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Collaborative Expulsion, Emperor Nicholas Cristella

I, Emperor Nicholas Cristella, hereby set forth into action that no company shall have collaborative income to benefit from in pursuit of higher means. Including but not limited to family and organizations.

This action is final on 8/07/2014

The Change in Prospective Over-time, The Real War of the Gods. (PG-13)

As young adults in America we travel the road of life. We see much, we try to do more. We try to figure out what runs the world, what guides us, what is the ultimate solution to our goals and the best ways to solve the problems and bring the ones we hold close, together. Hours and months and years of my life have been dedicated to finding the answers to these questions. I have studied , conduced, induced, concluded and refined, and I continue to do this. What does it then; what separates them from us , him from her , that one from this one. The answer is Understanding the basic answer. Understanding all and everything, is one thing no one can live without, but there’s more then just this. Even at the depths of the seas in understanding, the most prevalent realms of society, there’s more. Something no one admits nor can prove or deny.

Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dubai.

Dubai Marina

Perspective, In society all they tell us is to be nothing more then a person. But why, why is a nation that is massive in power, best answer the construct of man as a person? Is it Fear or law? What if I told you it was possible that there was a war on Earth. The battle of ageless generation on perspective. Have you ever seen a madams face later to conclude she was something completely different then one would have ever presumed later on? Good or bad, or simply different. What if it was more serious? What if white was black, black was white, and Muslims were as peach colored as Elizabeth’s face?

These people could slight or move anyone, create policy inside or out. Move right wings to the left, turn the KKK against itself, turn the black panthers to fight for the white-man. While some could see good in that. Likely the Muslim will push for their own nation, the Brits for their own, and so on and so forth. The amount of power one must feel to walk in to another’s castle fully deceiving the world cranking the rudder left and right on laws and policies, must be disheartening and unbelievable generally on all both ends. Imagine people of another time able to construct this deception. Generations of mastery passed on generation to generation. While great things come from this what if there was addiction to perceived power? What if the correct power was so slight that the approach and all that comes with it must be aligned perfectly and what if those we need aligned to do so are addicted at levels we continuously legitimize as normal; forms of bad business, sexual behavior, language, and lifestyle. Culture will form in America overtime, though while we may not be able to compete with certain nations. We can compete, the massive strength of America is available and while we are young we are one of the oldest young nations.

Here America stands as Abu Dubai and Qatar are seen as greater nations then our own constructing mass creation as we sit with our 100 year old plus buildings and minimal facilities as they construct some of the most marvelous creations in the world. We continue to create uncultured and basic designs even at our highest levels. Japan owns the technology market and all our leaders do is sit there and create technology for themselves with no strong policy to move towards greatness. They continually move in patterns to fumble on every one of our big moves. I would trust their result and nothing else, to this point those who have entered office with perceived ability is lacking by reputation in America. Look at the pictures I post here and ask ¬†are we not better than this? Are we not as capable as these nations? It is time to step up America because I don’t fuckin’ lose.

Google Headquarters, All Billions of it.


America feels like the weight of this shield.