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Quick Post: Technology{The future of the tablet (Pico Projectors)}

As we have seen the release of several tablets, the Ipad 2 is one of the latest additions to the market. A nice refinement and performance upgrade that produces a much higher quality product. The Touchpad from HP is the first to break the 1 ghz barrier at 1.2 ghz. The slow pressure upward will eventually place the products at 4000 performance level or 4 ghz equivalent. As the performance reaches mid -range notebook performance demand for further innovation and inclusion will continue to be in demand.

Lazar keyboards as well as Pico projectors (micro projectors) are available but are yet to be introduced at a new level. I expect one of these companies preferably Apple, will introduce is technology capability to this market. Really what we would like to see is a combination of both, overlay on overlay with improved responsiveness with some esthetic’s touches. This will allow for tablet use as a more primary functioning utility.  It should be interesting over the next 10 -20 years as complete new operating systems need to exist at completely higher levels. Though we should really start to be seeing major hardware improvements and innovation in the next couple years.  As I have mentioned before, to this point we have seen many inclusions of new abilities pre-existing, but have not really seen real innovation that hasn’t been expected for some time.

The concern becomes  the mid addition market again. We continue to just see higher processing and light introductions, and expected multi-tasking but nothing in terms of high power out put short of gaming, really were looking for gaming graphic interface to meet education and business productivity applications to a greater extent.

Personal Mobile Computing Terminals

Imagine being able to have the processing power of a desktop anytime anywhere on any device. Decisive Decisions Marketing is introducing the idea as way to show our commitment towards the future.

Person Mobile Computing Terminals are processing computer linked to a GPU device. Laptiop computers, Handheld devices, and personal media phone device can share computing anytime anywhere via a constant wireless data transfer independent of a wifi network. Mobile computers of all sizes and variations will be able to share computing of high powered high speed processors like the core 2 duo. This seperate portal will be within your briefcase, hand-wear, or on its charging dock instant enhancing or soley computing any device within range, typically 300ft, giving new experience to any device. Personal Laptop and handhel device will be able to finally oobtain that sharp sleek profile we are looking for. Laptops under 1 lb and measure under .3 inchs. Phones with 4 ghz of processing while assuming the same battery life of that of your typical phone, These personal computing terminals will be branded and sold in variation. The terminal itself will hold all characteristics of today’s standards:SSD hard-drive, wifi, bluetooth, cpu, and memory.

An internal disk drive is presumable as being an inverted drive with in the graphic and actuating processing unit or what is presumably the device itself. We don’t want to get too technical at this point and we hope you get the picture. This will lead to great occurences in the future and lead our company and the worlds technology in the correct direction; picture one 25 ghz processing server/terminal running all the devices in your house. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or contact us about investment information and internal company planning.