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A word of this world (from what I know so far)

Make no mistake at this point, (and I think it goes with saying to any life on this planet) People are either pathetically poor or they’re bad. If their not a source that helps other people they end up one of these two things in America. They/re likely a combination of both. The only hope is that its breaking down a wealthy source responsible. The poorest have already attacked me claiming the wealth of the un-wealthy. yes….I know ….disgusting. As if we should be thankful there is air on the planet. If I had a better witness I would behead a lot of people in this world. I’ve seen poor and then their’s the intentional degree no one can believe in. I don’t know if its a corporation trying to create its own decree but its as low as globalization. It intends to ruin everything. It is as-if their cutting the edges on your cars but can’t afford the weight of metal. Commonly no good and often found in moderation. These are extremes no one needs and I call to question that it was only done in such a way to protect the lie of wealth it proclaims among us. To never envoke it but hold it against us to lower the substantiation of another public. I sit here helpless not because I want what they have but because I’m in a place of theirs and not my own. The people and life are scarce and ridiculed by basic forms of new poverty. The roads are there not to travel but to make you drive. There is no doubt Gods are powerful and capable but truth be told in humanity will hold true to them (the Gods) as well. Anyone can do things wrong, anyone can mislead and ultimately the foils created towards us create a limited mind. One that is weak and small like the high heat of a small flame it will be all that keeps them warm in the end.