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Quick Post: Technology{The future of the tablet (Pico Projectors)}

As we have seen the release of several tablets, the Ipad 2 is one of the latest additions to the market. A nice refinement and performance upgrade that produces a much higher quality product. The Touchpad from HP is the first to break the 1 ghz barrier at 1.2 ghz. The slow pressure upward will eventually place the products at 4000 performance level or 4 ghz equivalent. As the performance reaches mid -range notebook performance demand for further innovation and inclusion will continue to be in demand.

Lazar keyboards as well as Pico projectors (micro projectors) are available but are yet to be introduced at a new level. I expect one of these companies preferably Apple, will introduce is technology capability to this market. Really what we would like to see is a combination of both, overlay on overlay with improved responsiveness with some esthetic’s touches. This will allow for tablet use as a more primary functioning utility.  It should be interesting over the next 10 -20 years as complete new operating systems need to exist at completely higher levels. Though we should really start to be seeing major hardware improvements and innovation in the next couple years.  As I have mentioned before, to this point we have seen many inclusions of new abilities pre-existing, but have not really seen real innovation that hasn’t been expected for some time.

The concern becomes  the mid addition market again. We continue to just see higher processing and light introductions, and expected multi-tasking but nothing in terms of high power out put short of gaming, really were looking for gaming graphic interface to meet education and business productivity applications to a greater extent.

Posting on Blackberry Tablet and the Future of Ultra-mobile Devices

The Playbook, The Blackberry Tablet

This tablet makes me want a Blackberry phone. One of the few tablets that really seem to integrate well with their own mobile device. Dual core processor , multiple apps, in an multi-tasking format, not much one can complain about. If Blackberry gets quality document editing within their appworld this could own the productivity market. The concern with a Blackberry tablet is the coding. All this power in a sleek design may be held back a bit by the lack of dynamic capabilities in Blackberry OS. The platform design is nice and it does show there are possibilities.

When looking at the high end programs Blackberry tapers off quickly. Gaming, which will be a major contributor to the sales of an ultra mobile product, might get shadowed by android and apple. When looking at sales of products , these semi-luxury leaisure products tend work in that way regardless of their productivity, (a bit confusing in the wording). Another words, the nature of product brings people towards a percieved nature of what will be used while slightly lightening their intended need. This is only slight and all neccessary productivitive applications are a must! Though when these productive products are similar gaming as well as the most socially dynamic programs, which most cases by todays standard are for social networking, hold the most wieght with consumers. Which will be the most pleasing within multi-tasking or on my off time? This is a prodiminant question. Again this will cause concern for Blackberry on less than 50% of purchases though still of heavy concern when introducing new products. Many Blackberry users like the OS because while application quality verys all productive applications are quick assembled and available. Though as such productivity as on Wod, Excel, and WordPress. These kind of applications are not very useful for full written and published products. Of course the ability to do so is always welcome, the next step will be among pico-projectors, packaged software that connects from the phone in to any laptop (Example. USB HDD uploaded plug-in). via a bluetooth keyboard or laser projection keyboard.)

At this point, as we can see, tablets and ultra slim pcs own these boundaries. I have written a small iniative for the use of external drives connected via continuous wireless data-transfer( ULV bluetooth) Another-words, an ultra slim laptop with simply low voltage battery with a GPU and maybe a light processor.(350mhz, maybe if needed) for the keyboard and light other functions. I believe this is the future. One wireless drive boast the performance of possibly several devices. Getting Laptops small and lighter is a must, Apples Macbook Air is considered heavy by basic relative standards; and is only lighter by the variable size of the screen. Its is something that needs good protection and is one of the few thati s even comprable. PCs will meet a less than .3 inch depth standard while boasting duals core duo speeds or better. Battery life will be prodominately used within the external drive which will be of less issue. Most notably major features including high end components will be able to be used.

A goal of mine will be to make sure inverted optical drives are included within the laptop inbodiment (screen/keyboard). This will be the first step for a standard home wireless computer stationary. Another words all PCs, Laptops, and mobile devices will have boasted performance from one data-transferring stationary. This stationary within the household will also easily be rooted to practical appliances as we all ready see today. Dual core, multiple processors (maybe 10-12) within one system. As essentially a virtual server with user profiles and uploaded software. One could hypothetically switch OS’s at the switch of a button on the same device and run it from any device anytime. (granted there weren’t any licensing or compaitability issues) Overall with good regulation and well made UI software for several different devices this will play a major role in the further progression of all devices but specifically ultra-mobile devices.