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Decisive Decisions LLC is looking for investors

Decisive Decisions LLC is looking for investors. The company’s products and ideas are one of the strongest on the market to date and I’m confident we have the highest profit returns available. Unfortunately, with the lack of timeliness of investment we become diluted and amongst a population of unstable character. This is undoubtedly more dangerous if we continue to carry forward as we will be sending fundamental stability within a +/- .5 threshold into a realm of un-socialized and non-centric formation that will undoubtedly place fundamental foundation through a systematic variance to depletion.

This would directly go against our fundamental principals of halting birthrates, stopping cash bubbles through the system that currently seem to be the only free formation in the system and lastly it would continue to allow for a minuscule population to control productivity and our direct capability to proceed in a viable and lucrative market. It simply comes down to personal risk and future viability. We must stop hallow words from spreading as it continues to do so through our nation. Our current estimated profit margins through 5 years are over 1 billion dollars from an investment between 1.5 million and 10 million dollars. A smaller strategy has been produced with an investment of less then 500k dollars; still placing us over 1 billion dollars in 5 years with a smaller margin in the first two. Please contact myself for more information through either LinkedIn or Facebook or call directly.

The Difficulty is/in Leading a Sub-Standard Standard by Nicholas A. Cristella

General George Washington Leading a Standard

I write to all, if I can not place this at your inner most core then I have failed myself. My population can not move forward until I move all of you. This is to no mother or father, to no child, this has no demographic. It is all to who you are. It is more than anyone person. If you can not identify you are not human.

It is always difficult to start, should I go with whether your a doctor, etc..etc.. or a It is apparent, relevant, In my life I have noticed kind of thing, This issue…etc.. Then I go to is it too philosophical are they learning my lessons. are the correctly placed in time. Will someone read my previous words to understand these.

I am not a professor or doctor. Though some might equate me to something one day. Though my lessons are a nature one man can only hold at a time. Some call it a brotherhood, who knows maybe I am a king, an emperor. The truth is my wisdom is only from my hardship. The hardship some would argue I have placed myself upon. Though I can live no another way as I am nothing more than you in the society we have have created.

General Adolf Hitler Creating a Standard

When I move to do something we come with expectation. Expectation that the one whom pocess power holds power with the virtue that power without the power to give power hold no power. Repeat that if you have to , I am certain it will make sense. Maybe one day we can all be smart, sometimes I forget if even I am smart. I really don’t know any better than what I produce. I know I don’t hold true to their proclare standard. A simple standard that limits progress.  A standard someone has to conform to , to sit below. To talk about some of things I have to talk about buries my heart deeper and deeper in my chest.

I write this previous line to tell you this, sometimes those who are smart must have followers whom are not that will resort on one another trusts. There can be no degradation amongst men. I am not certain how even works. I’ll be honest. All I knew growing up was your system is flawed, stay the hell away from it. I remember growing up wondering why I couldn’t do certain things. It wasn’t that other kids were doing these things, some were and some I eventually got to do but I never saw it as privilege and not; there is something else that scares any person to death. I know longer know what to do without sitting from a high tower and telling you where you need to be. Some lessons I have learned I can only tell you that I know them and they are detrimentally incorrect to the progression of society. I do not condemn what you have done, nor do I mean to ostersize you. Though I can tell you to what it leads to and how it is created.

It is a replicated standard of another. It is then degraded my a persons actions. This standard is nothing more then a mental cognition or condition rather that holds a society back. How can the world revitalize you if you do not forgive yourself (so to speak). This will not be that kind of talk though it is important. Continuing, There is a common standard placed amongst people to what is acceptable and not during common times. The issue becomes , and I know you some of you know this by now, whether you read my posting now or in the future, it is of a complacent nature. You as a people are not visualizing what can be or what should be; You are not holding one another accountable. It is not ok to say something is ok whether it be your shirt, your phone , or your car, when it is not. It is ironic that the criticisms that placed that technology or shirt in your hand in the first place is the kind of mindset too many speak against. Often we talk of electronics as technology.
The refine suit or dress your wearing came from the same critisms that your computer, car, even your house. Your door hinges and bevels are critisms that came together.

I have said that to say this, these common standards set beneath the standard, has no need. I do not mind eating with any gentleman or woman. I do not mind if there are a million restaurants to accommodate you all. We will do something about the boating situation, (that is a gesture,joke). What I know is a floor plan for the individual who needs refinement. What I say is the people who are not refined in such a manor from clothing, to sightlyness, to words, and speech as well as intelligence and due dilligence may not act. Their only arguement is their timeliness of accrual. I see our government littered with undefined individuals as they have create a new system to make that which works for them go unseen. I need no fame, I wish I could help more then place words in front of your eyes. Though if fame were presented I believe the accrual would be much faster. Am I underground, I do not believe so. This is the Standard. Never above, never below, always to the side.  We who know , know this is the only way it works. To degrade another through gesture or words , trickery or deceat, is to degrade ones only sight, to diminish ones own resources.

How does this create the sub-standard? Can you not tell me by now?  The standard that carries on becomes nothing more then time occurrances. Something for another society to use as wounded grounds for dismisal. This way of life is obsolete. These are excuses for the weak to live a certain way and never grow strong. I challenge you to hold yourself to hire standards as I have done. To never say its good enough. To question to find means to move forward. To never leave anything open ended with out a following question to guide answers to correctness.

I leave this to you when I leave this world.

If in my life time I can rub on to you the knowing responsibility of how ones action effect another. It is quite beautiful to see the guidance of thought to higher cause.  Make sure you know the higher cause prior and you will watch the occupants rise, when they are lowered and run they must be enlightened or ostersized.

To the actuator it is not lost, it must go studied and scrutinized. I could never believe how grand ideas go from the spark and hope of the area to “not everyone’s on board? Well lets paint the house and call it a palace.” If something can fall apart to nothing you have been deceived, I write wearily as I can only believe at times we are all jokes to someone else. Though at this level and anywhere near I can help but think it is a continual loop, train to defeat one another and we are all looking for 10 minutes to sneak by everyone. Seems like a great game, though If we all think as I do it will only take one to get by or at least we would be able to point out the condemn that beseats us.

I am not tired now, but I do feel weakened at times. I believe if I am to go this information is important.