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The Tenisian and The Emperor

Screenshot_2012-12-09-06-11-58There are several analytic basis that can be concurring to this story. Events that have taken place in history that coincide with this article and it is my hope journalist and researchers for sometime will provide such information. The American controversy has always been a great one. It starts with Athens, Greece and most of Eastern Europe and end in the States. Every so often an Emperor of Rome must make a decision. Reoccurringly the Tenisian wife comes into play. A hybrid of the Pennsylvania Dutch, Athens and the rest of Europe, some believe she is the key to the Roman  Emperors power. When she is in Athens she creates the work force of wealth, when she is in Tennessee the powers and controls of time and when in Rome a superior Sun/Son all to hold forth. What is an America? Is it the channels in which we create our future lives? Is it remote slavery or punishment? It is possible that all apply here. A time to construct the once seemingly impossible. A way to negotiate opportunity. With loose tie and civil line political play ultimately becomes of course. Does a bad republic create the democratic ties to overthrow or undermine to not accept victory but produce defeat? An Emperor’s true battle when marrying a new republic are these fine lines of negotiation. For instance we take Kim Perry (search Athena’s adolescence) with America as the congressional tie one can presume the issues within her congressional control. Again to undermine or overthrow but potentially the conviction of commitment. The major issues with Athenian policy is the proof of existence. Athena may produce a congregation toward the consolidation of her existence but is the existence of congregation worth producing. Most commonly one can assert the highest function is in play and only the common investment, typically beautification and attribution but possibly time are all that play. Unfortunately the premise is almost always proven to be of lower existence then the full potential of the outcome without negotiation. (see American policy) It will continuously produce democratic value and poor attribution with only means of controlled contribution to be extorted for attributing circumstances. This form is known as Quantitative poverty. Severe cases exist in America. What can one construct from such existences presented? Ultimately and unfortunately we can presume that if quantitative poverty exist in one’s presence the further seeming attributions of existence are likely non-beneficial. As the future Emperor of this planet my decisions become confined to only notions towards time, subjectively. It is possible to reside toward such belief that this was simply a system of demonstration. I believe it is necessary to conclude the channels of negotiation have been created. Though from what I’ve seen ticket stubs for dimes are no better a conclusion then a raffle on a cereal box. One must realize there are very few times an Emperor can accommodate new society, and true white beauty is hard to find. I can only assert very few notions about America. The platform too large, the construct too small and the people in too much need. It is small and at best accommodates a Tenisian wife and an Emperor. Still though channels may be created one must ask themselves if it has a physical purpose greater then it’s pre-configured platform. From a citizen’s point of view mass skyscrapers are continuously modernized and produced with nearly a 90% unemployment rate. The buildings are empty and most beliefs in Banks are no greater then a grocery store. A mass white class of impoverished judgement is perceived between the barriers of non-existence and Georgia. Most would agree it is simply to demean and prevent the culturalization of civilization. Strangely, the population can find little to no higher existence rather then promote it has active stake in a world that is certain on their behalf have the slightest clue toward that which they participate in. profile pic

Taking Back American Society and How it Works, explicitly.

This will get a bit informal at times though the analogies and information are correct.

I attended a meeting the other night, supposedly in part by the state. A depicted character obviously influenced by the Obama social regime was the speaker. The tactics weren’t advanced, rather basic, but emphasize in a extreme manor though they were strongly emphasized. I did survive and learned the explanation of their failures and sabotage. (savotage) 

How do people become President. 1 of 2 ways. Your either the most American person with a plan based on what America is based off of with a modernized formations of this ideas or your Obama. America has a centrifical core based off of institutions consisting of West point, Harvard, Yale, Financial institutions/ Perspective institutions (Ex. Templeton) The Federal Reserve. All of these are based on their original principals and developed into modern times. Another words there are always a social group of Americans working to preserve and form these perspective. We typically see that as American Standards and Sophisticates. We can see examples of this in passed Preisdency, most easily an example is Richard Nixon. As he was likely on the American side of the plan he began to feel struggle as Nixon was elected base on valued living standards.

This specific Standard negates and does not conduct perceptions of unlawful carnal knowledge. Knowledge we have turned in to many terms, such as politics, extreme versions of politics is seen as homosexual character. Such as quick body movements and un-perceivable tones and orientation, much like the speaker I had. I personally do not believe that ever needs to exist. This is why extreme gestural speakers are not allowed at high levels. High school, maybe college levels allow for liberal actions with comedy. Though we were there to be offered information on sponsorship of Series 7 licensing ( trading stock ).

Now you can see how one can be outraged. Most commonly people in their mid 20’s were presented there to take on a hidden social agenda that would produce a false nature throughout society. What was more painful was to hear someone of this depicted character speak of issue in the exchange market as if they were natural occurrences without organization. These people want disorganization to provide them the ability to execute a couple of trades. Another words their willing to disorganize a 10 trillion dollar organization to provide them with 7 million amongst 20 members.

These people while strong in will, like myself, are being displaced by a social tactic. Here’s really how it works. This enabled by another group based on the same method the American group was possible created on long ago. They try to categorize the people amongst the crowds. Blank empty people are easy and this is why their often always invited to Obama lectures.Another words, by asking us to treat the infection as people their simply gaining a better understanding of how to take our nation. These people who challenge or offer insight are taken by a tactic that is depictions of answers in their visual cortex of their mind. This is extreme politics. Another words they know the man from west point speaks at an average of 136 words per minutes, They know the composition of what makes Westpoint tick. They know what moves Harvard, they have simplified organization into music-like categories as well several other organizations. 

The speaker then uses variable range, excitement, as well as physical tactics such as eye contact and body movement. He knows it is seen as disrespectful or a sign of incompetence and inconsistency from a perceived authoritive position , he makes gestures and moves quickly amongst the stage or turning his shoulders to throw off any measure of trust. He makes sure during the moments he see influences within his visual cortex he is mechanized to make these offensive moves and and insinuating clauses that directly depict an action favored within the American social party( The one I mentioned early) by the ones whom have removed most of the party centrifical American Plan ( the plans that benefit the nation and people freely). When one looks at the magnitude of the entire plan, the man one may believe is high in prestige is in actuality equivlical to no more than a sub-servant immigrant. These have been the men in office bearing no value to our society.

In another words, ultimate to all, actions can be seen as false and as most agree the only creation is the creation that creates something true, positive, and capable. All else should be seen as nothing more then a fork company stationed next to the cake manufacturer yelling we eat cake too. At times this is a useful tool, but Obama’s company should can be seen closer to being seen as  the spork. Something they can use in a territory such as  Canada and talk about how useful it is as everyone knows the fork isn’t long enough and no one feel comfortable by being poked while a spoon is in their mouth. Another words nearly useless and nothing more than a group of people looking to be something regardless of the outcome.

Our latest question: Do they have choice and ultimately who does strengthen these parties. Our likely answer becomes other national ties within other nations, hierarchies and other organizations. Though we must believe that each nation has their own set of fundamentals and independent actions it wishes to progress and only those whom feel threatened by the ultimate glory of America are that which produce the outcomes that disrupt our plans.

Though from my understanding of the order often times an outcome is pressed in to production too quickly as the situation has become too sensitive and therefore creates havoc on our nation, often times these become negated altogether. This is never to happen. Sensitive situations occur, they must be dealt with to progress and re-strengthen the idea. These sensitive ideas are the most interesting and provide new modernized conclusions from our history and present situation.

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Poll Taxes and a Minimum Qualifying Voting Standard

Poll taxes are often seen as an act against impoverished area and to this day hold a stigma. The idea of a Poll tax was originated nearly 100 years ago. During a time when the weight of money in general was much more significant. Today, we can mostly agree whether you are budgeting or secure you can manage to find 25-50 to dollars to vote. Unfortunately the following method of action is harsh and I am going to discuss the occurrence of how homeless and impoverished people. Briefly, people become the tail end of a mechanism and while they are technically able to work within the company’s measure, others in desperation find a way to move in on positioning. People become reliant on a specific way of life leading to the presumed positioning and when this taken from them they potentially falter.
          It is to no one benefit this occurs; it may be so now, I promise there will be no benefit to this action under my reign. This quite possibly may be the leading cause of all divesture and sub-standard product creation.
            Other times we see mental illness causes of nature,  dismay from influence caused by foul negotiations to allow negative influence within our country.  Other times it seems people are thrust upon into forceful situation, in part caused from foreign policy  negotiations to allow foreigners to breed  within stable commonwealth pre-maturely and can be heard to the undertone of negotiation.

That being said we seemingly mind a bit less when the prince visits and marries your daughter, some of you might, On the other hand when this occurrence happens between a low structures new government or third world countries and success is deflected, we have issue. What we can agree on whether you’re from Britain or your family has immigrated here is that when you become passionate enough about the cause you will be willing to register and pay for your vote. As we know financial value can also add value to the meaning of objects. It shall never be the sole reason for its value either, though it often can help. A poll tax will allow the insurance that quality voting is taking place.

Next I want to speak of a minimum qualifying standard based on population the minimum is for the acceptance of the president inauguration . This reminds me of the house in a game of poker I played. When the qualifying number is not met we simply proceed to the next hand until the minimum is met.  We create healthy pressure among  populations who have not met a quota based on an assumptive matrix based on their demographics. This will also allow for higher quality candidates by means of pre-emptive action. In lames terms, people will take action knowing they are not likely to vote for the current candidates and know they must find reason to vote they will put their issues forward. Government will have to support them through financial campaigning support and all means necessary. We must find a total population number that must account for the voting standard. An estimate to me would be about  80,000,000.

This leads me to another topic; in business whether it be religion, merchants, lifestyle, to me it all falls under business. Life cannot conduct without appropriate measure taken in all directions. Having a choice of 2 or 3 candidates and either dissecting policy amongst them or combining dissected policy to one is not the answer. A president can accommodate all, I can accommodate all of you, if you find another, I will be glad take the competition as it has been awhile since I have met a man of my competence.

My offer still stands.

Nicholas A. Cristella for President 2020

I Can Take U.S. There

Concerns of Cosolidations as means of Control.

It has become obvious that consolidation has become the key control for American industries. Extreme measures have been taken in technology, the automotive industry , as well as the the entire stock and commodity market to move funding and resources into a consolidated market. These measures are of great concern (elaborated later).

The simplest example is the seen in the NYSE, America’s most prominent open market. As price falls we see a significant rise in the price of gold. This is a move of the aristocratic nature. Explicitly, those whom have lost ties with current business ethics, values, standards and have refused to ethically relinquish control of their once honorable funds. Warren Buffet is one whom comes to mind.

This measure is of a simple model of a fearful new realm investing and current systematic funding to emerging businesses. Creation of Derivatives is another measure to concentrate resources against ounces another to create a wall in to this money. Gold is being used as such a tool. When these measures occur at an overwhelming level. They create a congruent model throughout, as we see in the automotive industry, Ford being the example, and technology, Google being the example.
While we have always believe in consolidated concentrated goods and services , the vulnerability and weakness of a large market share without solid fundamental support is apparent. We will see a monopoly affect of adequate goods sliced into small weak corporations without means to a common goal.

These kind of companies create jug handle technology and produce a stale-mate.in technology. Is is the people goal to stay current and up to date, to not accept new as something they didn’t have before but technology that represents the greatness of who they are, to take bare essentials and see the products that are merely adequate as an insult. To take lack of progression and use of this progression as a direct insult to themselves, their country, and the generation of the world they live in.