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New Author Venture

Due to my self indulging gluttony I have decided to write a few short story novels. These novels may provide income depending on the market, but they are excellent and specific to the future endearment of civilization. Another words, The stories are educational on a grand level specific to the natures of this world. The Titles include strong culture ranging from humor to archaic and back to medieval all in-combination with modern society, in three separate Titles. “The Story of Alexandra and the Alpha” ; The Real Story (How I came to the Kingdom of High Hell) ; and a self title American-British Skit (Magicians Wand). A full novel book is in the midst called “The Swaft Lectern.” I first will be looking for support from the first 3 short stories before the The Swaft Lectern is complete.

The Story of Alexandra and Alpha includes modern society and actual occurrences as well as a Diamond that exists in Britain today. (The Red Shield, aka The Heart of Alexandra aka the Moussaieff Diamond)

The Real Story includes actual events that can be tracked and traced through media to commemorate the stories existence.

The comedy is for social education and a quality start to proper humor.

All these titles are available on Amazon Kindle as well as Hard copies sold directly or through Ebay stored. Most commonly serial numbered and Autographed.