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Heade My Words: (topic Kanye and President George W.Bush_

Heade My Words:

The real issue is a Kanye West putting himself a bit too close to the Presidency. the fact I am mentioning them in the same sentence and it isn’t some joke someone made about their similarities. This is a serious issue, Maybe Michael Buble’ chatting with the president would be a bit more normal. Some of these Hollywood people need to start knowing their role. You don’t have to like Bush you do have to except he sat as President and with that comes certain dividing lines.

Will I soon hear this is a racist comment? Bush might have his faults but Kanye West is a small artist in a winding down market that will look bigger than what he is. I think America might need its weights and balances measure back, ehh I’ll think about it. Though if its seen as more of a punishment to his presidency then I suppose this can be seen as correct. The punishment isn’t for anything he actually did everything he did came as expected. Its for allowing him, being who he is to sit as Preisdent. I am not pushing the blame or the judgement on this topic. I am simply saying that is all you can condemn elected such a small president.

Lets go deeper, this kind of judgement is an oversight and now can be seen as a hiene sight but really when you don’t have this view at the time of election or decision, you go with the guy with the plan. The guy with the plan was John Kerri. John Kerri may not end the most outstanding President or give you celebrity gossip, but my all fits of the bill he is an American President. I wasn’t even evolved in Politic during his election and I could see that. How is America’s Judgement of character becoming so low?

The only thing headlines on yahoo and Tabloids tell me is deep down you all really want it handled for you and you would rather have poll taxes, which not even I could afford right now, or electoral colleges where people like myself , who reasonably know how to vote, may never get to be apart of something that would have worthy input. What ever happened to if you don’t know just pick the more handsome man. With what is on the board we could only be privileged at this point to have someone as descent as Kerri run for office.

Remember we would be asking him and his colleagues to place a (100 million to 250 million dollars in most cases) to run in an election where all characteristic of a President doesn’t matter. I hate to say it but its coming down to who makes the ugly and less desireable people feel more welcome. The truth is when it comes to people who are less welcome , certain immigrants based on their economic status, criminals high and low, whom ever their going to vote for the least American President.
As for Obama and McCain I thought it was ridiculous to make me choose between the two. I don’t know if its a scheme to make us get more involved in the Democratic and Republican primary, which no one will do because if its between these people you have to really be pushing for them and as I get a bit matured I see the people running our country are simple derivative people of ourselves , parts we give up so they stop showing up as recluse people without a cause. Better stated it would be contacting that which you have condemned as less desirable traits. While traits around the Whitehouse may gather they often lack the power of connection to move society. This is the most desirable trait though with out the combination of both dimensions neither is strong. Personally I will not give up a any part of me, at this point America has to find a way to say you are only something by removing yourselves while giving them the knowledge to know why. If we fail it will be our own faults this time. Even the blank looks in most of the wealthy’s faces at times go noticed; we’ve condemned a people in a life style who wanted it more and all they are there to do is add to our hatred now as they too often sit incapable of real action.

If a rising like Germany happens this time it might be compassionate on some level to who are killed but mostly you will be killing that which you have condemn and allowed to be placed in these positions and to the world that is what we consider murder and not the militant kind the pathetic kind and the public that which they commit and if someone has condemned them to commit this kind of crime you will be punished as well. Acting as if you hold nothing will no longer work when this ends.