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The Need for a Better Understanding and More Complex Mathematics of Practical Application

To start when we look at a simple number line 1 through ten each individual number stands by itself representing the amount of 1 in any group. When we look at these numbers in an order or rank each number stands individual to one another and all represent 1 individual object in a placement. Thus proving that all number are equal and congruent to one another. When we interconnect these amounts we place the amount in a number line square ranking from 1-10 and then again in an number line of objects. This is basic math with a more complicated understanding of the human mentality. We then place bearing on these numbers. Another words 1 in a ranked position may have a bearing of 10 if allocated, but what if the amount of worth of the first rank is not congruent to 2 as we naturally perceive it. This is called a weighted index.  For example, rankings 1 through 10 may only have an index of 9 meaning each positions is  wieghted to 1.1 of the control, some may use other forms of the method, but overall it is overtly complicated. It gets even more complicated. 1 has to stand as a control base and therefore doesn’t move at all. It actually absorbs the total weight of the entire amount and is evenly disbursed appropriately and typically based on attributes. It isn’t necessarily even the amount of weight sometimes given to the individual object but rather the space between each one.  I can only presume knowledge of this basis is a gift. In most cases we would have to created an index per 3 or  4 numbers and in separate categories of attributes totaling all components equaling overall worth. This directly pertains to most careers including athletes, leaders, and ranking officials. In some instances one can remove a crucial piece of data and isolate this towards one section. Making a need for a group index. Though these isotopes are not recommended for anything more then a contributing touch and most fundamental people, such as myself, often disagree with this order of method, as it is not proven and connections are less likely made in nature transitions as many chemist will tell you when creating a formula, 1 complete formula must be mixed in a certain way and therefore we often call isotopes, imitations as they do not act exactly the same as one would within natural occurrence of the same(near-same) substance as it becomes difficult to place them in the same situations as the isotopes found within their natural purpose. These can have unique consequence and be purposeful in research and innovation.
When isotopes are refined from a group these become  major  primary elements, such as uranium refinement. From this group one refined amount of uranium can protect the whole and therefore we see these as necessary.

Though the issue in math is it often lacks of practical application initially or rather application understanding from the simple writings we have created. The break down of the information is often times disconnected individually to accurately concur to a real understanding. Much like our language at times there is a need for a better more explicit understanding.

3 dimensional understandings will come in to play in the near future for the mass. Take E=MC squared we understand moving matter creates energy but how? When particle mass is moved friction is created forming energy. Though really how does that happen. Energy forms other energy or does it? Not really, it simply moves from one particle mass to the next as it dissipates. This is not new energy but rather energy transfer and loss. So how is new energy created? Energy is created when a particle mass is formed into energy structure and passed through with matter.

This structure creates specific forms of energy using the same material. In theory and from my understanding it would be possible to create energy in its free state from a single particle though it would very weak.  Correlating, this is likely the model structure of a lot of Americans, A simple structure of 5 or more particles equal and congruent could technically perform advanced technological advancement. When we look at the powers to move the human form (structure of society) is often times based upon the starting point of all creation.

This is relevant. When we look at the advanced structure of a single particle and compound with interchangeable options amongst other forms of simple structure we find the advancement is far greater and stable. I suppose if man can control these structures and arrangements we succeed. The ultimate resolve is an inverse relationship to the all knowing oversight and those who fill the structure to succeed. Both would have to be equally arranged and full understanding on a constant basis by one individual at all times. When this is achieved the interconnection of man will be completed.

I know much in this world and yet I have much to understand. I suppose part of this article is to allow one to grasp why one should never drift far from his path. To be anything on any side of life is often the wrong answer and forced measures rarely succeed. Structure and placement will be oriented appropriately in time.

Returning to the need for more complex math, the understanding of the previous mention, comes from more complex mathematic depiction as well as the math itself. E=MC squared would better shown as possibly [MC vs. MC]=E Another words Matter moving doesn’t necessarily create energy by human definition it really takes a related version of the same mass another words new mass is not created at this time. MC squared could really be seen as the dilution of strength to spread through a larger surface area or a compound of gather material to replicate its own structure)

Meaning two movements from separate structure likely bound by a structure within this universe that compresses energy after its creation, simply not to allow unnecessary structures of formation. This is likely the case with electricity. Light structure very well may form new life, new stars, and soft structure for planets, heavier mass forms such as clouds and complex mass.

This idea comes from purity, that structure is perfect and seeming imperfection are created to create balance for support of large existence that accommodate all. Assuming human form is much like the alignment of the Stars, planets and galaxies, One is unlikely to produce accommodating stars without understanding the accommodation from a larger existence. Structures that create dead cells are likely wrong from the beginning and therefore create incorrectly to accommodate an incorrect method. This planet does not need to be this way. It is quite possible the incorrect method will fall in time do to the expansion of the universe. Simply put the correction of one far enough away from the source of the problem will likely draw enough resources from the area and accommodate all. It is unknown at this time if energy from galaxies or humans can intellectually tier themselves to accommodate one to eventually accommodate themselves and all equally and congruently.