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Too much News, not enough action.

We continuously see large amounts of marketing campaigns to promote what is being done, Whether it is the New York Times, television stations such as CNN, CNBC or ABC, we continuously hear over hyped Sparatic movements. Where is the common law and good practice by these people and their owners/shareholders? Information is suppose to be as boring as its supposed to be to let the public know when something actually happens. ¬† A common trait in the last 10-20 years has been to over hyped the near meaningless while continually creating a sort of Today’s News ¬†action-packed show or Extra Extra released. From the outside we continually have to ignore all passed BS when something actually fits the criteria. If we can’t forget we are stuck with an under-compensated story or inadequate news for actual occurrences. Our televisions and News ratings have become a lot like our elections. A completely forgotten mention of quality. My self like many other when I watch a view if I relate to the story I produce questions and insight and like voting my judgement is an informed decision.

In future elections this may become relevant. Which party is going to stand for what is meaningful to the people. Just like the presidency we still believe one can represent many, rather than segmented solutions from otherwise irrelevant lifestyles that are created from lack of good policy. To elaborate, people stuck in situations they may complain about and therefore effect their judgement simply will not have these issues and therefore need not be mentioned when properly represented. Having them vote rather then being represented simply could make Kings from peasants rather than actually have issues resolved. We have to make sure we choose representation that would stand regardless of our vote and simply move them into power.