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Apple Iphone 4 and Company Insight

The Iphone 4 has been out for nearly a year now. With the Iphone 4 we see large improvements in the standard of the products internal developments. I write the article this morning because it is a perfect example of consumer product price barrier, the turnbuckle, if you will.

The Iphone has quickly moved up the price market to a near thousand dollar retail value. This is very interesting as we see the MSRP and quality of resources bound by the telecommunication market, specifically AT&T. The $199 price mark has been read in numerous mentions. A few items rarely pass this line. What is interesting now is the bounding of the product. Profits between Apple and AT&T seem to have a holding around this price range. This becomes apparent in the quality we see on Apple devices and actually the lack of in the Iphone 4. While most may see the Iphone 4 as a technological advancement there are simple hints seen that prove this. Simply take the backing of the item from the 3gs. This is a durable heavy duty backing with weight.

In the Iphone 4 we see a change to the poly carbonate backing with a stainless steel edging. Even the buttons are noticeably different. This issue has been a problem in American Technology for quite sometime. The stainless steel will be pushed as a luxury but I assure you the grade of metal they use is not “cheap” but is accommodating towards a budget, as well as the buttons, though they will push simplicity.

This chart is not directly applicable to Apple's market compression, though as you can see market compression can be this complicated at times.

The obvious draw back becomes do we choose technology progression or overall quality. Most can do without an Iphone 4 since the OS is available on the 3gs. The Iphone 4 was pushed too quickly forward. With advancements on some ends they became excited and move a bit too forward. They would have been better off collecting profits from the 3gs, with the release of 4.0 and a later release of the Iphone 4. It is important this mixes of quality, internally and externally, do not become mixed. It will become difficult for Apple to regather and pace itself correctly as consumers will now question their need to upgrade their product. On our end, their best hope for success will be to open their video calling on the wireless network, continue development of software,hopefully, with saved cost; profit income from enticed consumers an Iphone Version (5) of true unprecedented quality will come through balanced pace of quality technology growth.

The conclusion really is Apple has placed their future quality on a light gamble in the market. We have seen this before and their future will be heavily reliant on the next 2 years of consumer expenditure.

I have included a picture rendered from a Photoshop designer I find quite interesting as well. This picture is really depicting the need for composite batteries, small and powerful. I have seen some technologies that claim to have hold a charge over 10 times the current lithium-ion. Still, even with any Iphone at this point a 3.2 inch screen needs to move towards a 3.4 or greater, possibly a widescreen may be relevant.