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Future Technology with Micro Guided Power Photonic Light Processing

Future technology is what will propel us in to incredible achievements. I believe I process the knowledge at a practical level to oversight and insight the operation of the next future technology.

Micro dispersed energy laser photolytic orb processing Werther or not this technology already exist is unknown to be and I can only assume it does not. With revolving multiple amplified currents running congruently and current passed between these currents drawn to each amplified current through selective rotating specifications we can create a powered signal that has controlled power spiked signals that when processed send specific signal that at anytime or place within the orb can produce a unique signal that create multiple photonic beams out of an orb like creation that will direct and guide further operation to a light sensitive panel. These panels will detect the amount of energy produce and delegate responsible operations as specified by user programming. The is capable of being complex enough to generate 3D dimensional codes. Possibly the coding out of the “matrix” 10 maybe 20 terabytes per second or more . We will for the first time be able to produce coding so powerful it may make the need for basic developing near obsolete. I believe that part is far in the future and no need for worry.

HD Movies in seconds, 3D holographing in movie theaters within a decade of initiation, knowledge in schools like never seen before. The ability to create things as we want them to be for the first time. Imagine distributing and advertising your artwork as people see you dynamically create their masterpiece in 3 dimensional setting in their own homes. Doctors will now have full 3 dimensional in depth knowledge of your body in moments with the abilities to hover through freely without the need for a camera, zero incisions until surgery.

As for PC computers think of true speech to text software, real video / file security, dynamic personal customization, and the ability to truly create your own personal space without glitches without constant software updates.

Videos games and training simulators like you’ve never seen them before. Full hands on 3 dimensional gaming truly interact with the game as it surrounds you . Imagine being next to your favorite NFL, Soccer, Baseball players as you direct them with hand signals with no special equipment.

Imagine being at your sons baseball game when your on business. Imagine you being able to interact with him after his game. Think of this as a semi-teleporting social interaction. As you stand before him and he stands before you and you simply talk to one another as if your there.

Imagine homeless and foster children gaining real knowledge from on demand ideal Role-models as they guide and instruct them near physically.

This is, can and will all happen with this technology now known as Micro Guided Power Photonic Light Processing named Project Amerigo.

Noted: We will most likely use sculpted diamonds or synthetics.

We are currently in our stage 1 of operations. This is estimated to be placed at around stages 4 to 6.
Parent Company website:  http://www.wix.com/ncristella/DecisiveDecisionsMarketingllc

We currently have one interested capable investor for stage 1 funding.