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True Decisions

I don’t neccessarily believe other people exist but the economy does(believe they exist). What does this mean? The world is infested and infestation causes problem. A 7 billion person planet means every dollar spent in the economy is ultimately processed down to neccessitative resources, basic appliances and other things we have made consequential to our society. It doesn’t matter what you purchase…the money is taken and divided down until a medium of equitable life is achieved. An average house, with likely a TV, a radio, clothing, a car, etc….the quality within that household is commonly congenial meaning one must make trade offs of quality.Fpr example 2 premium TV’s in your house instead of an upgraded vehicle (potentially, of course)

This goes without saying the trade offs could be a variety of anything. Ultimately it does not pay not to spend money. This is really a question for the Queen presuming her money is the basis to any further breaking down of sovereignty into the system/planet. Are we hopeless is the question we must ask. Is there an investment of our finances that offer a higher solution or will financial increases ultimately slide the scale to an inflated and unvalued economy? If our finances are hopeless outputs of the Queen our only hope would be that she spends all her money. The selfish presumption is an independent currency, likely the Pound(GBP) or qualtitative resources such as impactful means of engineering for instance a nuclear power plant which could be considered a negative deduction to positive sovereignty, these means are only spent or included when expectation is met. An assumption of life naturally occurrs from the state of this economy: If the basis to the common class of citizen is a hopeless medium (America) A default of society exist(the imposed middle mentioned prior). A default of sovereignty concludes and the basic value of life is produced. Ultimately, wealth can therefore only be granted for higher inclusion or likely terrible balance of soveriengty is concluded by the Queen’s hand. The question to our fate lies in if theres an answer or a solution to a dissolved dollar.

Personally my only answer thus far Is to upset the equation. To be epic but I fear the lines of this planet lie so low it adjust no more then a tad. The answer is true but the world is wrong. My suggestion would be high end investment of joint venture into valuable goods. Though the investments by each individual into the corporation would have to be substantial enough to find consequential benefit among its investors. We can now concluded a strong demand for an agreed upon valuable object(s) and a demanded need an exspendableamount of income to each individual investor. This brings us to a conclusion, assuming the valuable object is the Mossaieff diamond, A 25 million dollar diamond, the conclusion is at what exhibited significance can it bring to the valuation of those who pocess it and those who find interest for it?

My personal conclusion is a division of town and district is required to compound its fame but production must be met within its jurisdiction to resolute other competitive composing societies.

Your question The diamond and donation/fare or the production (the stuff)?

John Nash’s Law proven, compounded, and revised

While John Nash's law on governing dynamics was a
break-through for us.
It has been proven to be incomplete.
The sophistication of law and order becomes apparent.
While we all learned at an early age going for
 the most attractive female would undoubtedly be our demise as the
intrusion of one on the other and the amount of
confusion becomes apparent.

Though my original statement may now be incorrect and
needs further elaboration.

The ultimate conclusion of thought is recessive
on to itself to continue progression
(a quick top-fold back to a stronger level.)
Most believe as we often see by means of natural instance
still believe the sophisticate order of the
original method agreed by John Nash and ourselves is incorrect.

This original method create individual isolation
and a thin line of non-progression toward
future progression as we currently see in our economy.
My original theory to the compounding on this theory
 was that one must take order of control and there for the two most
dominate forces must ultimately create order meaning
one must go for the most attractive female
 in order to ultimately delegate new order properly.

Though the only way to maintain a true law is to create
proper order and delegation while creating a recessive
top fold to a stronger standard compound.

Though I still believe there is relevance here for a King and Queen in the future.

As King one must have a stronger standard and a connection of
information much like his own and therefore would allow 
for the transgression of action to occur to create the stronger
more sophisticated standard without seeking power.
Individual attributes are ultimately the creation of intricate
order including internal and external elements.
The ultimate power of King is the stringent line of delegation
 that while the these Standards are all new Kings they are always
to act in accordance to one another and the laws and principles
agreed upon to be enacted individually but equal
among their sovereign States.
Note: presumption of attraction is the basis of more principles and
 known structure and almost always not the supermodel
rather well distinct with personal role of ones self in society.

Ultimately the Law is low expectation while assuming probable causes: The Order is civility :

One can see as the presumptions are quite off as the social order of the 1940’s was for one sophisticate to be amongst 4 standards most commonly. In today and more practically we have combination attributes making competition more acceptable as most can see one another attributes as arbitrary and preference.
Which undoubtedly means we have reached a common ground of sophistication in society as we seek to attract one another in other ways. Though I believe this comes from a non recessive fold that I stated earlier is necessary for the continued progression in society. I suppose we  will trust in time this will occur, though it seems unhealthy for one order to take place and  the other to move back into place to create progression. This will undoubtedly take more time.

Final mention, the order itself is undoubtedly intricate. Make no mistake about John Nash’s order is correct. The ultimate amount of strength from the individual aspect of non-competitive group congregation and collaboration has allowed for a basis into the future of understanding. {His theory is more appropriately depicted in business. (The Billion Dollar Question) The actions to allow others to press toward the center of leadership while maintaining a standard ultimately create the leader by placing the protagonist in the leadership role thus creating a leader }
While this topic is endless and undoubtedly can run through several different cycles, the future is clear; Intricate sophistication as strong as the strength in a standard.

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Declaration of the coming war, request for withdraw of foreign sub-system and the understanding of natural terms.

 The following scripting made is based upon the lack of urgency upon retrieval of Genuine American Artifacts and occurrences. 
The basis for war is only based on the continuous lack of action among us. Known from native king's law in agreeance with American traditional law surviving power Native to its nation must be relinquished to their own people, Declaration of physical war will follow. I hereby demand the retraction of  first generation subservients from our nation as method to dismantle, immediately. Appropriate natural laws of presences and embodiment will ensue by natural understanding;  Request for Appropriate awareness amongst the nation.To be read separately, please take a moment:Prepare for the greatest battle of your lives. The war for real Freedom is among us. It will be amongst Americans, it will be on our soil. The war of ideas. A battle to rid us of the hate in America. A war that will undoubtedly come. Your Canadians will now build as you have intentionally failed. The American man, will be hostage socially until this date. We are lucky to be afforded this information at great cost.

The people of the most northern region call for it and demand it.
 This war will be no easy task as it will divide amongst Britain.
I do not know if this is an entity war or a war amongst the unknowing man.
Without conflict America will be no more that miniature states sharing money in the end.
 States that will not survive on their own. States will become heavily armed with privatization.
 Nations of conflict will begin to seek refuge here as they have and undoubtedly bring the conflicts with them.
The idea of a great nation never accomplished will be the most hurtful tragedy known to man.

Our men and women are quite civilian and without leading development our nations will continue to become unprepared.
 City-States in the Northernmost operations will build forces to protect their cities as they grow.
These City-States among the Ca-Nada will be privatized forces. These forces will likely not be as civil.
The cultivation of Canadian Accents has run rampant amongst the people. Influences are apparent.
These are unacceptable attributes as America-men are a developmental group reliant on American culture.
If we do not become one we become nothing. Ca-Nada is adversely controlled by foreign allegiances.
War may bring severe conflict. Our investment firms have been infiltrated, our ideals have been dismantled from the most central alliances.
Our Presidents for the past 50 years have brought this upon us and have only bought the others time.

it is quite possible America has been used for several centuries now to create strength amongst the foreign nations.
 Some can also see America as a possible way to harvest culture and possibly strengthen their monarchy and populations in other nations.
Undoubtedly we have been used and dismantled, sold and overpowered from within.

America itself has helped other nations rebuild more so then our own.
 We have asked our own people, read their influences and accepted them as our own.
Our people still protrude from other nations,
we have built Germany after conquering yet they have established a more glorious form of government.

Their Auto-manufacturers thrive, our wealthy vacation in foreign nations such as Turkey and Hungaria take the people in-trusted in them else where to be sold as culture.
 Make no mistake you are not free.The European Union grows stronger and they will build forces and alliances that continuously allow them to balance assets and build military alliances in time.  You work for them, you make decisions based off of them, you allowed them to dictate questions and answers when you are certain they are incorrect.
 You allow "the-other" to fail to seek individuality, though you were seen as much better, a team.
You allow for dissembled positions to exist to be paid when every man, short or tall, rich or poor, educated or not, tells you the solution is not to cut responsibility but gain your own.
 This shall not be a Greek or Jewish ruled country. We will not allow for predetermined mass conflict to occur through manipulation and guided by light structure.
Make no doubt about it for centuries every nation conquered has attracted certain foreign type prior to their dismantle. This is upon us.
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The Difficulty is/in Leading a Sub-Standard Standard by Nicholas A. Cristella

General George Washington Leading a Standard

I write to all, if I can not place this at your inner most core then I have failed myself. My population can not move forward until I move all of you. This is to no mother or father, to no child, this has no demographic. It is all to who you are. It is more than anyone person. If you can not identify you are not human.

It is always difficult to start, should I go with whether your a doctor, etc..etc.. or a It is apparent, relevant, In my life I have noticed kind of thing, This issue…etc.. Then I go to is it too philosophical are they learning my lessons. are the correctly placed in time. Will someone read my previous words to understand these.

I am not a professor or doctor. Though some might equate me to something one day. Though my lessons are a nature one man can only hold at a time. Some call it a brotherhood, who knows maybe I am a king, an emperor. The truth is my wisdom is only from my hardship. The hardship some would argue I have placed myself upon. Though I can live no another way as I am nothing more than you in the society we have have created.

General Adolf Hitler Creating a Standard

When I move to do something we come with expectation. Expectation that the one whom pocess power holds power with the virtue that power without the power to give power hold no power. Repeat that if you have to , I am certain it will make sense. Maybe one day we can all be smart, sometimes I forget if even I am smart. I really don’t know any better than what I produce. I know I don’t hold true to their proclare standard. A simple standard that limits progress.  A standard someone has to conform to , to sit below. To talk about some of things I have to talk about buries my heart deeper and deeper in my chest.

I write this previous line to tell you this, sometimes those who are smart must have followers whom are not that will resort on one another trusts. There can be no degradation amongst men. I am not certain how even works. I’ll be honest. All I knew growing up was your system is flawed, stay the hell away from it. I remember growing up wondering why I couldn’t do certain things. It wasn’t that other kids were doing these things, some were and some I eventually got to do but I never saw it as privilege and not; there is something else that scares any person to death. I know longer know what to do without sitting from a high tower and telling you where you need to be. Some lessons I have learned I can only tell you that I know them and they are detrimentally incorrect to the progression of society. I do not condemn what you have done, nor do I mean to ostersize you. Though I can tell you to what it leads to and how it is created.

It is a replicated standard of another. It is then degraded my a persons actions. This standard is nothing more then a mental cognition or condition rather that holds a society back. How can the world revitalize you if you do not forgive yourself (so to speak). This will not be that kind of talk though it is important. Continuing, There is a common standard placed amongst people to what is acceptable and not during common times. The issue becomes , and I know you some of you know this by now, whether you read my posting now or in the future, it is of a complacent nature. You as a people are not visualizing what can be or what should be; You are not holding one another accountable. It is not ok to say something is ok whether it be your shirt, your phone , or your car, when it is not. It is ironic that the criticisms that placed that technology or shirt in your hand in the first place is the kind of mindset too many speak against. Often we talk of electronics as technology.
The refine suit or dress your wearing came from the same critisms that your computer, car, even your house. Your door hinges and bevels are critisms that came together.

I have said that to say this, these common standards set beneath the standard, has no need. I do not mind eating with any gentleman or woman. I do not mind if there are a million restaurants to accommodate you all. We will do something about the boating situation, (that is a gesture,joke). What I know is a floor plan for the individual who needs refinement. What I say is the people who are not refined in such a manor from clothing, to sightlyness, to words, and speech as well as intelligence and due dilligence may not act. Their only arguement is their timeliness of accrual. I see our government littered with undefined individuals as they have create a new system to make that which works for them go unseen. I need no fame, I wish I could help more then place words in front of your eyes. Though if fame were presented I believe the accrual would be much faster. Am I underground, I do not believe so. This is the Standard. Never above, never below, always to the side.  We who know , know this is the only way it works. To degrade another through gesture or words , trickery or deceat, is to degrade ones only sight, to diminish ones own resources.

How does this create the sub-standard? Can you not tell me by now?  The standard that carries on becomes nothing more then time occurrances. Something for another society to use as wounded grounds for dismisal. This way of life is obsolete. These are excuses for the weak to live a certain way and never grow strong. I challenge you to hold yourself to hire standards as I have done. To never say its good enough. To question to find means to move forward. To never leave anything open ended with out a following question to guide answers to correctness.

I leave this to you when I leave this world.

If in my life time I can rub on to you the knowing responsibility of how ones action effect another. It is quite beautiful to see the guidance of thought to higher cause.  Make sure you know the higher cause prior and you will watch the occupants rise, when they are lowered and run they must be enlightened or ostersized.

To the actuator it is not lost, it must go studied and scrutinized. I could never believe how grand ideas go from the spark and hope of the area to “not everyone’s on board? Well lets paint the house and call it a palace.” If something can fall apart to nothing you have been deceived, I write wearily as I can only believe at times we are all jokes to someone else. Though at this level and anywhere near I can help but think it is a continual loop, train to defeat one another and we are all looking for 10 minutes to sneak by everyone. Seems like a great game, though If we all think as I do it will only take one to get by or at least we would be able to point out the condemn that beseats us.

I am not tired now, but I do feel weakened at times. I believe if I am to go this information is important.