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The Start of Understanding of Negative-culture roots.

I think I have found America’s real issue, particular citizens, whether they are born in America or not presume they are from and are working for other nations in their favor in high positions. This is embarrassing, to actually work on your own nation as if it is some deviated country. Is the equivalent of grown business-men helplessly working while not controlling their bouls. 

This is not to be confused with working in the nature from another country, Culture can bring dynamic ways of thinking and great creation. It has always been an American issue, Doing what you believe the other wants you to at the presumption of one specific type of person. It is pathetically ridiculous I can not express it in appropriate language. The issue is you are  doing things from another assume perspective that they  likely do not want you to do and hurting us as a whole; splitting yourselves to spite the other by creating a perspective or image for a incorrect human being. From my own well known perspective is the incorrect methods shared to show respect for another. Ass kissing and cowarding is not the answer nor should any respect be given to those who accept such reply.

This must be the queens most powerful curse to think another dislikes you so much he would want you to slow progress or deviate from a plan. Some of you are to blame and others are caught not knowing any better. It seems likely one man (blasted and pathetic) was created from a group of 20 and the other 19 told the rest of America to end up as that one. All we know is we should have stop at 18. If there is ever a derivative of myself let it be known their answer will always lead them to a quick a death during this time.