previously. This will go directly towards our capital fund.  You will obtain 1 share hold of my company (not to exceed  one percent).  The obvious benefit of precious metal over direct cash investment is that within a month the risk is  likely covered and you still retain equity in a new emerging company as your asset continues to grow.  Now there are some details about our bonds one would need to read about through our website.  For instance,  our bonds to the public will never exceed 30% of our company and we will not go operational until we reach $368,000.00. This protects the investor in several ways. Our total Equity is dispersed throughout the spectrum  of assets to investors, even and proportional to your investment. Our ROI is large as one of our products’ root from a fundamental standpoint back to agricultural directly.  It will become very important in the long-term as we move into new industries.

Explained on our site and here again, your percentage of equity may decrease but only when the total worth is increased from other investments and ROI (rather, the total is larger in cash therefore seen as less towards the total worth of the company in percentage, intangible assets as well as the total amount from initial investors). Meaning 30% is the maximum percentage for our company allowed to public/private investment whether its $350,000 or $10 million. The reason for this is within our opportunity at the fundamental stage the investment merely determines the pace of growth. Our multiples are so large any larger amount is unnecessary and any larger ownership would not allow for correct movement in to new industries as well as  research and development.
I suggest a visit to our website at www.DecisiveDecisionsMarketing.com and taking a look at our Bonds section.

Live Auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320633667733&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_742wt_932

Contact Myself Directly: Nicholas A. Cristella (856) 803-0977
Leave your name and number and I will contact you.

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Quick post on “lame duck session” incorrectly used and overused on News Media

How ridiculous the news is: We keep hearing the term the “lame duck session“, as a light insult  which is now becoming closer to a topic name. To clarify so you do not all become morons. The term the “Lame Duck” session is the period between the election of a President and the amount of time for him to take his seat.

This period in which it takes the arriving President to be inaugurated allows for the current President and his administration to drag their feet or make no further policy(typically due to the timeliness of the situation, newly created bills will either be vito’d or not well understood by the new administration) Thus creating a lame session in congress.  Some also refer to certain Presidents’ 2nd term as a lame session, though most within the administration try to suppress this and pretend they are creating new policy and enactments.

There is no conceivable way anyone can call a new president in his first 2 years of administration and their business conducted a “lame duck session”, unless their simply stating the President isn’t doing anything. Sometimes I truly wonder if there is another election that goes on in a private organization for the real President, who know maybe there is even another version of the white house, It starting to seem as if we all voted for candidates as if it were American Idol. I suppose it is difficult for the President, as he would literally have to tell the media their incorrect idiots every-time they use the term. I once thought people were this bad. Then I thought it couldn’t be possible, through natural competition anything incorrect would eventually be move outward. (this isn’t to say mistake or inconclusiveness kills everyone) but blatant repetition of incorrect terms blurted constantly across the News station has no reason to exist. This form of nature allows for incorrect organization to occur and ruin the lives you all hope to have.

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Anyone else believe Harvard’s Plan for Globalization is too Global? (Harvard Business School on Facebook)

Anyone else believe Harvard’s Plan for Globalization is too Global?

As we see on the micro level uniform stretches create less competition, less propiety, and become extremely basic. England had it correct with the monarchy. America has it correct with Democracy. As we see over and over again, the best answers are the composition of all.

The need for privatizing countries was a law of idea passed long ago and while Harvard offers much to the world they also endorse consistant shifts in business resource allocation, also known as international business and investment trends. Looking at the broad perspective in society, America is rather uniform and nearly communist. The diversions of responsibility from consistant transitions in democracy divert responsibility while create opporunities for incapable and excuses to be there.

While democracy is neccessary it is uninspiring at times and can be seen as instable with little oversight. We have consistantly allowed those who know no true role to continuously creating diversion tactics to allow Moms and Dads in the highest position in American Society.

History of Western Europe and How it Pertains to America Today, insight.


I have been reading about the history of Wales, Ireland, England, Britain, the Celtics and many other variations of people that most of us have learned about through school. When reading about these people I start to wonder how exactly struggles for land and movements occur. Of course we can call this social pressure and I am sure there was some possible confrontation.

Though not all of this was war after war within the smaller territories, I would actually presume most of it was not. The way it is explained it history makes me curious. Will they speak of our nation in such away one day? Will they call our people different sorts. The concern becomes it goes unspoken. A mention on Wikipedia spoke of Executive Administration removal. I feel this has occurred in America, though at least back then someone placed a spoken sanction of such action. Today it can be seen as completed with intent by a migration class without know objectives. It quite possibly could be we have to pure of a democracy, while we want freedom to exist, when we gain level we need order. Instead this often seems like an inverse loop that gives power to and strips many of them in a variant distant way that no one understands, no one can wage war, or find out to why. Presidents are a prime example of this , though this happens through out society rather commonly. America is quite possibly too mixed for its own good. People don’t know where to pay tribute to nor do they know anyone else’s agenda or Territory’s.

While we consider ethic tyranny unacceptable in America for good reason, presumably the non-allowance of free movement in society. We also have to consider what, all of ethic contributions stand for here in America. In America it is unacceptable to create such uniforms on ones own with much weight on new versions of territorial domain, Though it is done in some lower end area and well depicted in bars. The reason being is your empire is what your create, in the old times people waited to be looked upon as group. These group were consolidated variations of civilization meant to represent a culture that folded and kneaded to create new society. Part of me believe this nature is needed but with fine structure amongst true individuals. Here no one group holds any kind of weight, and those who think they do produce more ridicule and torment and often resort to forms of tyranny. With the lack of executive leadership in America we can believe there are individuals pushing for a Mercia Republic. With ethnics lines created amongst seemingly relative people.

While I personally am not for or against it. I believe it is dangerous. It makes ties of society easily manipulative from higher levels. Another words , false pretenses of a sort of social war can be created to constantly insist any one plan will not work. The people who falls for this are easily mend-able and placed in High positions. While I love Britain and what can nearly be consider the German Empire. Often times Americans create a sort of self-connection with great nations as the rise but then act as if we are at war with them as well. Creating this on going push and pull mentality that ridicules society. I am continuously in shock as to how limited power becomes when the means to produce become available. At times I believe parts of our populations are in tyranny and not because their black, but a strong belief of personal ownership or condemning natures. It mostly comes down to the example of the little unsightly lady they’re making wealthy. I mean most people in my area that drive nice cars look as if they were stolen by white elderly woman and men. ( I am white) I just point this out because its strange to believe this would be the case. It really make people wonder. What is America based off of at all. When capable twenty year old men. I have 4 brothers that are all 5 years or more apart and now I am 24, another words a lot of prime generations as an example,

There is nothing that these elderly individuals and even some young ones that are unshapely and simply not adherent have on someone like me and some others I know. What does America consist of to achieve success? If this is hierarchy then let it be that but if its not, then we can not continue forward as a basic people shoving shopping carts and trash in front of the other to trip over. It too often seem the less adequate idea succeeds with booby traps to stop the real ideas for protruding. I wonder if bronze swords were made less then acceptable by people in England just to make sure their own civilization wasn’t become to Great.

I suppose other nations such as the United Arab Emirates believe their nation is finding their destiny as well as some other nations. Though from an America’s point of view, you were all just mating and fighting to make us.

This became a bit off topic, the question still stands, to where are our social divisions and when do the lack of social divisions become unproductive? At our age low infrastructure becomes an issue as well and susceptibility to such. The example being the lady at the back pressed to act Executive towards me as she calls in her badge ID to a headquarters that never heard of her in a turn-over industry of less than six months. This is an indirect form of desperation in society. Another issue and nothing against people like Warren Buffet, but when a man stands at 5’5 a 135 lbs and likely never played a sport in his life this becomes an issue. When people become nervous to speak to him and one ignorant man intentionally pays 2.6 million dollars for his time to create a type of superior appeal. This now separates Warren Buffet from the very thing he was created from. Now its presumed no one can speak to Warren Buffet unless you have 2.6 million dollars. Even if all pre-requisite for ideas for new development were met. It creates a dependency reliance of respect. A pro football player may have this complex. Some might be intimidated by meeting NFL linebackers Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis, but if he scares someone off our nation doesn’t potentially fail. This is the base of principal we need.

Please visit http://www.DecisiveDecisionsMarketing.com and leave your comments.

Apple Iphone 4 and Company Insight

The Iphone 4 has been out for nearly a year now. With the Iphone 4 we see large improvements in the standard of the products internal developments. I write the article this morning because it is a perfect example of consumer product price barrier, the turnbuckle, if you will.

The Iphone has quickly moved up the price market to a near thousand dollar retail value. This is very interesting as we see the MSRP and quality of resources bound by the telecommunication market, specifically AT&T. The $199 price mark has been read in numerous mentions. A few items rarely pass this line. What is interesting now is the bounding of the product. Profits between Apple and AT&T seem to have a holding around this price range. This becomes apparent in the quality we see on Apple devices and actually the lack of in the Iphone 4. While most may see the Iphone 4 as a technological advancement there are simple hints seen that prove this. Simply take the backing of the item from the 3gs. This is a durable heavy duty backing with weight.

In the Iphone 4 we see a change to the poly carbonate backing with a stainless steel edging. Even the buttons are noticeably different. This issue has been a problem in American Technology for quite sometime. The stainless steel will be pushed as a luxury but I assure you the grade of metal they use is not “cheap” but is accommodating towards a budget, as well as the buttons, though they will push simplicity.

This chart is not directly applicable to Apple's market compression, though as you can see market compression can be this complicated at times.

The obvious draw back becomes do we choose technology progression or overall quality. Most can do without an Iphone 4 since the OS is available on the 3gs. The Iphone 4 was pushed too quickly forward. With advancements on some ends they became excited and move a bit too forward. They would have been better off collecting profits from the 3gs, with the release of 4.0 and a later release of the Iphone 4. It is important this mixes of quality, internally and externally, do not become mixed. It will become difficult for Apple to regather and pace itself correctly as consumers will now question their need to upgrade their product. On our end, their best hope for success will be to open their video calling on the wireless network, continue development of software,hopefully, with saved cost; profit income from enticed consumers an Iphone Version (5) of true unprecedented quality will come through balanced pace of quality technology growth.

The conclusion really is Apple has placed their future quality on a light gamble in the market. We have seen this before and their future will be heavily reliant on the next 2 years of consumer expenditure.

I have included a picture rendered from a Photoshop designer I find quite interesting as well. This picture is really depicting the need for composite batteries, small and powerful. I have seen some technologies that claim to have hold a charge over 10 times the current lithium-ion. Still, even with any Iphone at this point a 3.2 inch screen needs to move towards a 3.4 or greater, possibly a widescreen may be relevant.

Personal Mobile Computing Terminals

Imagine being able to have the processing power of a desktop anytime anywhere on any device. Decisive Decisions Marketing is introducing the idea as way to show our commitment towards the future.

Person Mobile Computing Terminals are processing computer linked to a GPU device. Laptiop computers, Handheld devices, and personal media phone device can share computing anytime anywhere via a constant wireless data transfer independent of a wifi network. Mobile computers of all sizes and variations will be able to share computing of high powered high speed processors like the core 2 duo. This seperate portal will be within your briefcase, hand-wear, or on its charging dock instant enhancing or soley computing any device within range, typically 300ft, giving new experience to any device. Personal Laptop and handhel device will be able to finally oobtain that sharp sleek profile we are looking for. Laptops under 1 lb and measure under .3 inchs. Phones with 4 ghz of processing while assuming the same battery life of that of your typical phone, These personal computing terminals will be branded and sold in variation. The terminal itself will hold all characteristics of today’s standards:SSD hard-drive, wifi, bluetooth, cpu, and memory.

An internal disk drive is presumable as being an inverted drive with in the graphic and actuating processing unit or what is presumably the device itself. We don’t want to get too technical at this point and we hope you get the picture. This will lead to great occurences in the future and lead our company and the worlds technology in the correct direction; picture one 25 ghz processing server/terminal running all the devices in your house. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or contact us about investment information and internal company planning.