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Dear Sir Richard Brunson (Zeus)

Dear Zeus,
     It has come to my attention that I’m likely your son Athen. Your daughter resides to the South, Athena. I am looking to court her as the latest joke goes brother and sister married in the South, it has become quite amusing by such comedians as Jamie Foxworthy. I may possibly be among several as Athens maybe common but I am always up for competition as Athletes are. The issue is she is rather rich towards an American standard and ahead of me. At this point I own a company at 26, it is small with massive potential, I do not go light on anything . The public does not seem to adhere to me as I believe they should. I have started my campaign for the 2024 election and have opened up to the public a bit, something I am not fond of. I have courted her with the Title: Victorium Athena Perilous Cristella by written script. ( Lady Perry ) as high as any American name can go. I also call her Thomas Jefferson Daughter as she reminds me of one of his estates in the city near where I grew up, Philadelphia. As you know Religion can be tricky. At times I am doubtful of certain existances, but in this life we must agree there are traditions we can benefit from. It may become obvious I am the intricate standard of Pennsylvania and New Heresy and I may have to apologize. My dollar is soveriegn, atleast to a mans standard, and I look to grow soon as I am 1 year passed dues (25 for those who are reading)  and she leans toward her mothering years at 29 and already rich as I am falling behind. I am quite profficient in technology as well, I have recently grown aware of your proprietary status in the industry. I enjoy the sales and substance part more so then the technicallities. My company ventures in a pet medical supply. If you are interested in the capital markets in the States or a run through at the Presidency the company name is Decisive Decisions Marketing. I do appreciate your time as we can agree to the narrows of this circumstance.

                                               Sincere Regard,
                                    Possibly your distant son,
                                         Nicholaus Athen Cristella

Quick Post: Technology{The future of the tablet (Pico Projectors)}

As we have seen the release of several tablets, the Ipad 2 is one of the latest additions to the market. A nice refinement and performance upgrade that produces a much higher quality product. The Touchpad from HP is the first to break the 1 ghz barrier at 1.2 ghz. The slow pressure upward will eventually place the products at 4000 performance level or 4 ghz equivalent. As the performance reaches mid -range notebook performance demand for further innovation and inclusion will continue to be in demand.

Lazar keyboards as well as Pico projectors (micro projectors) are available but are yet to be introduced at a new level. I expect one of these companies preferably Apple, will introduce is technology capability to this market. Really what we would like to see is a combination of both, overlay on overlay with improved responsiveness with some esthetic’s touches. This will allow for tablet use as a more primary functioning utility.  It should be interesting over the next 10 -20 years as complete new operating systems need to exist at completely higher levels. Though we should really start to be seeing major hardware improvements and innovation in the next couple years.  As I have mentioned before, to this point we have seen many inclusions of new abilities pre-existing, but have not really seen real innovation that hasn’t been expected for some time.

The concern becomes  the mid addition market again. We continue to just see higher processing and light introductions, and expected multi-tasking but nothing in terms of high power out put short of gaming, really were looking for gaming graphic interface to meet education and business productivity applications to a greater extent.

Posting on Blackberry Tablet and the Future of Ultra-mobile Devices

The Playbook, The Blackberry Tablet

This tablet makes me want a Blackberry phone. One of the few tablets that really seem to integrate well with their own mobile device. Dual core processor , multiple apps, in an multi-tasking format, not much one can complain about. If Blackberry gets quality document editing within their appworld this could own the productivity market. The concern with a Blackberry tablet is the coding. All this power in a sleek design may be held back a bit by the lack of dynamic capabilities in Blackberry OS. The platform design is nice and it does show there are possibilities.

When looking at the high end programs Blackberry tapers off quickly. Gaming, which will be a major contributor to the sales of an ultra mobile product, might get shadowed by android and apple. When looking at sales of products , these semi-luxury leaisure products tend work in that way regardless of their productivity, (a bit confusing in the wording). Another words, the nature of product brings people towards a percieved nature of what will be used while slightly lightening their intended need. This is only slight and all neccessary productivitive applications are a must! Though when these productive products are similar gaming as well as the most socially dynamic programs, which most cases by todays standard are for social networking, hold the most wieght with consumers. Which will be the most pleasing within multi-tasking or on my off time? This is a prodiminant question. Again this will cause concern for Blackberry on less than 50% of purchases though still of heavy concern when introducing new products. Many Blackberry users like the OS because while application quality verys all productive applications are quick assembled and available. Though as such productivity as on Wod, Excel, and WordPress. These kind of applications are not very useful for full written and published products. Of course the ability to do so is always welcome, the next step will be among pico-projectors, packaged software that connects from the phone in to any laptop (Example. USB HDD uploaded plug-in). via a bluetooth keyboard or laser projection keyboard.)

At this point, as we can see, tablets and ultra slim pcs own these boundaries. I have written a small iniative for the use of external drives connected via continuous wireless data-transfer( ULV bluetooth) Another-words, an ultra slim laptop with simply low voltage battery with a GPU and maybe a light processor.(350mhz, maybe if needed) for the keyboard and light other functions. I believe this is the future. One wireless drive boast the performance of possibly several devices. Getting Laptops small and lighter is a must, Apples Macbook Air is considered heavy by basic relative standards; and is only lighter by the variable size of the screen. Its is something that needs good protection and is one of the few thati s even comprable. PCs will meet a less than .3 inch depth standard while boasting duals core duo speeds or better. Battery life will be prodominately used within the external drive which will be of less issue. Most notably major features including high end components will be able to be used.

A goal of mine will be to make sure inverted optical drives are included within the laptop inbodiment (screen/keyboard). This will be the first step for a standard home wireless computer stationary. Another words all PCs, Laptops, and mobile devices will have boasted performance from one data-transferring stationary. This stationary within the household will also easily be rooted to practical appliances as we all ready see today. Dual core, multiple processors (maybe 10-12) within one system. As essentially a virtual server with user profiles and uploaded software. One could hypothetically switch OS’s at the switch of a button on the same device and run it from any device anytime. (granted there weren’t any licensing or compaitability issues) Overall with good regulation and well made UI software for several different devices this will play a major role in the further progression of all devices but specifically ultra-mobile devices.

Personal Mobile Computing Terminals

Imagine being able to have the processing power of a desktop anytime anywhere on any device. Decisive Decisions Marketing is introducing the idea as way to show our commitment towards the future.

Person Mobile Computing Terminals are processing computer linked to a GPU device. Laptiop computers, Handheld devices, and personal media phone device can share computing anytime anywhere via a constant wireless data transfer independent of a wifi network. Mobile computers of all sizes and variations will be able to share computing of high powered high speed processors like the core 2 duo. This seperate portal will be within your briefcase, hand-wear, or on its charging dock instant enhancing or soley computing any device within range, typically 300ft, giving new experience to any device. Personal Laptop and handhel device will be able to finally oobtain that sharp sleek profile we are looking for. Laptops under 1 lb and measure under .3 inchs. Phones with 4 ghz of processing while assuming the same battery life of that of your typical phone, These personal computing terminals will be branded and sold in variation. The terminal itself will hold all characteristics of today’s standards:SSD hard-drive, wifi, bluetooth, cpu, and memory.

An internal disk drive is presumable as being an inverted drive with in the graphic and actuating processing unit or what is presumably the device itself. We don’t want to get too technical at this point and we hope you get the picture. This will lead to great occurences in the future and lead our company and the worlds technology in the correct direction; picture one 25 ghz processing server/terminal running all the devices in your house. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or contact us about investment information and internal company planning.

Apple Technology Stall Expected.

We were surprised, as I’m sure there were others, of the initial release of the Apple iPad. A highly unexpected and irresponsible product release from Apple. With the processor market at the below minimum upgrade cycle expectation and value, the iPad was a non-needed addition to a market already squeezed for market availability. The additional cost of this product with other necessary evaluation direct us to believe a full technology stall will occur in Apple development. These valuations include disposable income concern against the product’s durable life and practical meaning. Durable valuation is of most concern as it is a product within a medium in an on going technology transition process, combined with the product factors such as lack of productive value , limited use, and possible disposal(breakage, defects, lost interest).

The occurrence of bank transitions will be accordingly, including institutional process thinking, What can be called the Glory Measure. A measure of all that is possible through civilization occurrence against what has occurred recently in civilization, this is a game we seemingly like to partake in and I can prove, though not today. I share this information with you to help you and myself as well. Since the irresponsibility of this action has occurred more so to benefit the Apple company short-term rather than its consumers and the economy it works within, a withholding by both the bank and institutional thinking may occur. Institutions may help Apple as ignorance rarely solves the problem. We know the holding from the banks will occur at some point unless external influence such as new business and employment occur. Again a highly selfish action on Apple’s behalf to believe this occurs on its own. Though as long as we presume this knowledge is amongst the people we can justify this by the belief help for business will become available. I will be humbled if the preceding occurs and we and the economy may congratulate Apple for their seemingly brilliant indirect channeled actions or inadvertent economic redundant mishap with an incredible solution and resolve to all. The ladder would be nearly the same occurrence of the making of durable synthetic rubber, not how we wanted this to occur but with resolve.

Quickly explained, the transitional holding from the bank will occur based on the life span of the product. The products sovereign value is low and poor judgement is proven on the purchasers behalf during a recessive economy. The banks are unlikely to release and re-release funds as it is directed in the incorrect direction. Another words the fact that one can afford goods is meaningless, it is the fact that the funds that have chosen to be disposable are often shared as optional investment equity. One can also see the retraction by the bank as their ability to release fund directionally. Though with constant proof from a spectrum of the lowest and highest companies that they will vantage their leverage rather then lead their future this becomes difficult for banks to direct finance as this influence is infiltrating to some and to other their sole belief in the way business is completed, regardless both share the same in common of an incorrect method.

Future Technology with Micro Guided Power Photonic Light Processing

Future technology is what will propel us in to incredible achievements. I believe I process the knowledge at a practical level to oversight and insight the operation of the next future technology.

Micro dispersed energy laser photolytic orb processing Werther or not this technology already exist is unknown to be and I can only assume it does not. With revolving multiple amplified currents running congruently and current passed between these currents drawn to each amplified current through selective rotating specifications we can create a powered signal that has controlled power spiked signals that when processed send specific signal that at anytime or place within the orb can produce a unique signal that create multiple photonic beams out of an orb like creation that will direct and guide further operation to a light sensitive panel. These panels will detect the amount of energy produce and delegate responsible operations as specified by user programming. The is capable of being complex enough to generate 3D dimensional codes. Possibly the coding out of the “matrix” 10 maybe 20 terabytes per second or more . We will for the first time be able to produce coding so powerful it may make the need for basic developing near obsolete. I believe that part is far in the future and no need for worry.

HD Movies in seconds, 3D holographing in movie theaters within a decade of initiation, knowledge in schools like never seen before. The ability to create things as we want them to be for the first time. Imagine distributing and advertising your artwork as people see you dynamically create their masterpiece in 3 dimensional setting in their own homes. Doctors will now have full 3 dimensional in depth knowledge of your body in moments with the abilities to hover through freely without the need for a camera, zero incisions until surgery.

As for PC computers think of true speech to text software, real video / file security, dynamic personal customization, and the ability to truly create your own personal space without glitches without constant software updates.

Videos games and training simulators like you’ve never seen them before. Full hands on 3 dimensional gaming truly interact with the game as it surrounds you . Imagine being next to your favorite NFL, Soccer, Baseball players as you direct them with hand signals with no special equipment.

Imagine being at your sons baseball game when your on business. Imagine you being able to interact with him after his game. Think of this as a semi-teleporting social interaction. As you stand before him and he stands before you and you simply talk to one another as if your there.

Imagine homeless and foster children gaining real knowledge from on demand ideal Role-models as they guide and instruct them near physically.

This is, can and will all happen with this technology now known as Micro Guided Power Photonic Light Processing named Project Amerigo.

Noted: We will most likely use sculpted diamonds or synthetics.

We are currently in our stage 1 of operations. This is estimated to be placed at around stages 4 to 6.
Parent Company website:  http://www.wix.com/ncristella/DecisiveDecisionsMarketingllc

We currently have one interested capable investor for stage 1 funding.