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Collaborative Expulsion, Emperor Nicholas Cristella

I, Emperor Nicholas Cristella, hereby set forth into action that no company shall have collaborative income to benefit from in pursuit of higher means. Including but not limited to family and organizations.

This action is final on 8/07/2014

Poll Taxes and a Minimum Qualifying Voting Standard

Poll taxes are often seen as an act against impoverished area and to this day hold a stigma. The idea of a Poll tax was originated nearly 100 years ago. During a time when the weight of money in general was much more significant. Today, we can mostly agree whether you are budgeting or secure you can manage to find 25-50 to dollars to vote. Unfortunately the following method of action is harsh and I am going to discuss the occurrence of how homeless and impoverished people. Briefly, people become the tail end of a mechanism and while they are technically able to work within the company’s measure, others in desperation find a way to move in on positioning. People become reliant on a specific way of life leading to the presumed positioning and when this taken from them they potentially falter.
          It is to no one benefit this occurs; it may be so now, I promise there will be no benefit to this action under my reign. This quite possibly may be the leading cause of all divesture and sub-standard product creation.
            Other times we see mental illness causes of nature,  dismay from influence caused by foul negotiations to allow negative influence within our country.  Other times it seems people are thrust upon into forceful situation, in part caused from foreign policy  negotiations to allow foreigners to breed  within stable commonwealth pre-maturely and can be heard to the undertone of negotiation.

That being said we seemingly mind a bit less when the prince visits and marries your daughter, some of you might, On the other hand when this occurrence happens between a low structures new government or third world countries and success is deflected, we have issue. What we can agree on whether you’re from Britain or your family has immigrated here is that when you become passionate enough about the cause you will be willing to register and pay for your vote. As we know financial value can also add value to the meaning of objects. It shall never be the sole reason for its value either, though it often can help. A poll tax will allow the insurance that quality voting is taking place.

Next I want to speak of a minimum qualifying standard based on population the minimum is for the acceptance of the president inauguration . This reminds me of the house in a game of poker I played. When the qualifying number is not met we simply proceed to the next hand until the minimum is met.  We create healthy pressure among  populations who have not met a quota based on an assumptive matrix based on their demographics. This will also allow for higher quality candidates by means of pre-emptive action. In lames terms, people will take action knowing they are not likely to vote for the current candidates and know they must find reason to vote they will put their issues forward. Government will have to support them through financial campaigning support and all means necessary. We must find a total population number that must account for the voting standard. An estimate to me would be about  80,000,000.

This leads me to another topic; in business whether it be religion, merchants, lifestyle, to me it all falls under business. Life cannot conduct without appropriate measure taken in all directions. Having a choice of 2 or 3 candidates and either dissecting policy amongst them or combining dissected policy to one is not the answer. A president can accommodate all, I can accommodate all of you, if you find another, I will be glad take the competition as it has been awhile since I have met a man of my competence.

My offer still stands.

Nicholas A. Cristella for President 2020

I Can Take U.S. There